Asteroid Goddess Power: Lilith

Asteroid Goddess Power

When we talk about the increasing importance of asteroids in our birthcharts and also their influence on our lives, what we are really referring to is a re-awkening of the power of the feminine within us all. Unlike the planets where male energy dominates, many asteroids have been named after female goddesses and as we become more attuned to their energy and their importance, so the energy of the divine feminine returns as a force to be reckoned with in the collective.

Let’s look at Lilith – known as the ‘dark moon’ in astrology. Lilith was discovered by the Russian-French astronomer Benjamin Jekhowsky at Algiers Observatory on 11 Fenruary 1927. Which makes Lilith Aquarian of course! The fact that Lilith is an individual and very much her own woman is borne out in her mythology and it is through this that we can come to understand Lilith’s power and what makes her message for us – especially if we are women, so relevant today.

Lilith was Adam’s first wife before Eve got cobbled together out of a spare rib. She was also the world’s first recorded femininst. According to legend, Lilith refused to have sex with Adam in a subservient position. She said it either had to be side-by-side or she must be on top. Adam refused and then tried to force Lilith into having sex any way he chose – hardly a sensitive new age kind of guy. This did not sit well with the patriarchy as one can imagine. One was supposed to be nice and subservient and obey one’s husband even if he was a total troglodyte in the sack. Lilith walked out and because of this came in for a very bad and undeserved ancient smear campaign where it was put about that she was mating with demons and having a Brady Bunch worth of demon offspring. Probably also not true, as we can hazard a guess that any children Lilith did have would merely get a bad rap simply for being opinionated and self-actualised just like mum.

The tut-tutting and disapproving Old Boys Network of the time however, decide to make one last attempt to make Lilith return home to her husband and be a good wife by despatching a trio of busybody angels to try to talk ‘sense’ into Lilith. Needless to say, no deal. Filled with rage that Lilith should choose being her own person as opposed to cooking Adam his dinner and popping out lots of God-fearing babies, the Old Boys now put it about that Lilith was on a vengeful serial killer spree having vowed to kill Adam’s children and grandchildren – undoubtedly in-between bouts of demon shagging and raising cute demon love-children. Leading any sensible modern-day woman to ask the question: How does she do it?! And there you have it. Abused, trolled and stalked; because Lilith refused to put up with any of this, she has had a bad rap ever since.

Due to this story, many astrologers see Lilith as representing the dark side of the psyche in the chart. I don’t agree with this interpretation as I believe that Lilith represents what we are not prepared to ‘give away’ in order to have a relationship and how much we value equality within them. Lilith took a stand and showed it is more important to value yourself and be true to yourself than to stay in an abusive relationship or one where you are treated as less than an equal. Lilith says it is better to belong to yourself than the wrong person or situation.

The house and the sign that Lilith occupies in your chart will tell you where you need to take a stand and channel Lilith’s energy to demand equal treatment or opportunities. Lilith orbits the Sun once every four years and four months. Most astrological sites have an option of including Lilith as an extra body within your chart if you are interested in discovering just where she was at the time of your birth which will give you clues as to where Lilith wants you to take sovereignty over your own life. You can also Google a Lilith ephemeris on-line and I include the major asteroid transits in all my forecasts.

Lilith is just one aspect of the untapped goddess power that’s being awakened within us by the asteroids. But she is one of the most important and in any relationship we can say – if we are not heard and equal – there is no relationship left to fight for.