Power Of The Moon phases in Astrology

power of moon phases in astrology

Power Of Moon Phases In Astrology

The power of Moon phases in astrology is a gateway to magic and transformation.Why has the Moon have such a powerful influence on our lives? She always has. Before we had weather forecast, crops were planted according to the phase of the Moon and studies have shown a correlation between violent incidents and the full Moon. When you think about the fact that the Moon influences the tides and we are mainly made up of water, then it’s easy to see how the Moon affects us.What you might not know is she influences our soul journey and our own emotional tides.

Moon Power for Success

If you’re looking for success, the Moon can be our biggest ally – and the easiest planet by far to check on. When we compare what we set out to do against the specific Moon phase this can really shed light on all aspects of our lives. We can tune into her lunar vibes and empower change.  So, if we begin to check the Moon’s phase before we commit to major decisions, we can turbo boost our progress. Lets look at the Moon Phases and how to take advantage of them.

New Moon

Even if you can’t see the Moon it doesn’t mean it’s not there! Check an ephemeris or our forecasts here as they will tell you what sign the Moon is in.  And also give you the date of the next new Moon (and what house it is in in your chart). She’s all about dumping baggage and is a time of new beginnings. If you want a new home, career, or relationship this is the time to initiate that.

  • Look at prospective new homes
  • Buy new things
  • Make new friends
  • Apply for a new job or arrange an interview
  • Start a new diet or exercise regime
  • Begin or look for a new romance

Waxing Moon

When the Moon looks like a letter ‘D’ in the sky it is a waxing Moon. This Moon occurs a week to 14 days after the new Moon and it is time to now push ahead with the plans you began back then. It’s time to get out and get socialising, to date, to connect and to follow up on things you put in motion such as continuing with job applications and interviews. The power of this Moon phases brings our focus to

  • Start eating healthy and exercise
  • Take a chance
  • Nurture connections old and new
  • Communicate and reach out
  • Keep the momentum going with plans and projects

Full Moon

The full Moon has traditionally been considered a magical time and gives you the power to bring about outcomes. This should see a culmination of events you set in motion around the new Moon. For example, if you are looking to move this is the time to sign the contract or lease on your new home, to accept that job offer or launch that product or business. If you started seeing someone new, this may be the time to move things onto the next level.

  • Sign contracts
  • Begin or accept a new job
  • Launch a business
  • Commit to something
  • Go travelling

Waning Moon

The waning Moon looks like the letter ‘C’ in the sky and this happens three to 10 days after the full Moon. This is the time to tie up any loose ends and if you want to end or finish something now is the time to do this – for example end a relationship you know has no future, quit smoking or go on a diet, de-clutter and rid yourself of anything you don’t want to take on into the new cycle which begins at the next new Moon.

  • Quit bad habits
  • Lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Attend to wellbeing
  • End anything that no longer serves you
  • Pay off debts
  • Finish projects

By working with the Moon’s phases you up your chances of getting the result you want – and don’t forget – with the Moon you always get another chance at a new phase of life the next month!




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