Astrology revolution: Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces

You might have noticed an increasing feeling of being unsettled in you and everyone around recently.  It’s as though, no matter what is playing out in our personal lives, many of us are experiencing a growing urge for the need for change on a collective level and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to bring it about, an increasing feeling that those in positions of power aren’t doing enough of the right things plus a sense of our own vulnerability within it all.

What’s it all about?  I believe we have been born into interesting times (funnily enough, the saying ‘may you be born into interesting times’ is a Chinese blessing and a curse!).  Astrology for me is a soul map and within it we have shadow, light, magic and a whole energetic syllabus in the University of Life for the evolution not only of our own soul but the world itself!

If that sounds dramatic it is, and over the next few years the work really begins. We are at a point when some of the most powerful slow moving planets are changing signs. It kicked off in a way with Pluto’s lurch into Capricorn, which brought into focus power and secrets. Then we had Uranus in Aries and very soon Neptune in Pisces. These planets changing indicate a sharp veer in our world’s energy, a shift which is going to change the face of our culture and bring us intense lessons and experiences – many of them seemingly contradictory. Just like our own individual chart, the energy in the heavens is shifting to give the vibe of the world a makeover. Life will literally never be the same again!

Each of us has chosen to be here so that we can take part in this. The good news is that I believe we are all on some level going through an awakening. We are also coming to an awareness, both spiritually and scientifically, that consciousness plays a powerful role in not only our reality but our Universal reality.  In other words, if we do awaken and focus on being part of a positive transformation, there is a good chance that is exactly what we can create.  To quote a Navajo Medicine Man, we are the people we have been waiting for!  I know I am an optimistic Aries with a good splattering of empathetic and dreamy Pisces that lets me always see the best and the potential in everything, but the signs are there!

This is going to be a series of articles and videos on this incredible astrological time but in a nutshell we might see Pluto in Capricorn stirring up people in power with secret control and secret agendas. It can create hierarchies and puts the emphasis on the ruthless pursuit of power by any means necessary. This is the total opposite to Uranus in Aries which is all about revolution and fighting for freedom. It’s this clashing of values that is bringing everything to a head.

Uranus in Aries also heralds a time where the very earth seems to be rumbling with discontent and the rise in the ‘conspiracy theorist’ doesn’t surprise me as this is a manifestation of the vibration of distrust and wanting power to be open, honest and upfront.  Into this mix, there is a dash of Neptune in Pisces (it doesn’t settle into Neptune until Feb 3rd 2012). This could manifest in a sort of split where some people are drawn towards freedom and a distrust of the material while others will do whatever they can to hold onto it. Neptune urges us to awaken to our true spiritual selves, however, and to feel more intuitive and empathetic. Of course it can also lead to unrealistic expectations and an awareness of our own vulnerability. Some people might be drawn to the hedonistic side to Neptune in Pisces and find that addictions (to love, alcohol, drugs or even technology) can suddenly snowball as we are tempted to find comfort in losing ourselves as we witness this apparent nasty old battle between the old world and an unknown future.

I feel our job through this is to open up and be aware of our individual and global consciousness so that we can use this energy to transform in a positive way. Neptune going into Pisces could potentially help stop the violence of it all (this weekend’s London riots, what’s going on in Libya and all the tragedy of Japan seems connected to the big Uranian shift).  It brings a gentler perspective and if we stand together in our vision and love we give ourselves the best chance to move into something extraordinary.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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