Your Weekly Horoscope June 21st – 27th 2011.


Sun into 4th trine Neptune in 12th, Mars into 3rd square Neptune in 12th, sun opposite pluto in 10th tsquare Uranus in aries. Uranus sextile mars in 3rd

There’s a part of you that has great creative ideas that you can articulate easily, plus a bit of spiritual inspiration on top. Unusually for you, you’re also looking back to the past and getting a bit sentimental.  The fascinating thing about the past is that we see it differently each year.  For example, when I was a child in Italy, I’d gone to get an ice cream with my mother and brother and was very excited about the whole thing, but when I went to throw the wrapper in the bin my knicker elastic broke and my knickers fell down, and everyone clapped and cheered.  At the time I was absolutely mortified, as you can imagine, but I look back now and remember it without the same emotional charge.  That’s a very minor story, but we all have stories that we look back on – stories of heartbreak or embarrassment, but with the fullness of time we can clear that baggage.  So this week, you can actually look back to something that bothered you at the time and see it differently. Can you let it go?  Can you transform it?  You are the alchemist of your life and we choose the way that we can see our lives.  We have the ability to transform the way that we think and that in turn changes our very lives.  At the same time, we have the influence of Neptune bringing a bit of unpredictability and some of your moods may be a bit all over the place but this week you can channel that energy.  You’ll also find that you want to speak about what’s on your mind. Deliver your truths and revelations with love.  As the toddler of the Zodiac, you can get a bit annoyed and kick and scream and in fact you can sometimes you do yourself a disservice.  If you’re speaking your truth, other people will much more easily hear it if you speak with love.  It’s a magical and mystical week, I hope that you feel some baggage being removed.

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Mars into 2nd square Neptune in 11th, sun into 3rd trine Neptune in 11th, sun in 3rd opposite pluto in 9th tsquare Uranus in 12th,

There seems to be a little bit of emotional chaos around you.  Of course you can choose not to play along with that but the planets seem intent on shaking you up a bit.  You can blame Uranus, Pluto and even the Sun in the second, which is making you maybe a bit stubborn.  Part of you isn’t sure which way to turn right now.  On one hand, you want revolution in your emotional life – one that makes everything clear and ordered.  But of course life isn’t always as smooth as that, especially when other egos are involved.  It’s up to you to remain calm.  Don’t try and force change.  Allow it to be organic and natural.  If you want to put your little hoof down and say, no, I want it to go like this, it’s unlikely to work for you!  Life can be a bit more chaotic than that, but chaos can actually be a good thing.  Embrace it and don’t see it as threatening. One of your life lessons as a Taurean is to be pushed out of your comfort zone and still have that steady security that comes not from controlling things or routine.  That’s an illusion.  When you find that security within yourself,  and when you can do that, that’s when you have true security and happiness.  You might find that someone else, a boss, friend or love has a very clear idea about what they want to do and it’s at loggerheads with what you want to do.  Go with the flow and be calm.  There is nothing frightening about the unexpected – it can actually liberate us or bring in unexpected delights.  If you can do something different or wear something different just to show the universe that you’re up for embracing the new you’ll probably find a huge shift in your energy.

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Mars into Gemini square Neptune in 10th, sun into 2nd trine Neptune in 10th, sun opp pluto in 8th, tsquare Uranus in 11th, Uranus in 11th sextile mars in Gemini

There is some good news this week.  We have Mars, planet of passion and energy going into your sign and it supercharges you to whizz forward in your career.  However you have to make sure which direction you’re whizzing in to as Neptune might be adding a dash of illusion to the proceeds.  If you’re involved in a creative career, you might be able to add a creative solution to what’s going on but other people might be driving you a bit nuts as you can’t pin them down or the boundaries might not be clear.  Just observe, hold off, meditate and ask the universe for help in how you can see clearly.  This week is great for friendships so go out with them and talk things over and maybe one of them will be able to help you see the way through.  There are times in life when there is a reason why things aren’t clear, however.  We can get a bit control freak about the whole thing but sometimes when things aren’t all on the surface it’s because the universe is bubbling away and creating some magic for you in the future and right now it has to be confused.  It’s a bit like the Hanged Man in the Tarot.  Whenever I get that card I think, okay, time to go out and party a bit because things aren’t going to be moving forward.  Limbo doesn’t move just because we’re staring at it.  Don’t take it personally and think the universe doesn’t love you as it’s not true – it might be about to deliver you a great present in the future. 

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Sun into cancer trine Neptune in 9th, sun in cancer opposite pluto in 7th, tsquare Uranus in 10th

This week is your birthday start in a way as the Sun goes into your sign so hopefully you should be feeling good about you and your life, cheerful and optimistic.  It’s also trine Neptune trine in the 9th so you could be feeling a bit dreamy or you might be thinking that you want to go away or learn a new skill that expands your horizons.  You might also meet someone who’s had an adventure abroad and it really stirs your soul to step out of your comfort zone.  The sun in your sign is also opposite  Pluto in the 7th which is all about relationships so there should be a big revolution or change in your relationships.   Be reassured just in case this makes you say oh no, that it could mean that if you’ve been single for a while or your relationships have felt a bit stagnant, something could happen that makes a big bang and everything changes for the better or brings you a solution.  Something deep within your romantic soul is calling for more passion and Pluto may deliver that gift.  Now of course be careful what you wish for because in my experience what we wish for we receive!  Look within and be truthful within yourself about what you can transform and whether you’re ready for change.  Sometimes Cancerians don’t actually like change and can curl up under the duvet of life.  This is the week you’ve been waiting for – the one where honesty about yourself and your gifts can bring huge rewards. 

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Sun into 12th trine Neptune in 8th, mars in 11th square Neptune in 8th, sun in 12th opp pluto in 6th tsquare Uranus in 9th, Uranus sextile mars in 11th

There’s a lot going on that, thanks to Neptune, makes you feel very creative, possibly very obsessive and maybe a bit addictive or even blurry!  Neptune can make it hard for us to differentiate between illusion and reality but this week it’s supercharging your intuitive abilities.  You may be having dreams with a very deep meaning for you.  You may suddenly be in a situation where you can feel the multilayers of people around you and know what makes them tick and you can really have empathy and compassion.  You’re opening your heart in a way you might not have done for some time.  You want to be dreamy and romantic and a bit of escapism but you also want to surrender to your own spiritual mystery or truth and share more of yourself.  This week could unveil lots of mysteries in your life and allow you to express those deeper parts of yourself.  You’re in tune with the universe and it’s a case of ask and you shall receive.  As for a dream that will bring you an important message and in the morning jot down what you feel what might happen during the day or allow yourself to channel some wisdom.  There’s a wonderful book you might find useful – The Artists Way – that suggests that we keep morning pages were we jot down a stream of consciousness first thing that actually clears your unconscious and allows you to be open to new ideas and maybe even shift baggage and toxic emotions that you might not even know you have.  In fact, pretend you’re a Pisces this week and be gentle, kind, fluffy and warm.  

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Sun into 11th, trine Neptune in 7th. Mars into 10th square Neptune in 7th, sun in 11th opposite pluto in 5th, tsquare Uranus in 8th. Uranus in 8th sextile mars in 10th

You feel that you need to express yourself, have some fun, let go and be a wild and frisky little Virgo but there may be some people who don’t understand that you want to be fun and frivolous because there may be other things going on in your career that they want you to pay attention to!  I think it’s a great week  for fun as you have Mars going in to your 10th house so there’s a part of you having great joy and happiness and there’s a great energy around relationships.  You do know there are things you need to pay attention to and are aware of the demands that others might be placing on you.  Ultimately you need to listen to your own inner calling and voice.  You are very analytical and you do think an awful lot, however this week others are going to be very forceful in their opinions and all you want to do is have fun.  Find the balance in the way you communicate.  It’s great you want a balance as you do work hard and are probably juggling a lot of responsibilities across the board.  Let your hair down and do what you need to do and schedule some you time along with your responsibilities.  Your soul like every other soul needs time out and you can’t be responsible for the whole world all the time.   Sometimes – and I do this myself – we actually hide behind taking care of others because we don’t want to look at the other issues in our lives and ironically it’s easier to give give give.  You are equally important, sacred and divine as anyone else on this planet so make this a week where you put some energy into you.

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Mars into 9th square Neptune in 6th, sun into 10th trine Neptune in 6th, sun opposite pluto in 4th tsquare Uranus in7th.

It’s a bit stop and go this week so you could get frustrated and think, what’s going on?  That’s because we have Mars in the 9th square Neptune in the 6th which can be a bit annoying for you as you want to expand and explore, especially in terms of your career, because Neptune is beckoning you towards loads of different ideas, but you have to pause and pay attention to Neptune’s ability to create illusion and lead us down the wrong alley in the process. The good news is that the Sun in the 10th trines Neptune in the 6th, which is another tug in another direction as you feel very confident about your career and your ideas.  It’s a question of knowing when and where to expand.  Be in the present is the best advice I can give you as each should be quite joyful if  you don’t try to be a bit too forceful, adventurous or want to expand in the wrong direction.  Be loving, free and happy.  Think and dream about what you want to do but don’t leap into any adventure if you get any warning signs.  The planets are saying, just tune in to your body – does it feel right in your gut? Use that as your barometer.

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Mars into 8th square Neptune in 5th, sun into 9th trine Neptune in 5th, sun opposite pluto in 3rd, tsquare Uranus in 6th

The Sun goes into your 9th house.  You’re feeling out there, optimistic and able to express yourself.  That’s trining Neptune in the 5th which gives you the confidence to step forward and try new things and sees you actually giggling and laughing with your friends.  We also have Mars going into your 8th house which can be full on.  There is something stirring deep within your being and you’re feeling intense.  It’s all a bit contradictory, but if anyone can work within the 8th house territory and handle that contradictory energy, it’s you!  On one hand, you’re feeling bold, free and light hearted and on the other you’re dealing with illusions and obsessions.  Use this primal force for good, use your instincts, express your passion, challenge your own illusions, fears and obsessions and transform it all so that you have a passionate week in which you can evolve your soul.  Yes, there’s intensity in life, but we’re warriors, and if we couldn’t handle it we wouldn’t be here.  You can do it.  

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Mars into 7th house square Neptune in 4th, sun into 8th trine Neptune in 4th, sun opposite pluto in 2nd tsquare Uranus in 5th

You have Mars going into your 7th house and that’s making you feel very frisky and confident as a lover.  If you’re not a lover, you’ll be wanting to hunt down a mate.  The Sun is trining Neptune in the 4th, and that’s adding to the sense of you being a warrior of lust.  But there’s actually a deep lesson in all of this.  In our relationships we all tend to project our ideals of love, wisdom and beauty onto the object of our desire.  Actually, we could all be in love with each other because we all have that nugget of beauty within but who we fall in love with and the relationships we enter into help us evolve.  Even if someone is behaving badly, that teaches us to have boundaries and love ourselves and how we respond to people helps us take charge of our reality.  We can’t ever change anyone else, so I can save you a lot of time this week by saying that we have to accept the people we love as they are so if someone isn’t playing ball or behaving as we’d like them to, step back and let someone in who’s right for you.  It could be that you have a fabulous time with mad passionate frolics but if you are having relationship problems or you’re single, this might be a hard hitting week when you confront your illusions about relationships and your own emotional patterns that need to be transformed.  You are love and totally lovable and if you embrace the lessons of this week, you will step into a place where you can allow in the love you deserve. 

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Mars into 6th house square Neptune in 3rd, sun into 7th trine Neptune in 3rd, sun opposite pluto in Capricorn tsquare Uranus in 4th

The Sun has gone into your 7th house which is all about relationships and its trining Neptune in the 3rd.  Part of you has the chance to speak clearly about your emotions and desires but another part of you is caught up in work and wants to escape into that.  Are you talking a lot but not backing up your words with your actions in relationships?  It’s important that your words back up what you’re doing as if that’s not the case, you’re not being authentic to yourself.  Your primary relationship is with yourself.   We all came here to evolve and in so doing evolve the whole and we can get caught up with the practicalities.  Listen to your words, thoughts and deeds when it comes to your heart.  How are you expressing yourself in the world and what do you want?  You deserve love and comfort even though we all have to handle the practical things and other people can help us through the tough times. If we aren’t authentic about communicating our needs, it’s hard for others to help us and be part of our spiritual gang.  Your heart is waiting, so give it a true voice.

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Mars into 5th house square Neptune in 2nd, sun into 6th trine Neptune in 2nd, sun opposite pluto in 12th tsquare Uranus in 3rd.

Part of you wants to bound around having a fabulous time and partying and forgetting about your troubles, maybe even to a point where you aren’t actually looking at the cost on every level!  Now, I’m all for fun and I wouldn’t want to discourage you from making life lighter, but the message of this week is about really looking at what you do for fun and checking it for balance.  If you’re partying so hard that you’re waking up with a hangover every morning, or even doing yoga ten hours an day and tearing muscles in the process, or whatever it is that you do know that anything out of balance isn’t good for you.  There is a need for you to feel secure, so have a look to see if you’re people pleasing or going along with their idea of a good time.  It’s also a time of inspiration as you’re confident and impulsive enough and through fun you could end up with a brilliant idea that points your life in a different direction.  Others are very enthusiastic about being with you and your ideas.  Let your hair down and have a good time but do go within to see if there is any way you could have even more fun doing things slightly differently.

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Mars into 4th house square Neptune in pisces, sun into 5th trine Neptune in pisces, sun opposite pluto in 11th square Uranus in 2nd.

You’re still going through quite a transition in your being.  It’s all about opening up and expanding and blossoming but you might be a bit vulnerable as you’re feeling everything so deeply.  You’re so in tune with everything it’s like you’re walking around with a layer of skin off, but this is part of the birth of your very being.  If you’re involved with anyone in a romantic relationship at the moment you might be going deeper than ever before and it might be a bit scary even for you. Try not to focus on your fear – focus on the love and safety and beauty of your universal connection to the divine.  Get out in nature, even if you live in a city, go to a park and connect to the earth.  Eckhart Tolle talks about the power of now and how we can find it just by staring at a flower.  Often, we can find ourselves worrying about the future or going over the past, but you can find the strength in the moment.  You can flow like water and not only handle but excel in the beauty of your divine soul.

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