Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 15th 2021

Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 15th 2021

Money talks so get the truth

Audit your value system

We are souls relating to the material world!

We’re in eclipse season now and we have one more next month before 2021 is over. This week’s eclipse occurs on the 19th at the time of the full Moon in Taurus. This is a partial lunar eclipse. So, if you are familiar with eclipse rules you know eclipses cover up. Something is obscured, hidden or concealed. Total eclipses do what they say on the label – we are utterly in the dark. Partial eclipses – again, check the instructions. The truth is obscured, distorted, a little shady even. Or we have just a sound byte of it. Just not the whole truth – yet.

In the sign of Taurus this is about money, shares, the markets and on a more personal level, our values and self-worth. Avoid shady financial dealings, get rich quick schemes or people who ask you for loans as you may not see your money again. Even something up front may have hidden T&C’s buried in the small print.

Because this is a lunar eclipse we are talking about our feelings and emotions. Magnified under a full moon. So we may be dealing with deep seated emotional fears around money. Or we use money to buy stuff to fill an emotional need but plunge ourselves into debt. At the time of the new Moon n Scorpio I wrote about how this was an excellent time to look at your money scripts. If you did not do so then and want to get to the truth around your relationship to money, now might be a good time to discover what that is.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and this week sits in earthy and pragmatic Capricorn. It trines Uranus in Taurus the same day as this eclipse allowing us to press the re-set button on our values or what we do with our cash or to earn it if needed. Capricorn is the sign of the long haul. Learning from the past and taking a more considered approach if needed. We have that opportunity if we’re open to it.

Explore the truth about you and your money

Both Taurus and Scorpio rule money. Bull and bear markets. Mergers, acquisitions, loans, mortgages, taxes, salary, benefits and joint especially martial assets. Ensure you and your significant other are open about your financial matters and your attitude to spending and saving.

The big wide world may reflect all of this with strong emotions in play across the share market or even with Bitcoin. This week asks we sweep the emotional shadows away and see money as current and flow (hence the term ‘currency’). We also need to be focussed on what money can and can’t buy us. Money buys choices. So choose that over stuff this week. The truth about you and money – out there if you are willing to go into the shadows.

In a nutshell: This week brings us an eclipse in the sign which rules our money – Taurus. It’s a chance to relate to our cash or what we have in a new way. If we’re willing to peer through the shadows to get to the truth – we can bank on a better way of soul relating to the material world.

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