How To Own Mercury Retrograde!

How to own mercury retrograde

How to own Mercury retrograde – Backwards!

You drop your phone down the toilet. That important email doesn’t send or else you find you hit ‘Reply All’ and have just called the client an idiot. Your car breaks down. And then it hits you. Mercury is retrograde.

These kinds of scenarios may have you wondering just what purpose does the three-times a year madness Mercury moonwalking cycle serve? Other than to confuse, inconvenience and delay you.

Mercury retrograde has a purpose beyond causing chaos. When we unlock the secret of Mercury retro, we may not be able to escape the cycle’s inconvenient effects, but we can use the energy to our advantage. Here’s  how to work that Retro Energy (and the accompanying shadow period) and own it.

Revisit. Revise. Review. Relaunch.

Mercury retrograde (and the before-and-after retroshadow), rules ‘re’ words. Most of us know the Retrograde Rules off by heart. If you’re new to astrology or unclear about them you’ll find plenty of info on what to avoid during the retro cycle right here on So, when working that retro energy to your advantage, your rule of thumb is to stick to all the words that begin with a ‘re’.

Go back over things. Look at what works and what doesn’t. Revise all important documents – anything from that CV to your social media strategy. But don’t send them out just yet. Update that website but don’t launch a new one.

You should not make travel plans under a Mercury retro as even if you plan to travel outside of it, you can still experience delays or changes. The exception to this is if you are planning on revisiting or returning to somewhere you have been in the past.

Return. Reimagine. Reconnect. Renew.

Find out how the current Mercury retro is affecting you. Check out which house it’s in by looking at your weekly astrology or finding out where Mercury is in your free natal chart.

Mercury retro in our first house can be a wonderful opportunity to update our image, brand or appearance.

Mercury retro in our second favours re-balancing our budget, looking at just where the money goes and self-worth issues.

In our third – look to those documents, the ways you communicate and back up all important files.

The fourth – renovating or redecorating our home or decluttering our environment. This is not a good time to move or sign leases or contracts. Unless you are relocating back to somewhere you have lived before or a property you lost out on pops back on to the market.

The fifth – childhood, children, former lovers and creative ventures and reconnecting to joy and the child within.

Sixth – work, re-visiting that routine and health issues you may have ignored or let lapse.  Again, Mercury retro in your 6th (Mercury’s ruling house) is not a good time to apply for that new job unless of course, you are unemployed. It will favour getting back in touch with former employers or those you have approached in the past for work. You may just get a different answer this time around.

Mercury retrograde –  Begin Again

Mercury retrograde in our 7th of marriage, partnerships, close friendships and working relationships and long term love allows us to renew that connection and reconnect to passion as well as opening up a fresh understanding. We can tackle issues with partners that we have been putting off. Depending on other transits in our chart, a past partner or close connection may reappear.

Our 8th is about what we share, what is shared with us and other people’s money. Refinancing or renegotiations anything you share with someone is top of your agenda. But please don’t take out a new loan or mortgage unless it cannot be helped.

 9th rules mass communication and long distance travel you need to be revise any mass entertainment or media projects and have several options in place if travelling long distances. Returning to somewhere you have visited in the past that is far far away or planning that trip but not booking it (yet) opens up your world.

Return to that path –Release Yourself into the Future

Mercury Retrograde in your 10th may appear to stall career progress but like the retro in your 6th, you can re-approach that past client or potential employer or reapply for that promotion. If you are not happy with your present path, now is the time to reassess your long term options. But wait until Mercury has turned direct to change direction or apply to do something new.

Friends are ruled by your 11th so reconnect to those you have not heard from in a while. This is your house of goals and the future. Revisit these to check for relevance. Rework them or set new ones.

The 12th is your house of intuition and the past. People from the past may reappear and as this is your house of secrets – expect those to emerge. Exploring your past and re-framing it in light of the present sheds thoughts, ideas and even hurts you no longer need releasing you into a free-forming future once the retro is over.

None of us can avoid Merc retro snafus. But we can harness the potential to renew and prepare to begin again when it is over. So, check which house that retro hits and then re-work that energy – like a boss.