New Moon in Cancer or the Fourth House

New Moon in cancer

New Moon in Cancer or the Fourth House 🌑

New Moons are always about new beginnings. Each one is an opportunity to begin anew on some level. Read Our in-depth guide on how to make the most of the fresh start each new Moon brings us! Many astrologers underestimate the importance of new Moons. All new Moons contain important potential but none more so than the new Moon in Cancer or our 4th house as this is the Moon’s ruling house.

New Moon in Cancer home and family 🏡

It’s about what holds us in place, what supports us and above all, what we need to feel we are loved, nurtured and secure. The New Moon in Cancer encompasses everything from our home, our family, the people we live with, our roots and even our source of income. Understand that under this new Moon you are not more needy, but you are more sensitive, intuitive and attuned not only to your own needs but to those of the people closest to you.

You crave security – for yourself and for those you care for. You need nurturing and also to nurture back. This new Moon can bring up unresolved parental issues. Did you get the love and support you needed as a child? Or conversely, are you now a fully-fledged adult yet still living in a parent’s shadow?

Were you made to feel growing up that you had to behave in a certain way or love would be withdrawn? The new Moon in our 4th can see us taking responsibility for our own path and creating our own sense of security and belonging. However, it also gives us the opportunity to be vulnerable and to ask to be held – or for what we need to ‘hold’ us, if we need to.

Secure foundations 🌈

The New Moon in Cancer offers us the opportunity to lay down a secure foundation for our future. It gives us something to ‘hold on’ to. It particularly favours house moves, career progression and creating a solid foundation from which you can launch yourself or your plans out into the big wide world. Strangely enough, although it is the 9th house that is primarily associated with long distance travel, explorers and striking out in a big, bold, brave unexplored direction, the 4th contains similar potential.

How come? Because the 4th is ruled by the Moon and the Moon rules the tides. So, in the days before mass air travel, the tides governed when you would ‘set sail’ on your next adventure. So the Moon and its ruling sign of Cancer was associated with restless spirits – just like the tides! But all explorers or sailors needed a ‘home port’ to return to. The new Moon in your 4th is an opportunity to create this on some level so further exploration or expansion becomes possible. It’s the bedrock for a bigger dream.

New Moon in Cancer meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️

New Moon in the 4th Meditation: Imagine the horizon. It can be dawn or twilight. The new Moon hangs above it. How close or far away is it from where you imagine yourself to be? How secure do you feel where you are right now in relation to it? It’s not about the distance between you and where you want to get to or what you need – which is what the horizon represents. It is about what is beneath your feet right now. And how you feel inside which is truly what holds you. Know you can build on this and have everything you need within you to support yourself and get where you need to go. And if you need more support – ask for it. Hold on under this new Moon.