Testimonial for Cate

“I just wanted to say a note of ‘thanks’ to Cate. I have had quite a few readings with Cate lately and just want to say she is the most incredible lady I know. Not only is she kind and caring but sympathetic and does not ‘loose’ it with me when I ask her the same question 5 or 6 times.
Cate is and has helped me through a difficult period in my life where sometimes it’s been hard to see the wood for the trees, but I think I’m getting there. Love is very tumultuous but a fantastic feeling and emotion – however it can spread you and your heart very far where you sometimes don’t know which way to turn or how to approach something or someone. I believe in love and will hope that eventual success will come my way and I hope that I can keep having Cate’s guidance and friendship to help me on this road. Just to end by saying I feel such a connection with Cate and her warmth comes through – I have never known such love and patience that Cate shows me, and her readings are great.”