Animal Qualities of the Zodiac Signs

The word zodiac comes from the Latin word zodiacus which means “circle of animals.” We can get a deeper sense of our zodiac signs by observing each signs’ animalistic traits.

Furthermore, those of us just starting out on our path in the study of astrology may find remembering the animal of a sign helps to flesh out the personality traits of the sign.

For example, the Taurus is the sign of the bull. Some of the prime characteristics of Taureans is their strong will and determination. Similarly, we can think of the cliché “bull headed” to indicate a certain level of stubbornness or wilfulness.

It can work the same for all 12 signs. Below are a few thoughts on animal traits for each of the zodiac signs. Incorporate these animalistic qualities into your understanding of astrology signs, and see if you can draw similarities between human personalities and animal characteristics.

Bear in mind, these explanations pertain to sun signs. If you’re unsure what that means, click here to learn what sun signs are.

Aries : The Ram

The first of the zodiac signs, the ram is the perfect animal to represent Aries determination and dexterity. Just like the ram, Aries personality is action-oriented and tends to charge through life with seemingly endless energy. They’ll charge into a problem and bulldoze through difficulties with impressive perseverance. But they’re not all about butting heads. Rams can also be quite adaptive and reflective. When given plenty of room to roam, there is no limit to the heights the Aries ram can reach.

Taurus : The Bull

The bull has been a sacred symbol of provision and fertility since ancient times. Similarly, Taureans are imbued with a rich, supple quality that moves them into the body – very physically oriented. Like bulls, Taurus personalities can be incredibly grounded, and you’ll find they will not budge unless their comfort level is met first. Also like their animal counterpart, Taureans will provide for their family, even self-sacrificing to be sure their needs are met. A word of caution – do not threaten a loved one of the Taurus – they will come at you with all the fury of a charging bull to defend those whom they love.

Gemini : The Twins

Although not an animal, the Gemini twins are just as revealing in their personality. Gemini’s can be of two minds, and so twins are a perfect icon for this sign of duality. Most of us are aware of the special connection twins have – they communicate in uncanny ways. So does Gemini. In fact, they are amazingly effective leaders in communication – able to get their point across in creative (even tacit) ways. Another twin-like quality Gemini’s have is the ability to see a problem from both sides. This makes them ideal for finding solutions.

Cancer : The Crab

Just like the crab is wooed by the moon as it pulls the tides, so too is the Cancer. This indicates a supernatural quality – as the crab moves with the undulation of the tide – as does a Cancerian move with waves of emotion. They tend to latch on to things that will satisfy their need to feel. When these needs for emotional satisfaction are not met, they can withdraw into their shells. Or, they may even externalize their discomfort by giving you a crabby pinch.

Leo : The Lion

Proud, virile and authoritative – the lion is a fitting icon for Leos. Like the lion, these sun signs are fearless, and will defend that which they love to a bitter end if necessary. Leo’s will often have a very tight pack too – a group of people that orbits around them – dutifully following their Leonean ruler. Just like lions in a pack, the lion king is the ultimate leader but beneath that dominating quality is a sense of play and love for those within their pack.

Virgo : The Virgin

When we think of the virgin archetype – visions of purity, perfection and beauty come to mind. Similarly, Virgos will strive to bring about excellence in their work and personal lives. As the virgin archetype, Virgos can be impeccable in their appearance and behaviour amongst others. They are extremely observant with an uncanny eye for detail. Again, their aim is for purity and they achieve amazing success at crafting flawless beauty in their lives.

Libra : The Scales

Not human, not animal – but the scales are perfect descriptors for these sun signs. Scales call to mind balance and order and that is a prime characteristic of the Libra sun sign. Where the twin-like duality of Gemini flips from one choice to another; Libra aims at combining both sides to create a new balance. These personalities are remarkable at unifying (sometimes wildly opposite) concepts to bring about perfect solutions. Scales also hint to justice, and you’ll find Libra sun signs also have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Scorpio : The Scorpion

If you’ve ever observed scorpions, you’ll notice they love to burrow. Scorpios are similar in that they love to get to the bottom of issues and dig deep into underlying issues. Further, like scorpions, Scorpios will craft their surroundings to fit the picture in their minds eye. Scorpios can also scurry back to secret hiding places for refuge or renewal – just like scorpions. These sun signs are incredibly skilled at defending themselves too. Sharp pinchers and deadly stingers serve effective in protection against threat.

Sagittarius : The Centaur

A hybrid, part human and part horse, we have another sign of duality. On the one hand, the Sagittarian has a primal, animalistic instinct but his/her personality is tempered by human logic. This sun sign can be driven to succeed, but like a wild horse, the Sagittarian must be broken and trained in order for that success to bear fruit. Otherwise, these personalities will simply romp wild and free – having a lovely time, but accomplishing very little.

Capricorn : The Goat

Goats are incredibly versatile in that they will thrive in almost any environment. Capricorns are the same way. Through a combination of will and determination, these zodiac signs develop livelihood and security for themselves and others. Goats have historically represented provision, and the Capricorn does too as he/she will stoically provide for his/her family. Along with their resourcefulness, comes an unwavering ambition that sometimes (like goats) makes these personalities unmovable. If their mind is made up, nothing will lead them astray from their goal.

Aquarius : The Water Bearer

The human qualities of Aquarius are philanthropic, thoughtful and inquisitive. This is a messenger archetype, and the Aquarian message is typically quite unusual and unorthodox. These are the water bearers and as such, they offer us the drink of knowledge and emotional intelligence. Aquarius can also deliver conservatism and practicality. Whether radical or practical, these sun signs will be full of insight in offering altruistic solutions on behalf of humankind.

Pisces : The Fish

It is in the watery depths these signs find their greatest power and wisdom. Indeed, these signs dive deep and their depth is a source of unfathomable wisdom. They go places no one else in the zodiac can. As a result, their intuition is incredibly keen. They swim through psychic channels which can cause them to be changeable or moody. But like their fish counterparts, they are extremely perceptive of others’ moods too, and seem to know exactly how to soothe and calm others. I hope you have enjoyed this article on exploring animalistic qualities within the 12 zodiac signs. Learn more about sun signs here.

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