The Moon in Astrology – Your emotional power

the moon in astrology

The Moon in Astrology – Your emotional power

Don’t underestimate the Moon in astrology.

Not only is the Moon in astrology your emotional power, the Moon is your emotional self. Did you know without the Moon life on earth would not exist? The Moon doesn’t just move the tides. It tugs at our emotions. Bringing them to the surface. Yeah, you get so emotional baby, but your feelings are your key to living your truth.

The sign the Moon occupies in your chart reveals how you express these. And also, your need for security and nurturing. And your ability to give these in return. Once you understand the Moon you’ll know – it’s all in the timing.

Your Moon Sign – Return to Innocence

The Moon spends approx 2.5 days a month in each sign. So, once a month it will be in the sign it was when you were born. You can check where the Moon is at any time on This is called your ‘Lunar return’. It’s when you are most emotionally authentically YOU. The person the universe always meant you to be.

Chances are if you look back at the dates when the Moon was in the same sign as when you were born, you’ll see this coincided with important events. Especially around relationships and home matters. Big choices and decisions can be made at these times. Which have lasting impact when it comes to you feeling loved-up and appreciated. And this boosts your ability to care for others in turn.

Reboot Your Soul Each Month

When the new Moon appears in the same sign in your chart as your natal Moon, this always marks an important new beginning. Even when the new Moon is in another sign, this is an opportunity to begin something new and emotionally satisfying in the area the house rules.

Full Moons are all about release. A peak emotional experience. For instance, we may begin working on an idea or business plan when the new Moon appears in Gemini, sign of communication. And then send it out into the world two weeks later on the full Moon in Sagittarius. The sign which rules mass media, big ideas and opportunity. That’s how Moon timing can work for you.

Fuel up on Emotional Truth

Your Moon sign tells you it’s okay to feel what you feel. But don’t keep it in. There’s a saying: In your weakness lies your power. If others tell you that you are over-sensitive or emotional, this is their Moon story. Not yours. Don’t be scared to show your vulnerability.

Let it Move You

The Moon in astrology is our day to day emotional journey. Just like the Moon moves the tides – surrender and let it move you. Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel. Yes, sometimes you need to sit with this. And that’s okay too. It’s when we go against our feelings problems occur. Can you stop the tide? No. Let the feelings flow instead.

Go With Your Gut

The Moon rules Cancer – represented by the crab. It carries its home on its back. And withdraws when it feels threatened. But it also has a soft underbelly. If closeness is what you crave, don’t be afraid to show yours. But only to the right people.
The Moon also rules intuition and ‘gut’ feelings. Once you are tuned into yours – you’ll make all the right choices when it comes to opening up. And feel the full power of the Moon in your life.

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