Sun Pluto Transits – Confident Changes

Sun Pluto Transits – Confident Changes

The Sun and Pluto are a empowering and radical. The Sun gives us the courage to change, the confidence to know what we want and the faith we need. Pluto is all about transformation and regeneration. When these two get together dramatic shifts occur. These two give us a high tell us ‘we got this’ before bungee jumping into a fresh reality!

Sun Conjunct Pluto Transit

This transit is all about transformation and personal power. I could sum it up by describing it as the Power of Change. ‘Things must change and I must change them’ could just be our personal mantra the day the Sun meets our natal Pluto. To accomplish this may call for us to make a sudden and very fundamental change within ourselves. And as with any change we make within, we then see very different results from those to which we are used to seeing in the outside world.

Breaking free

Although this transit lasts for a day, it can lead to permanent changes when it comes to our soul evolution or growth. We have the ability to break free of long held fears and beliefs that have been holding us back. We may discover just what we are capable of achieving when we come from a place of personal power. Very rarely, we may find ourselves dealing with someone who embodies Pluto on some level and who brings in themes around power, domination, manipulation and control.

Pluto gets a bad rap as his energy is both creative (rebirth) and destructive (death). It’s no more ‘good’ or ‘bad’ than electricity. It just is. It’s how others or we ourselves, use this energy.

Taking back your power

In mythology, Pluto wore a mask of invisibility. So sometimes we cannot see we are being controlled or manipulated, especially if the other person is telling us they have nothing but our welfare at heart. If so, under this transit you may find yourself having to take back your power. Usually however, the Sun/Pluto conjunction has us plugging in to our personal power to bring about change or just a feeling of personal empowerment we can bring to bear on any task.

Sun Sextile Pluto Transit

Small changes power big transformations under a Sun/Pluto sextile. This transit is all about changes to your immediate surroundings and your routine rather than the massive, earth-shattering kind. But what you set in motion no matter how small can end up having a big impact on other areas. Creating order out of chaos on either the home or the work front (or even both!) is one possibility.

Clear thinking

You’ll suddenly see very clearly how changing the way you do something or even the way a group or your company does something, can yield a much better result. And what’s more you’ll do your groundwork to back this up. Even small changes to your thinking or to your daily routine can result in a big, long term energy shift that ultimately attracts an entire new set of circumstances and people. Make that change.

Sun Square Pluto Transit

Crunch time! This can be a challenging day depending on how well you can adapt to change and also how good you are at letting go of things that no longer work for you. In fact, no matter what is going on, this transit is all about us being able to let go rather than hold on. This can even involve letting go of our pride. If you are called to account for something today, then whatever you do own it and don’t try to shift the blame.

Power abuse

Some things that can occur on this transit may be beyond our control such as equipment or machinery breaking down. Or we can encounter someone in a position of power who is rampantly abusing it.

Control yourself!

What this transit asks us to do is remain in control of ourselves, even if we cannot control what is going on around us. The point of power is always within each of us. If we remember this on a Sun/Pluto square we will emerge with a sense of strength and satisfaction that lasts long after the transit is over!

Sun Trine Pluto Transit

You are operating from a place of personal empowerment under a Sun/Pluto trine. So long as you are not acting purely out of ego or for selfish reasons, there is pretty well nothing that you cannot accomplish under this transit. Time to take action now. Changes even radical ones are easy to accomplish and when it comes to dealing with others, you can bring the right balance of assertiveness and the power of conviction to any situation.

Be a force for good

Pluto energy needs to be kept very ‘clean’. In other words, we always need to ensure we are not abusing whatever power we may have in a situation to manipulate or control others. If we tip into this kind of behaviour, we can trigger negative Pluto effect – in other words ‘fallout’ and set in motion powerful forces that will oppose us or leave us with a mess to clean up. Be a force that strives for the best outcome, for a lasting transformation under this transit.

Sun Opposition Pluto Transit

Sweeping changes are often set in motion under a Sun/Pluto opposition. Intense interactions with others, power struggles, breakdowns and breakthroughs are all possible under a Sun/Pluto opposition. In our closest relationships, this may not necessarily signify an ending. However, what this transit will highlight is that something needs to be transformed. It can act as a catalyst for us and also enable us to make creative changes in our lives which we may have shied away from in the past.

Assertive but honest

When dealing with others, this transit asks that we come from a place of authenticity and empowerment. If someone has over-stepped the boundaries with us, then it is time to assert ourselves. Above all, we need to communicate our position honestly. But we need to ensure our response is appropriate to the situation. What this transit will show us however is whether something can be fixed or not.

The power of endings

If a relationship has been limping along, unless the other party is willing to work with you to transform it, you will now see it has no future and end it, even if you did not have the courage to do so before now. This transit can also mark the culmination of a project or creative venture which you now send out into the world and which transforms yours in turn.