Your Venus Sign – Work the love

venus in libra

Your Venus Sign – Work the love

The planet Venus rules love, harmony, beauty and desire.  Venus is the Roman counterpart for the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, so that should tell you a lot about the power and allure of this planet and the effect she has on you.  The placement of Venus in your chart tells you a lot about how you flirt, how you love, your friendships and the kind of things that you’re drawn to or are drawn to you.  And of course, it’s always good to know the position of Venus in the chart of your beloved, as that will give you the biggest clue to the kind of relationship you’re likely to have! Your Venus Sign let’s work the love!

venus in aries

If your your Venus Sign is in Aries you fall in love fast, hard and intense.  The speed at which you fall in love, and the enthusiasm with which you embrace, and celebrate anything to do with love, passion, romance and desire would leave most people spinning.  Your greatest love lesson is to learn how to be gentle with your desires rather than opening the floodgates. Or you run the risk of scaring most people who think you can’t possibly mean it or match that level of intensity away!  Someone with as fiery a nature as yours might give you a fling to smile about when you’re old, but, when it comes to the long haul, you need someone who can understand and embrace your enthusiasm rather than match your displays of emotional fireworks.

venus in taurus

Consistent and earthy – that’s you.   For you, love and desire comes wrapped around strength.  It’s that strength that makes you such a loyal partner and it also means that, more than most, it’s really important for you to be able to look up to your partner.  You’d go to the ends of the earth for someone if you loved them and it makes your heart sing when you know they’d do the same for you.  You don’t trust emotional outbursts of affection or big relationship pyrotechnics.  You do best in life when you are loved, and you definitely need your healthy appetite for physical love to be met, or you can turn to food and drink for comfort.

venus in gemini

For you, a relationship is only as good as the communication between you.  You go weak at the knees for someone who is good with words. You need that meeting of the minds to enhance what happens between the sheets.  You’re probably the most responsive of all to someone whispering sweet nothings. Your ideal relationship is someone you consider your best mate, as well as fancying the pants off them.  The shadow side of your weakness for the right words is that is that you can read too much into someone’s intentions. If they come out with the wrong thing at the wrong time, and, let’s face it, most people do that without meaning any real harm.

venus in cancer

You’re happy to take your time in love.  For you, the build up is as important as the moment where both of you fall into each other’s arms and you’re quite capable of watching and waiting for the right time to make a move on someone you’ve set your heart on.  Once you’re in love, you relish the intensity of a deep, emotional connection.  Just take care that connection doesn’t become co-dependency.  Your job is to learn how to love without totally giving yourself away in love and trying to possess the object of your affections.

venus in leo

In love, you are generous to a fault and like to lavish your beloved with attention. You also like to be lavished in return and won’t take kindly to being treated in any way that you feel is less than you deserve.  Your sunny nature and natural athleticism means that you love freely, openly and naturally and enjoy expressing it in as many ways as possible.  Your love challenge can mean sticking beyond the honeymoon period as, if the glow wears off and mundane reality sets in, you can convince yourself that it’s time to move on.

venus in virgo

In many ways you know exactly what you like when it comes to love.  The problems can come if you encounter love with someone who differs even slightly from what you hold up as your ideal.  You can’t help it, but there’s a secret side to you that can feels just a tad – well, disgusted at anything that falls outside of your norm. Your love challenge is to learn how to love someone, warts and all.  Failing that, you might, in the pursuit of an impossible perfection, prefer to be alone.

venus in libra

Your list of boxes that needs ticking for you to fall head over heels is very long.  It isn’t that you’re a perfectionist by any means – it’s just that you’re an all round sensualist and lover of harmony and beauty in all things and you’re looking for someone who can stimulate and excite you as well as take your breath away. You don’t do boredom very well, so anyone who wants to go the distance with you needs to have a regular set of tricks up their sleeve to keep you on your toes.

venus in scorpio

It probably takes you longer to pack for a romantic break than most, given that you have to find room in your suitcase for all those whips, chains, masks and handcuffs.  Joking aside, love for you is something that can take you to the greatest heights, and a vessel in which you fearlessly dive into the most intense depths.  Sex, power, death – for you, all these things are somehow connected. Your love challenge is to find a way to express that side of you in some areas, but still have a happy, healthy relationship elsewhere, rather than a power struggle across the board to the bitter end.

venus in sagittarius

For you, love is a huge adventure – when done right.  You need love to take you somewhere different and show you the world.  This can be in the most literal sense, in that you’re more likely than most to meet potential partners on foreign soils or whilst travelling, or most likely to marry someone from a very different culture. Or it can mean that you fall hardest for someone who shares your sense of expansiveness and curiosity about the world, and who can make you see it in a different way.

venus in capricorn

A little goes a long way with you.  Anyone who wants to shout their love from the rooftops is likely to make you want to head for the hills – at a discreet but steady pace.  When it comes to love you’re like a camel in that you can keep going on rations that might make others feel neglected or that they’re missing out.  You also like to know where you stand and prefer boundaries and even a hierarchy between you to be very clear.  This is why you’re more likely than others to be attracted to someone much older than you, where you may find the delicacy in restraint that warms your heart.

venus in aquarius

You’re a strange mix of the very complex and what might appear to be very shallow.  You’re very attracted to anything that’s unusual and expect to be kept entertained in and out of bed, but you are also quite capable of spreading yourself thinly.  In fact, you’re the most likely to either veer towards serial monogamy or even make an attempt to explore having more than one relationship at a time.  Needless to say, you will need to find a very like minded or understanding partner if you’re determined to explore the latter.

venus in pisces

Someone who can get you without words is most likely to steal your heart.  You have such a strong intuition that someone who shares that ability to know and understand without being told gives you that soul-mate sensation that elevates love to the heights that you adore.  Having said that, it tends to be a lot to expect from someone so your love lesson might involve having to accept that you do need to spell it out sometimes.  There’s also a strong link between love and spirituality for you that, if you’re not careful, can turn a little fanatical.