Weekly General Astrology Overview October 23 2023

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Weekly General Astrology Overview October 23 2023

Trust is the answer

Find the missing pieces

Become unstuck

Happy birthday to all Scorpios out there! Ignite the passion and the fire as you begin your cycle with not just the Sun in your sign but also Mercury and ancient ruler Mars. Your new astrological year begins with an amber light however due to a partially eclipsed full Moon in Taurus and Scorpio’s your partnership zone on the 28th.

Just before Halloween. The 28th – 29th also sees both Mars and then Mercury in Scorpio oppose Jupiter also in Taurus. It’s not just the phoenix birthday sign which will be affected by this. But emotionally, all of us. But especially any of us with chart aspects at 5 degrees of any sign. In particular the fixed ones – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

This eclipse can have us doubting ourselves, what we know or trigger old fears and patterns. We may react defensively – when there may be no need to. We don’t really know where the other party is coming from and may jump to the wrong conclusions. Or we get the feeling something isn’t how it’s being sold in to us, but allow others’ opinions to gas light our intuition.

Our own value system, our self-worth and being grounded is what provides the light out of any darkness. That and simply being willing to stick with the #1 eclipse rule which is: watch and wait.

The same applies with any decisions with this eclipse. It impacts the money signs of the zodiac so before taking any decisions linked to your money, we need to weigh up the costs, the cause-and-effects, the losses and gains, of any actions we may take. Piecing all this together takes time. As does learning to trust ourselves – especially if all we tell ourselves is we make bad choices!

For some of us, this eclipse will highlight the fact we DO need to make a decision in order to move forward. That not taking one is keeping us stuck. The Mars/Mercury opposition to Jupiter in Taurus will make this abundantly clear if this is where we find ourselves. The good news? The 29th and the Mercury/Mars conjunction hands us the trust in ourselves to cut through any remaining shadows and make that call. Cutting through multiple options and showing you the shining path that’s the right one. And hands you those missing pieces.

In a nutshell: An eclipsed full Moon in Taurus may make us doubt our decision making. Or lose temporary trust in ourselves. Sometimes the only way to get ourselves out of feeling stuck, is to make a decision. Take it the right, shining one will appear.

23 Oct 2023 Sun enters Scorpio (Scorpio)

24 Oct 2023 Sun in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces (Scorpio to Pisces)

28 Oct 2023 Full Moon in Taurus – Partial Lunar Eclipse (5 02’) (Taurus)

28 Oct 2023 Mars in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (Scorpio to Taurus)

29 Oct 2023 Mercury in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus (Scorpio to Taurus)

29 Oct 2023 Mercury and Mars conjunct in Scorpio (Scorpio)