Freedom, Beauty, Truth & Love: Uranus in Taurus & You Part 1

Freedom, Beauty, Truth & Love: Uranus in Taurus & You Part 1

I don’t care too much for money

Money can’t buy me love


Show me the money! Or better yet, show me what you value. That’s the revolution that Uranus’s arrival in earthy Taurus is going to bring all of us when on March 6, 2019 it occupies this sign for the next seven years. If we are over 18, this will be the one and only time we will experience the revolutionary awakening approach of Uranus in here. So, what can we expect?

Taurus is the second house of the zodiac. It is ruled by the planet Venus and its symbol is the bull. The second house rules our money, our assets, what we spend and save, the financial markets, banking, our possessions, values and our relationship to the material world. It’s therefore no coincidence we talk about ‘bull’ markets or that the famous statue of the charging bull occupies the Wall Street financial district in New York.  Taurus is a fixed sign. And that means exactly what it sounds like. It is stable and wants to maintain the status quo. When the Sun enters Taurus which usually occurs around April 20 each year, in the Northern Hemisphere spring is now well under way. Think trees and flowers in bloom and that bull contentedly munching grass in green meadows and you pretty well get the vibe of what this sign is all about. However, Uranus ‘s energy is the complete opposite. It’s the rude awakening, the release from what holds us back from evolving, the innovative and the unpredictable. In other words, everything Taurus hates. In the sign of finances and money, Uranus says: All bets are off. So, as we live in a material world, what does that mean for our finances and all things Taurus ruled?

I used the quote from Money Can’t Buy Me Love for a very good reason. Much of Uranus’s influence in Taurus will see us looking at what our money can and cannot buy us and this will all relate back to what we value. In fact, along with a shake-up of the banking industry and financial markets, on a soul level, what we can expect is a major revolution of our values. What we will and won’t ‘sell out’ for and what adds value to our lives. The second house being ruled by the planet of love, rules those relationships which are ‘assets’ to us – precious and beyond price. Also, as a collective, the Uranus in Taurus revolution should see us looking at what our money has been buying us at the expense of what really matters. That image of the bull peacefully grazing in green pastures also links us to the environment. So, one of the changes of perspective Uranus in Taurus may bring us is how our consumerism and quest for more has impacted on the earth and all its inhabitants – not just the human ones. Expect a big attitude adjustment as we realise money can’t buy us the world.

Uranus awakens and also frees us. During the next seven years expect a shake-up to the banking system in general. How we bank, borrow money and plug into ‘currency’ – will radically alter and change. Perhaps due to world financial upheavals as well as our personal attitude adjustment to our cash. Money is energy. It is not ‘good’ or ‘evil’ any more than electricity (which Uranus also rules). Electricity powers our civilisation and illuminates our lives. Yet it can shock us if mis-handled. This perfectly sums up Uranus. If we mishandle our money – if we spend more than we make and plunge ourselves into debt, if we buy things that at the end of the day don’t really add value to our lives, we end up bankrupt on more than one level. Uranus is that whack to the side of the head that wakes us up and shows us an often shocking reality – but at the same time sets us free. Expect to be aligned to what really matters and what your money really needs to be used for. Chances are it’s all around relating to that material world in a way that encompasses the Venus/Uranus themes summed up in the revolutionary manifesto of the film Moulin Rouge – freedom, beauty, truth and of course, love.

Being a Venus ruled sign, Taurus and the second house is actually all about the love. Now, loving money for its own sake really only buys us emptiness. But not caring about our money means that money doesn’t care for us either. Uranus in Taurus is all about seeing our relationship to money in a new light. And the price we don’t just put on what it buys us – but what it can’t as well.

What will Uranus in Taurus mean for your sign? Check out part two of my revolutionary Uranus in Taurus manifesto to find out where freedom, beauty, truth and love will feature for you during the next seven year.