Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 28 2023

Pisces new moon

Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 28 2023

Blue moon
Now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Blue Moon, Billie Holiday

This week’s Full Supermoon in Pisces is known as the Wine or Song Moon. As if that doesn’t get us singing, it’s also a Blue Moon. The name given to the second of two full Moons in a month. Unusually, both have been supermoons.

Pisces rules muses and creativity. And yes, along with its ruler Neptune, wine. Not that I am suggesting inebriation under this Moon. However, appreciation of whatever gets our muse flowing or just appreciating art, music and enhanced perception – totally permissible under this Moon. We all need a dream. We all need someone or something to love. Life gets pretty pointless and empty without these. This is a supermoon under which to be inspired, to create, to dream and yes, to share wine and music. Enjoy responsibly as the health advice tells us.

Something higher, beyond us, whatever we consider to be matters of soul and spirit, may make itself known under this Moon. When we create something, when we tell someone we care, when we show compassion we become one with creation. We dance with others and with life itself. Turn up that soundtrack under this Moon. Make your heart beat with both pleasure and higher purpose.

This week also sees Uranus join the retrograde party in Taurus (29th). All the outer planets are now retrograde – Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Plus we have inner planets Mercury and Venus retrograde in Virgo and Leo respectively. The good news? Venus will head direct once more next week. The not so great news? Jupiter heads backwards next week.

This combined with this Blue Moon asks have we lost a great love? Do we feel disconnected from the source from which we came? Have we given up on the idea of love? Or an activity or goal that is love in action for us? Even retrogrades have a purpose other than one which just seems to be to throw up delays and blockages in our path. This retrocycle shows us all the way back to love. The way back to truth and to ourselves. Get into the spirit of the Blue Moon. No more standing alone outside the flow of love. Or feeling we are. Retrogrades are all about illusion. The big one waiting to be uncovered this week as that love isn’t a person or something ‘out there’ As the Sufis say – its in us all along.

In a nutshell: A Blue Supermoon shows us the way back to love. Through music, song, dreams and creativity. And wants us to understand love isn’t something apart from us. It’s in us all along.

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