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ARIES That idea takes you further than you thought possible The news is too big to miss Spin the wheel of fortune! Many astrologers are calling June 3 the luckiest or most game-changing day of the year. Daring and can-do courage fuels your focus, Aries. You’re walking the walk and talking the talk on the […]

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TAURUS Work your worth – and yes – you’re worth it Invest in you Go brave and crazy! You’re fuelled up and ready to push ahead with those plans this month, Taurus. Especially if they involve money, work, career or just seeing your personal stock soar. Your credibility and how others see and perceive you […]

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GEMINI Expect a powerful release from restriction Let opportunity in You ARE the change you’ve been waiting for! Something bigger is emerging for you this birthday season, Gemini. Take it there are no small moves. Nor news that doesn’t grab some headlines in your life. You not only feel the full magic of attraction with […]

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CANCER … These are the days of miracle and wonder This is the long distance call The Boy in the Bubble. Paul Simon Start your engines from the 17th when ahead of the Sun’s arrival (21st), the planets crowd into your sign. Starting with Venus and Mercury both arriving on the same day. Love, or […]

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LEO Set your frequency to ‘Receive’ Form your supergroup Nobody does it alone Goals and communication, your ability to connect and expand your sphere, are your playground this June. First up however, we have what many astrologers are touting as the luckiest transit of ‘24. One that impacts on the potential future of partnerships and […]

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VIRGO Be ready for your big move Step into a more prominent role Rewards and recognition are on offer Ruler Mercury lands in your sector of status and success on the 3rd. The same day as Jupiter in your 10th angles to Pluto in your 6th. This is the first time in our lifetimes that […]

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LIBRA No more so-so loves Go bold and big or go home There is no try – so just do it! No small moves or dreams. No so-so loves. You go big or go home now, Libra. There is no try or limits with Jupiter in your 9th. Just do it. Higher, bolder, bigger could […]

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SCORPIO Double up on your self-belief Like attracts like Don’t cling to the old Both your rulers contemporary and ancient have major roles to play in forging your future path this month, Phoenix. And what do we say about the ancient rulerships? They still apply. Double your rulership – double your power and potential! That’s […]

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SAGITTARIUS Duos, duets and double acts feature Regain your momentum Head towards what starts your heart Ready for that big love, Sag? Of course you are! June brings you a total game changer and heart-starter thanks to ruler Jupiter now in your 7th of dynamic duos, duets and double acts of all descriptions. And the […]

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CAPRICORN Feel the need – and find what fills it Get your hustle on Work that electric attraction! Are you getting what you need, Cappy? Mars in your 5th asks this all-important question. And do keep in mind that wants and needs can be too entirely different things. Lucky for you, you are now blessed […]

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AQUARIUS See yourself as you want others to see you Play is your superpower Have the courage to let go of what no longer works Time to check your chart as June begins. Do you have any factors between 0-2 degrees in it? Begin with your own sign and then move on to fellow airy […]

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PISCES What you seek is within reach Move past limits and old fears Bliss is your birthright! Keep in mind the old rulerships always apply. Especially as this month’s major astrological event on the 3rd involves Jupiter your ancient ruler, Pisces. A portal opens from your past linking you to the present for a new […]

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