Your Weekly Horoscope July 5th – 11th 2011


Mercury in 5th trine Uranus in aries, mars in 3rd trine Saturn in 7th, Jupiter in 2nd square venus in 4th, Jupiter in 2nd trine pluto in 10th, venus in 4th opposite pluto in 10th

Hopefully you’ve managed to pull yourself together after last week’s tumultuous rollercoaster as you began the transforming process of confronting your own vulnerabilities and fears!  I always say that facing our vulnerabilities is easier than we think and the good news is the planets are this week supporting you in this continuing process.  By expressing your vulnerability, you allow yourself to find your deepest truth, which is always good. Along with that, you should be feeling a bit more confident and passionate and able to express than passion in a grounded way.  If you find yourself compelled to make promises or commitments that you might not be able to keep out of a spirit of generosity or driven by your big heart, however, you might find yourself mortified when you can’t stick by them.  You matter in this too and it’s great you want to run around and be a hero but last week should have taught you the importance of being able to receive and the need to find a balance that works for you just as much as anyone else.  Issues of responsibilities and commitments around relationships are mulling over in your mind and if you’re single you might be craving something deep and solid rather than a roll in the hay.  The joy for you this week is that you’re feeling much more confident and grounded and able to embrace the world from a much stronger inner core.

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Mercury into 4th trine Uranus in 12th, square Jupiter in taurus, mars in 2nd trine Saturn in 6th, Jupiter in Taurus sextile venus in 3rd, jujpiter in Taurus trine pluto in 9th, venus in 3rd opposite pluto in  9th

If you found the emotional landscape of last week a bit unsettling, fear not.  This week, all sorts of exciting intense spiritual and profound things should be heading towards you.  Out of the blue, someone could say something to you that resonates within your whole being.  It’s like someone is giving you the missing piece of the puzzle and it’s really deep and profound.  That could come in the form of hearing about someone from your past that closes some unfinished business or even you bumping into someone where there’s an immediate intense, cosmic connection that rocks your soul.  It might all bring up some inner conflict about what’s right for you and how this revelation might change your life.  Only time will tell but this week is all about uncovering the mystery of your life and your soul and gets as big as embracing questions around your purpose.  You’re going within to find out and possibly through shedding some vulnerability this is the time that revelation about who you really are and what you should be doing can come to the surface.  Write down your dreams and spend time with those who can match the depth you need to make the most of this time.
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Mercury into 3rd trine Uranus in 11th, square Jupiter in 12th, mars in Gemini trine Saturn in 5th, Jupiter in 12th sextile venus in 2nd, Jupiter in 12th trine pluto in 8th, venus in 2nd opposite pluto in 8th

There’s a bit all round sigh of relief as last week’s solar eclipse and new Moon in Cancer might have ruffled a few of your emotional feathers. This week brings a mixed and interesting bag.  You’ve got va va voom and feel as though you can accomplish anything and you’re pushing forward with all your might.  Do it with gentle love however as the driving force behind this energy burst is Mars which can make us a bit snappy  if we’re not careful.  As far as relationships go, there’s tension and drama as you may be battling with some kind of frustration or if you’re taken you might even be tempted to stray and can’t decide what to do or which partner to choose.  Let’s face it, what’s new!  You’ve always been able to see both sides of every coin and one of your life lessons is being able to do that and still make a decision.  So you can expect some intensity around options or choices.  You’ve got passion and power on your side, but make sure that you are kind and loving and you should have an exciting adventure.

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Mercury in 2nd trine Uranus in 10th, mars in 12th trine Saturn in 4th, Jupiter in 11th sextile venus in cancer, Jupiter in 11th trine pluto in 7th, venus in cancer opposite pluto in 7th

You’ve been through some incredible times recently and a big inner transformation as you emerge from a cocoon, urged by your soul to make a bid for freedom of expression.  This week is all about what you are going to do with it all, particularly as it relates to love, passion and desire and all the things that you might repress or usually be a bit fearful of because it waggles your insecurities in some way.  Tuning in to the energy of the planets and using them to your advantage means this week making friends with Pluto and boldly embracing the lessons he can bring rather than being dragged kicking and screaming towards a better understanding of yourself and your needs. You are ready for all of this and the other side of Pluto brings passion and intensity and loads of deep and profound things.  It’s a gateway to transforming and rebirthing into a new you in a new world.  So look at your relationship to you, to love and to yourself as a lover and open up to what you need to transform any issues, patterns or old hurts that have been bugging you for ages.  Allow Venus to guide you gently through this change. This is your opportunity to emerge from that cocoon, unfurl your butterfly wings and fly into the world as a brand new Cancerian God or Goddess. 

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Mercury in leo trine Uranus in 9th, mars in 11th trine Saturn in 3rd, Jupiter in 10th sextile venus in 12th, Jupiter in 10th trine pluto in 6th, venus in 12th opposite pluto in 6th

This week you’re feeling a lot more like your bouncy self and capable of bringing about a big change, particularly around work.  If you’ve been feeling more like a career kitten recently, this is your chance to shine thanks to Jupiter giving you a hooray moment in the area of your chart related to work, especially if you handle whatever comes with confidence and stay true to yourself.  You’re being urged to ask some big questions about the area where love and work overlap.  Is your heart in what you are doing, are you torn between love and career?  This is the week you can finally make a decision and go forward in a state of balance because actually your soul needs it.  Meditate, centre yourself and find the way through by balancing those needs.  You could also find yourself either wanting to work abroad or talking about really stretching your horizons, but just as you’re wanting to extend  out, love is asking you to go within.  You’re about to make a big change – either you’re going to change your career for love or, if you’re taken, ask some big questions about whether the person you’re with supports you in your career and this week should bring you closer to some important answers.

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Mercury in 12th trine Uranus in 8th, mars in 10th trine Saturn in 2nd, Jupiter in 9th sextile venus in 11th, Jupiter in 9th trine pluto in 5th, venus in 11th opposite Pluto in 5th

This week you’re feeling a bit dreamy and the focus is on love but be aware that your thoughts are probably tinged with a huge dose of fantasy.  Part of you wants to open up to the deepest romantic connection and that could be spilling over into carrying on mixing friendship and romance or simply relating to everyone in a warm and somewhat sexy manner right now.  It’s as though you’re waking up to your sensual self and strutting that, and others are quite pleased to see it.  You might find yourself leaping into a conversation that takes an interesting turn as someone reveals their desires to you or even for you.  Whatever happens, you feel as though the whole world is your playground when it comes to love and you’re being charming and loved up.  Neptune might be making you a bit unrealistic but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of play and excitement.  You deserve being open to your dreams and passions.  You could also find yourself totally in tune and saying a few psychic things that make others stop and stare.  Just for this week, don’t keep your feet on the ground.  Enjoy this new playful, sensual energy and what it reveals about a you that usually takes second place to practicality and reliability.

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Mercury in 11th trine Uranus in 7th, mars in 9th trine Saturn in libra, Jupiter in 8th sextile venus in 10th, Jupiter in 8th trine pluto in 4th, venus in 10th opposite pluto in 4th

You’ve been through quite a lot last week and this week you’re examining your relationships and your relationship to love and you’re really open to what others have to say to you.  You find it easy to express yourself, but be a bit cautious.  It could be that there’s someone in your life who is acting as a trickster or not quite being honest.  Now, one of the things that we have to be aware of in astrology is the power of words creating your reality, so rather than leaving you in a position of wondering who or what to trust, let’s look at what this means in terms of your soul’s evolution.  What you need to do is make sure that you come from a place of integrity in yourself and if you feel that someone isn’t coming from that same place and instead isn’t quite being open or is gossiping, remove yourself from that energy.  We can all talk from our shadow so be mindful of the power of words this week – yours and others’.  If you feel that someone isn’t being totally honest, it’s not being judgmental to edge your energy away and spend your time with others who are more in alignment with you.  It actually strengthens you.  If all of this coincides with the ending of a relationship for you, look at it in a new way and tuck this piece of wisdom in a safe place for whenever you might need it.  As you evolve and if you continue to move towards the highest expression of you, it is sometimes going to mean that you will leave others behind or that relationships may end, but know that love is always around you.  If you feel that there is a lack of love in your life, know that this too shall pass.  Some things that we think are dramatic in the moment pass and we can look back and see it from a bigger picture.  Librans have been going through some quite big changes for a while now and each one is taking you a step closer to being able to express yourself more honestly and openly.  You’re always good at being fair and you’re now starting to be fair on you too.  This is a powerful, liberating and beautiful time, so step into this week with joy, trust and an open heart.
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Mercury in 10th trine Uranus in 6th, mars in 8th trine Saturn in 12th, Jupiter in 7th sextile venus in 9th, Jupiter in 7th trine pluto 3rd, venus in 9th opposite pluto in 3rd.

You should be feeling quite good about you and should hopefully be reaping the benefits of last week having opened up and wowed someone with a few depths that you usually keep hidden.  This week, it’s still about love and it’s all quite intense.  There’s an energy of obsession this week but hopefully you can turn that into being consumed with something good!  This week, you want to be around people who turn you on mentally and stretch your view of life.   As far as love goes, you feel as though your luck could turn.  As a Scorpio you can be consumed with suspicion but it’s time to cast that aside and go out with a different belief system, one that tells you that you are worthy of love and seeing the best in the relationship that you have or deciding that it’s time for you to strike out for the love you deserve.  All in all, you can change your inner beliefs to change what you receive from the universe.  You are addictively fabulous but it’s up to you to know that to.  Others see you as powerful, strong and charismatic, but you’ve got to know that too.  It’s time to turn that power to the good of your life, believe in love and surrender to passion.  You might want to test someone by arguing with them, but tune into the positive.  Shimmy with the energy of being a divine, desirable being and see what happens.

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Mercury in 9th trine Uranus in 5th, mars in 7th trine Saturn 11th, Jupiter in 6th sextile venus in 8th, Jupiter in 6th trine pluto in 2nd, venus in 8th opposite pluto in 2nd

You’re feeling quite confident this week as our ruling planet makes friends with Pluto, the Lord of Transformation.  There’s an inner knowing that whatever is going on this week, whatever changes are going on or transformations are under way, it’s all for your highest good and you’re able to step forward joyfully.  There’s a lot going on around love and you’re feeling as if a weight has been lifted as you realize any fears you might have been carrying really shouldn’t hold you back.  This week you’re feeling that love should be fun and you should indulge in pleasures and the delights of life.  Have an adventure and if the possibility of further transformation appears on the horizon, leap in and trust your inner spirit. You’re optimistic, fun loving and free and this week someone wants to play with you and enjoy all of those wonderful characteristics. 
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Mercury in 8th trine Uranus in 4th, mars in 6th trine Saturn in 10th, Jupiter in 5th sextile venus in 7th, Jupiter in 5th trine pluto in Capricorn, venus in 7th opposite pluto in Capricorn.

You’re feeling quite intense and there could be an old passion, desire or fantasy related to love that’s capturing your imagination.  It’s almost as though you’re feeling a strong pull to go over old ground.  You want transformation when it comes to love and your mind is reaching out, inspired by high expectations which can be tricky if you’re in a long term relationship as you might start thinking that the one you’re in doesn’t match your ideal any more.  The fact is that the chemical cocktail that gives us such a high at the start of all relationships does die down over time, and that can lead us feeling a bit dissatisfied and very aware that something is missing.  Tantric practice in love and sex can reawaken and keep that flame burning and there are times when we have to put our focus in to nurturing the relationship rather than being critical.  If this speaks to you, focus on a heart soul connection rather than being critical or wanting change for the sake of change.  If you’re single, you might decide that love has to be your focus.  Love yourself first and allow that spiritual message that we are one consciousness to draw love to you.  Send your desires out to the universe and it will return it to you.  Look at your thoughts, energy and vibration and use all of that along with the power of your beliefs to attract the love that you want and deserve.

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Mercury in 7th trine Uranus in 3rd, mars in 5th trine Saturn in 9th, Jupiter in 4th sextile venus in 6th, Jupiter in 4th trine pluto in 12th, venus in 6th opposite pluto in 12th.

You’re feeling good about life and much more confident about the way that you express yourself.  Part of you wants to sort things out, get to the bottom of things and speak your heart and people around you are going to appreciate this and you can work your own dose of magic.  Often we can get frustrated or stuck in relationships and throw our energy into thinking how much they should change an exactly how they should do that, but when we change we create an energetic shift that can bring about a powerful transformation to the other person and the relationship without us having to do the usual pushing and prodding that we can resort to.  They cannot be the same if you change.  So if you wake up with a clear idea about how to improve your communication, you’re going to see some big changes in your world.  As far as your career goes, you find that any restrictions could be the key to achieving a goal or dream.  Again, just by changing the angle that you view something from you’ll find the resolution you’ve been searching for.   All in all, it’s a week of magic, but you are the magician and the change starts with you.

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Mercury in 6th trine Uranus 2nd, mars in 4th trine Saturn in 8th, Jupiter in 3rd sextile venus in 5th, Jupiter in 3rd trine pluto in 11th, venus in 5th opposite pluto in 11th

This week you’re probably feeling a lot better about yourself and your career.  In particular, you’re communicating really well and are probably feeling as though you’ve swum through a slipstream into much calmer waters.  As far as love goes, there’s an improvement in a relationship.  There may be a friendship you need to let go of or transform.  Be aware of the people in your life and whichever people we mix with and how they affect you.  So if someone has a negative attitude towards you, then please feel free to move on.  Who you mix with and have around you is vital to your life path.  When I look back and see some of the more dodgy friendships that I’ve had way back in the past, I can really see now how they reflected my own view of myself as worthless and unlovable. This is the week to heal any feeling of unworthiness that you might have and know that you deserve to mix with the people that vibrate with the same energy as you.  We are literally catching people’s emotions and thoughts all the time so this week take a good look around to see the kind of things that you are exposed to and use that to track any feelings of unworthiness within you. That is the gift of situations that otherwise could simply leave us hurt, because when we use them to look inside and nurture ourselves tenderly towards transforming, we very soon start to attract very different people into our lives.

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