Birth chart – The First House

 Birth chart – The First House

The first house/Rising sign is incredibly important as it describes you and how others see you. It is the house of first impressions. To know your first house you have to know your exact time of birth. It’s the moment you enter this Universe, a snapshot f the sky as the stars revolved around you – we can say that yes, the moment of our birth the universe really does revolve around us; your starting point, the basis of how you become you. Your first house is how you are perceived, your outward persona and other people’s first impression of you. Traditionally it’s your appearance, how others see you and how you interact in the world. It’s the house of self. It’s your external style and pizzazz, how you like to dress and as a child the energy of external persona. 

The first house is especially important in early childhood. It dominates the way we come across and how we carve out our first steps in the world. It’s both our cloak and our armour.

When you walk into a room people will pick up on your first house and always see you with that filter. Of course the inner you will always be more complex than the outer mask, bear that in mind when you meet other people as the same applies to them! Look for the magic in whatever sign your 1st house/ascendant is in so that you can enhance this energy and project the best of it while being aware of any negative traits and working to avoid these.

Rising sign key words

Aries – Impulsive, powerful, leader, headstrong

Taurus – Loyal, stable, creative, stubborn

Gemini – Quick witted, intelligent, funny, changeable 

Cancer – Nurturing, maternal, emotional, manipulative

Leo – Proud, generous, charismatic, vain

Virgo – Analytical, clever, organised, critical

Libra – Diplomatic, balanced, stylish, needy

Scorpio – Deep, mesmerising, alluring, obsessive

Sagittarius – Wild, free, impetuous, tactless

Capricorn – Solid, hard working, structured, repressed

Aquarius – Individual, humanitarian, original, eccentric

Pisces – Empathic, mystical, romantic, delusional

Planets in the 1st House 

Having a planet ‘rising’ gives you a double spoonful of its magic. I see it as what you will be known for and it is arguably as powerful as your rising sign. I always feel that there is a karmic meaning to planets in the 1st house and that it is an energy that will combine with the person’s destiny. It is one of the clues of how you can transform your life and is certainly ones treasure! If you do have a planet in your 1st house study it wisely, look for how that energy has manifested in your life and also how you can enhance and use it. 

Sun – Powerful, confident, successful

Moon – Emotional, mothering, needy, psychic

Mercury – Clever, writer, comic, quick witted, articulate

Venus- Sexy, gorgeous, charming, Goddess/God

Mars  Fearless, assertive, risk-taking, angry

Jupiter – Lucky, warm, generous, wealth

Saturn– Controlling, disciplined, successful, stuctured

Uranus – Genius, unpredictable, revolutionary, free spirit

Neptune – Compassionate, psychic, imaginative, fickle

Pluto – Powerful, indestructible, charismatic, deep