Weekly astrological overview 11-18th Jan 2011

Last week’s solar eclipse brought sudden shake-ups and highly charged emotional situations; this week there might be aftershocks or echoes, especially around the 11th, when communication planet Mercury squares (challenges) both Jupiter and Uranus. It could also mean that you see the way forward and a new chapter has begun! Making the most of the planetary activity allows us to be free. We can use the energy in any way we choose and the joy of knowing the flavour of the week is that you can harness it! If something does feel choppy perhaps see it as a new start. Release fear and know that life is a cycle.

Mercury was in this exact position during December’s full moon at solstice time, during its retrograde phase (reversing backwards). Now Mercury is covering that old ground again but this time in forward motion. This can have a variety of effects: one might be the recognition of hindsight in situations where communication is fraught or tense – a bit like deja-vu –  the square energy of the mercury/Jupiter/Uranus aspect makes for potential volatile or explosive communication,  but there’s the retrograde sense of awareness that we’ve been here before and can choose to respond differently this time – a case of ‘been here before and not going down that road again’. You can be free to make a different choice leading to a fresh destination.

Alternatively, situations left unresolved from last December might re-ignite or resurface through communication in order for resolution or reconciliation to occur. Whatever the experience, because Uranus energy works like lightning – fast, powerful, sudden and unpredictable – the results are likely to be a surprise, but also literally enlightening somehow.

What is different to the last Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus square, and what is going to help the energy to manifest constructively, is that this time Mars in sensible Capricorn and is making a sextile (supportive) aspect to Jupiter/Uranus. This can be a grounding, earthing influence for the high electrical charge of the square; a channel for all that energy, ensuring there’s less chance of blowing a fuse or of feeling overload. You are also grounded in your choices and can use Jupiter/uranus to unexpectedly leap into a new path.

Mars, although a volatile fiery energy itself, becomes uber- practical in Capricorn, and likes to bring form and structure to all ideas, no matter how unconventional or off the wall Jupiter/Uranus has made them sound; so brainstorm ideas, especially ones that were previously put to one side due to lack of practical application or timing issues, as it’s right up Mars in Capricorn’s street at the moment. It also can bring out the practical hero in you, you are able to use your own power and security to help someone else up the ladder. Kindness is a vibration that ignites our soul and changes our vibration as well as rippling out to the whole!

On the 13th Mercury changes signs to join Mars in Capricorn, which means Mercury also has his sensible head on all of a sudden. From the unconventional, adventurous thinking that has been going on over the past few days, now it’s all about being down to earth, pragmatic and realistic. The challenge is holding the thought of the dream or idea while reality and its current limits beckon, especially time limits. But again Mars is around to assist motion forward with plans… on the 16th Mars leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius, the sign which Uranus rules. This prevents pragmatism becoming pessimism when it comes to plans that haven’t come to fruition yet, as Aquarius is the sign of invention, of the road less travelled, and of making more time wherever  there seems to be none to spare. Pay particular attention to how you are communicating. Making commitments is good but being stubborn or pig headed is probably not! Harness the energy to push you toward building solid foundations but allow yourself to be flexible. When Mars enters Aquarius you will be given ideas, inspirations and solutions and will already have the foundations to build something audacious and stunning. Keep an eye on loved ones and lovers this week or they could feel a bit neglected the good news is you can be grounded and solid in your communications.

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