Goddess Vesta Brightest Asteroid in the sky – Light your own way

vesta in astrology

Light Your Eternal Flame –Glow Your Own Way with Vesta

Vesta glows. It is the brightest asteroid in the sky and the second largest after Ceres. Or as Ceres now enjoys dwarf planet status, perhaps we should say Vesta is the largest asteroid? Vesta is more powerful than we think as it is responsible for its own meteor shower – known as the HED meteorites. Scientists have theorised that were it not for the presence of Jupiter just outside of the asteroid belt, Vesta would have formed into a planet. It’s a classic case of science reflecting both astrology and mythology. In the Vesta story there’s usually a powerful man/force/dominant energy behind the scenes somewhere. How can this play out in our lives? Let’s first look at the story of Vesta.

If you go on-line and generate your birthchart to include Vesta, you’ll see that it is symbolised by what looks like a flame in a bowl glyph. This derives from the task of the Vestal Virgins in Ancient Rome who were keepers of the sacred flame. If a Vestal allowed the flame to go out, she was beaten. Vestal Virgins were chosen at a young age – usually between six and eight years old. They took a vow of chastity for 30 years at the end of which, they were set free and then answered to no man. This gave them a unique status in Roman times and why the term ‘virgin’ was often used to describe a woman who belonged to herself. Interestingly enough, the goddess Vesta was the daughter of Saturn and Ops. Saturn takes approximately 30 years to complete an orbit of the Sun. So from an astrological and mythology point of view, if you became a Vestal Virgin you spent an entire Saturn cycle as one and would be freed when Saturn returned to the point it was in the sky and your chart, when you started.  That theme of the powerful man behind the scenes which can dominate Vesta begins with her father making the rules.

Vesta is associated with the home and the hearth. It’s interesting that unlike other deities, Vesta was rarely depicted in human form but always symbolised by the eternal flame. So, in today’s world we can see how Vesta can play out in the kind of person who ‘keeps the home fires burning’ while their partner pursues a career and worldly success.

Light the Flame – Release the Power!

Just as we now see Saturn in a very different way in our charts, it’s also time to re-evaluate Vesta.  And any situation that arises in our lives where we hand over our power or feel we are being placed in a competitive situation with other women. Because astrology is our soul compass, it doesn’t compel. We can choose to buy out of a situation when we see it is unhealthy or refuse to play by rules which we had no say in writing. Vesta says no matter what gender you identify with, your power lies in sisters doing it for themselves – not for anyone else. Vesta ignites the power of a group of people who share a common purpose. Instead of the home fire, that flame should be our guiding light, our passion and the beacon that lights our path towards our potential. Once we see it this way, instead of keeping it burning for someone else, we use it to ignite our own power. Burn bright and shine your own unique out there. Vesta reminds us when we do – there’s no need for competition.

Once you know where Vesta is located in your birthchart, check out my handy guide on how to light your eternal Vesta flame and use it to shine on success – especially in love. Belonging to ourselves means we are free to belong to someone else too.

Spark to a Flame – Using Vesta in your Chart

Once you know where Vesta is located in your chart, here is how to light your unique soul flame and get your shine on in a way that steps free of that old dynamic. Get your flame on and use Vesta go guide you not into competitive situations but collaborative ones and also to regain any lost power so just like the old definition of ‘virgin’ –  your destiny now belongs to you.

Vesta in Aries or the First House:  Of all the Vesta placements, this one wants you to belong to yourself and act in your own best interests. Your Vesta gift is the ability to know what you want and to be a self-starter. Yes, you can be competitive but for success, ensure you are only in competition with yourself. Self-actualised and self-confident, igniting your flame turns you into a powerful warrior who is determined to live out their potential. Competition?  You can’t be bothered simply because you’re in a class of your own, baby!

Vesta in Taurus or the Second House:  You need to be grounded to achieve success and crave stability. Your Vesta flame really does need you to keep it sheltered in your ‘temple’ for you to live up to your potential. So, establish this for yourself but also ensure this does not put you in a situation where someone else is actually calling the shots. Your other pitfall is not owning your deep sensuality and adopting a ‘sexy and I know it’ attitude. Again, until you embrace this it can lead you into the classic Vesta trap of feeling you have to compete with others for the attention of a prospective mate.

Vesta in Gemini or the Third House: Vesta in here ignites your ideas and hands you both originality and the ability to influence others with your thinking. You need to stay true to your ideas and believe in them for success. Don’t be swayed by others and beware of ‘gurus’ or anyone you think may be smarter than you. They may not be as smart as you think and may use you or steal your ideas instead! Watch for any tendencies to over-analyse your feelings.  In love you need a mental turn on to ignite desire. If the heat’s not on – it’s not on. When you are settled, immerse yourself in your neighbourhood.  And please, don’t allow siblings to become rivals or competitors. 

Vesta in Cancer or the Fourth House: You need to be needed. If all Vesta placements this is the one that can lead to the classic ‘Keeping the home fires burning’ scenario. Don’t allow this to snuff out your own desires however. You need to remember you need your own life. Funny if you do sacrifice this in order to support others, in the end it will lead to a ‘What about me?’ crisis as resentment and regret take over. You are protective and nurturing which leads you to value home and family above all else. You need to remember to value yourself equally and not sacrifice your dreams for others – no matter how caring you are or how much others need you. If you feel loved ones are pulling away, you may become clingy as a result. Which only makes them more distant.  If so your answer is to re-focus your love on yourself.

Vesta in Leo or the Fifth House:  Follow your passion with Vesta in here. Creativity and the desire to be noticed make you the flame – and everyone else the moths. Vesta in here shines at its brightest. You want to stand out and this goes double for your work or anything you create. You infuse whatever you do with a sense of pride and purpose. Your task is to share the warmth of your light with everyone. This especially applies to love. What you do or gives you pleasure may be the very thing that attracts love to you. You need a partner who you can be proud of. Just remember when it comes to sharing that light, they need their time in the spotlight as well as you. Shower them with your generosity and warmth for lasting success. You love what you do or create but please don’t let it be the be all and end all. Share your light with the world – and with others.

Vesta in Virgo or the Sixth House: There’s an astro movement afoot to make Vesta the ruler of Virgo instead of Mercury. Vesta’s pristine energy is very much at home in this house. You seek perfection in whatever it is you do. The beauty of your flame shines on the details and your everyday surroundings and routine. Chances are you have a ‘less is more’ philosophy and go for quality over quantity every time. Facts, figures and details are simply beautiful to you. Dr. Temperance Brennen in Bones would be a perfect Vesta in Virgo example. When it comes to choosing a partner, you will be highly discriminating. Just ensure you don’t become too discriminating to the point you end up alone however. For love success remember – nobody’s perfect and that includes you. But are you perfect for one another? Flame on!

Vesta in Libra or the Seventh House: You need to be part of something – to be in some kind of partnership whether it is in a love relationship or a working one. In mythology, Vesta was seen as a goddess who was easy-going and amenable – in other words ‘domestic bliss’. Libra is the sign not just of partnerships and marriage, but of balance and harmony. This combination makes you a wonderful partner. But it can also lead you into classic Vesta traps. Where you give away your power to your partner for fear of losing them or upsetting the apple cart. Or feelings of not being quite good enough lead you into relationships where you are competing with others for someone’s love or attention. Vesta in here says you need relationships to be on an equal footing to succeed. It doesn’t matter whether this is a romantic one or a working one. If it’s not equal, if the connection starts to feel as if you are competing for someone’s time, love or attention, it’s time to burn brighter for yourself. And not to be afraid of keeping that flame burning on your own for a while, rather than letting someone else snuff it out entirely.

Vesta in Scorpio or the Eighth House:  Be very wary of getting into relationships where subtle themes of power, manipulation, domination and control are present. You crave depth however. Your flame is the one that lights the darkness for others. In love,  you won’t be attracted to anyone superficial. You need someone ready to explore not just the transcendent desire you crave but also deep subject matters. You could be drawn to what many consider ‘taboo’ issues or just shy away from and could even enjoy professional success in these areas. You are unafraid to go where angels fear to tread. When growing up, did you have a repressive or overly-authoritarian upbringing? Were you made to feel sexual desire was shameful? If so, owning your sexual self and coming to the realisation that what you desire is not wrong, may form part of your journey from ‘virgin’ under someone else’s control, to being your own sexual  being. Someone out there vibrates to the same resonant depth that you do. Knowing that is your first step to finding them – and owning your power.

Vesta in Sagittarius or the Ninth House:  Your flame ignites a big dream or vision if you have Vesta in Sag or your 9th house.  You are on a journey of discovery. Your light is on the prow of a ship sailing into darkness. But unlike other Vesta placements, you don’t fear what you haven’t yet experienced. Instead it infuses you with excitement and the desire to discover more. You are the shaman/explorer with Vesta in here, poking around in hidden nooks and crannies or boldly going where no one has gone before to seek the truth. Guard against becoming dogmatic or thinking your ideas and opinions are who you are however. What do you need when it comes to love? Of all the Vesta signs, you need someone who will let you continue to belong to yourself even when you are a couple. Cramping your style will not do it for you. Find another free spirit who will blend their light with yours and go exploring together.

Vesta in Capricorn or the Tenth House: Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who was Vesta’s father in mythology, anyone born with Vesta in here needs to watch out for tendencies to abdicate control of their lives to anyone – especially a powerful or authoritative male figure, who then controls them. This is a long burning flame with this Vesta placement however. It commits to the long term – think of a Saturn cycle which lasts 30 years. Anyone with Vesta in this house usually goes for delayed gratification and sees goals through to completion. They know there are no short cuts to long term success – or happiness. Once committed to anything – they see it through. Although in relationships, this can see someone remaining in it long after it has perhaps been lived out, possibly through fear of going it alone. In a family dynamic this can see a man or anyone who has to assume the role of perhaps both parents, being surrounded by daughters or female family members. Success is always achieved by playing by the rules or working within the system with Vesta in here.

Vesta in Aquarius or the Eleventh House: This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! Vesta in here has to shine in its own unique way – and not be afraid of doing so. It is also a Vesta placement which favours groups of any description. Friends, like-minded souls or even getting involved in a wider cause will feature. Aquarius is the sign of the individual and the rebel. The maverick thinker whose light leads the rest of us towards a brave new world.  Vesta in here means you are the least likely to all Vesta placements to allow yourself to be controlled by others. Also, your sense of individuality means you are unlikely to buy into negative Vesta competitiveness when it comes to winning someone’s heart or their attention. Quite simply, you can’t be bothered. Your anthem with Vesta in here? Go Your Own Way. You need a partner who is going theirs. They had better have their own unique light shining bright if they want to attract yours.

Vesta in Pisces or the Twelfth House:  Your light shines on the spiritual, the intuitive, the mystical, the past and the ability to give. Draw to the surface your talent to focus on the details and always think of how your light can illuminate the lives of others. Yours is less a flame and needs to have the precision of a laser. You need to stay focussed in the here and now. Above all, when you face challenges in your relationships, please don’t play the martyr or the victim. The 12th house rules the past, past lives and also hidden enemies. Choose partners and all close associations with care and take your time with commitments. There may be a tendency for people close to you to manipulate or control you without you realising it. Yes, karma may be at work and yes, you may have played this one out with them before. The outcome this time is up to you however. You crave a soulmate above all else but you need that laser insight to recognise them. Remember, soulmates often bring with them the biggest lessons. While you’re waiting for them to turn up this is one Vesta placement which may just have your loving the one you’re with. To you – it’s all spiritual love and that’s the only kind that matters.