Unleashing the Power of the Fifth House

Have you been feeling a little stale or burnt out recently? Needing a break but there are too many commitments and obligations pressing on your valuable time? Want to inject some new energy into aspects of your life? Maybe you need a play date with your Inner Child. Welcome to the Fifth House, the house of FUN!

When you look at an astrology chart it is a circle divided into twelve sections, or houses, six above and six below the horizontal line through the middle. Above the line is what you show the world, below is what is beneath the surface or what is kept within. It is your essential self.

The first house represents your personality; the second your finances; the third your immediate surroundings; the fourth home; the sixth work and health. These are the houses from which you conduct your life in order to live. The fifth house, however, is a little more elusive. This is where the secret self resides.

Traditionally the fifth house is the house of luck, gambling, love affairs and children. But most of all it is the house of pleasure! Though the Sun rules this house and represents vitality and self-expression Venus is said to be in ‘joy’ with the fifth house and brings to it pleasure, passion, the arts and creativity amongst her other delights.
Children are represented here not only because they can be the direct result of a love affair or romance but because they are the embodiment of innocence, spontaneity and life created from love. Curiosity, the desire to explore unchartered territory and most importantly, no fear or anxiety attached to outcomes is what is so special about children. How often do you see a child laugh for no apparent reason? How often do you laugh?
As you get older and experience consequences to your actions this aspect to your self can diminish. This is not a negative thing. Everyone has to grow up and take on responsibilities to pass on wisdom. But it is too easy to tie yourself down with commitments to your work, home, family and community that you start to overlook You. So how do you release your Inner Child? Here are a few ideas:
Make a short list of about ten things that would make you happy. Do not include anything regarding family or work. This is about you. Once you have done that make a date with yourself to do one of those things within a week. This could be just going to have a manicure.
How many times have you gone past an unfamiliar area and wondered what was there? Plan an excursion with yourself to go and explore that neighbourhood. Or make a date with yourself to go to a gallery or into an exclusive shop. You don’t have to buy anything.
Arrange a play date with your partner. Share an excursion you’ve been on or want to explore. Nothing like fresh surrounding can spark passion and interest in a relationship.
The most important thing when engaging with your Inner Child is not to feel self conscious or be concerned by what others will think or feel about you. If you would like to know more about which sign rules the Fifth House in your natal chart one of our experienced astrologers will be happy to help you.

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