The Power of the Moon in Astrology


The Power of the Moon in Astrology 🌕

The power of the Moon in astrology and her importance is often dismissed or overlooked by many astrologers. Why? Perhaps this is because the Moon only spends two and a half days in each house in our charts. So many astrologers dismiss her influence as ‘fleeting’ or ‘weak’ when it comes to aspects.

The Luminary

The Moon along with the Sun is known as a ‘luminary’ and symbolises the Divine Feminine archetype while the Sun symbolises the Divine Masculine. The Moon is therefore our link to our divine goddess within, the emotional, nurturing, intuitive part of us. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun down to us on Earth, and through this connects us all to our relatedness and also our purpose here!

The Moon in your birthchart

In a birthchart, the position of the Moon in terms of sign and house that she occupies, tells us a lot about our relationship with our mothers and the role she plays. It also tells us how we will feel and respond to the external world. It sets the tone for our emotional experiences for the rest of our lives so you can see from this how important the Moon is! When the transiting Moon makes an angle to a personal planet in our charts and is caught in a major aspect, we will very often find our core emotional responses and wounds getting triggered and this is always an opportunity for us to grow emotionally. So, we cannot afford to ignore the Moon’s influence when it comes to our charts.

Sacred Mother Moon

Some of us are lucky and have positive mothering experiences when we are growing up. Others however are not so fortunate. Our mother or female caregiver represents our connection to the outer world and is or should be, our source of nurturing and comfort. Her role is to protect and care for us and through her we form our emotional landscape and often our identity. So, through this we take on our confidence, our fears and our emotional responses which of course, are formed at an early age via where our mothers are on their own soul journeys and how well they are integrated with their own divine feminine. I believe this begins with our first breath – the point the Moon is in our charts, and continues throughout our lives.

The Goddess Guides, She Does Not Compel

If we have taken on some of our mother’s emotional limitations, remember as with any planetary position in our charts, we can work to overcome these. The planets indicate or guide us, they do not compel us. Part of our soul growth is to rise above the limitations within our chart and we do this by understanding that the transits planets make are our opportunities. So, when you see the Moon is forming an important aspect in your chart through your forecasts, see this as an opportunity to emotionally evolve by connecting to the Divine Goddess within.

The Moon Our Emotional Response

Remember, the Moon indicates our emotional response to an outer situation. One way to discover how to deal with or change our response is to take a few moments to contemplate the aspect in our forecasts and then close our eyes and go within to ask our inner Moon goddess for guidance. Sit comfortably and ask for your inner divine feminine to reveal herself. What does she look like? Is she young or old? Remember, she can change according to the Moon’s phase at the time so you may find she presents a different ‘face’ to you each time you connect in this way.

Soul Growth

You can ask her what your emotional soul growth challenges are and how best to approach them. This is your own inner divine goddess talking to you and whatever answers you receive come straight from your own source of intuitive wisdom. Above all, listen to what she has to say and take her advice to heart as she wants nothing but the best for you. She is oracle, mother and your divine femininity all rolled into one.

We can see what an important role the Moon has to play in our lives. She is our guide to the world of intuition and dreams, our divine mother and our individual expression of the feminine no matter whether we are female or male, non binary, other. Open up to her wisdom and influence and allow beauty and feeling into your life.


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