Venus Square Neptune Transit

Venus square Neptune transit

Venus Square Neptune Transit

Here is an essential Venus square Neptune transit reminder. You are loved; you’re divine! Never forget what a unique soul you are with flashes of kaleidoscopic brilliance. There’s no one on earth like you, with your quirks and original life story. You truly are a wonder!

Why am I telling you this now? When Venus is square Neptune, we need a good dose of affirmation and love. Venus Square Neptune can bring vulnerability, insecurity, or a lack of awareness about our power.

Snake charmers and vulnerability

In a Venus square Neptune transit, the snake soul-charmers are out. You know, those mesmerizing, sensuous persuaders. Our intuition says no, our heart says yes. These pied pipers of spirits love to hypnotize the vulnerable, and can be catnip to us at this time. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your tender heart. Stand in your brightness and, most of all, know your worth.

Write your blockbuster

We should also avoid diving into illusions and escapism. Alluring addictions can also pop up. It seems like a good idea to go out and do tequila shots with the toxic ex, to comfort eat two carrot cakes or take up smoking again. Whatever the go to escape activity is, today is not the best day for it. Meditating, yoga and crystal healing are all good today. Conspiracy theory deep dives on a YouTube ramble are not. Why? Because we lose logic now and our fantasy life can take over. But hey, it’s a fabulous day to start your blockbuster film script or dig into any creative project.

Connect to your magic

Remember – there’s enough real magic within you to banish fears and soar through this. If you need support, reach out to trusted and grounded ones. Played right, there are delicious moments and revelations.