No more waiting for tomorrow

Go into unknown territory

Live, act and BE your truth!

The Mars/Chiron conjunction in your 12th (28th) acts like a cosmic wake-up call. Focussing your attention on a particular area that needs your 100%. You have probably secretly known this for a while, Taurus. But you might have been saying you’d think about it tomorrow. Well, now tomorrow or at the very least, the day after that (31st), is here.

It’s honestly very simple. The universe is telling you not to put off anything that needs tackling. Especially if its a subject around which your intuition has been nagging you about for quite some time. If you have said ‘Never will I ever . . .’ in the past – that may go out the window too. You take on an unpredictable quality which may confound others who thought they had you pigeon-holed.

You are prepared to make an outrageous move or do something which feels right but in the past you would have hesitated over. What do we say about Uranus in astrology? If you can predict it – it’s not Uranus! Mercury bumps into Uranus just two days after that Mars/Chiron clash. You are either reacting to news which has a direct impact on you, or the need to do something becomes so compelling, you take a deep breath and damn the consequences! Don’t worry however. Uranus is concerned with evolving you. And yes, you do have to break eggs if you are going to make an omelette. So, no more waiting for tomorrow to think about it, much less do something about it. Tomorrow is today and today brings you a huge awakening when it comes to living your truth.

In a nutshell: The truth will set you free. At least, your truth holds the key to your soul freedom. No more putting off what you know needs to be done, Taurus. Today is your day. Go to the edge of those possibilities. Then – jump.

28 May 2024 Mercury in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces (1st to 11th)

29 May 2024 Mars and Chiron conjunct in Aries (12th)

31 May 2024 Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Taurus (1st)

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