Astrological overview week starting 15th November

Weekly overview 15th-22nd Nov 2010

Big week for change! Two planets end their retrograde phase on the 18th, there’s a full moon on the 21st followed by the sun moving into a new sign on the 22nd.

So firstly Jupiter and Venus end their retrograde motion (where they appear to moving backwards). Jupiter has been taking backward steps since july 23rd, and as Jupiter is the traditional planet of luck and good fortune, it’s a good omen to see a turnaround depicted in the skies, as it symbolizes a kind of turning point in us too. Traditionally retrogrades are known for throwing spanners in the works of projects or promises, so if you’ve noticed delays or frustration since that July regarding plans for expansion or for broadening horizons, then hopefully the 18th might signal the beginning of a turning point. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so it’s been affecting that sign in particular, but also Pisces has got the brunt of this, as Jupiter has been in Pisces for the past year.

Venus has only been retro since October 8th, but Venus retrograde tends to pack a punch due to its heavy influence on relationships, however this one has especially, as it mostly took place in the eternally intense sign of Scorpio. Venus makes its actual turnaround in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony; so perhaps situations that were sliding too far in one direction, or even the wrong direction might be due for a turnaround.

That both these planets begin to move forward on the same day is unusual, so expect the energy of the days to come to reflect that; it takes time for these planets to gather their momentum while moving forward mind you, so don’t expect 0-60 in ten seconds on a situation (sorry Aries), but do expect a general feel for forward motion regarding relationships and expansion.

The full moon in Taurus on the 21st brings us back down to earth (not with a bump, as Jupiter has a great cushion effect), and encourages a focus on feeling grounded, feeling stable, feeling secure. Taurus rules the relationship to all things physical, and as Venus rules this sign, there’s likely to be a new appreciation for the material world and what it offers in the shape of mood lifters and shifters. It’s comfort eating and comfort shopping, as well as feeling the pleasure of keeping your feet firmly on the ground while reaching for the stars.

Next day the sun moves into the deliciously optimistic sign of Sagittarius. It means we are in for a month of positive mental attitude and adventurous talk, especially this week as action-planet Mars meets communication planet Mercury in this sign. Walk it like you talk it and watch the cosmic orders roll in.

Aries – relationships are about to feel more straightforward
Taurus – full moon is like an energetic emotional comfort blanket to wrap yourself up in when the going feels tough
Gemini – a partners bark is worse than their bite, but you’re in the mood for some fighting talk.
Cancer – it’s ok to let others see the real you this week
Leo – make that call, write that email
Virgo – you find something you lost
Libra – you are changing your mind about everything this week
Scorpio – go shopping – you are the one that finds the best bargains anywhere
Sagittarius – it’s all happening for you right now, especially a change of direction
Capricorn – venus is moving you forward in your career plans
Aquarius – you feel you can get moving with some bright ideas
Pisces –no longer held back by Jupiter’s reverse motion, you are happily flowing with the go.

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