Your Weekly Horoscope August 2nd – 8th 2011


Mars into 4th house trine Neptune in 12th; Venus in 5th house square Jupiter in 2nd house; sun in 5th house sextile Saturn in 7th; mercury retrograde in 5th house opposite Neptune retrograde in 11th.

There’s a lot going on this week. Firstly, unusually for you, you might find yourself wanting to cocoon yourself away and meditate and find yourself drifting towards looking at your past through rose tinted spectacles. Now it’s great to look at the past in the context of who you were then and how that has helped you to evolve into the person that you are now.  The way our brain works, however, means our memories become shaped in part by the stories that we tell ourselves and we can also forget important details or even recreate how things actually were.  All in all, you could even say that we only see our past through a veil of illusion. So use your focus on the past to help you evolve by all means, but try not to see it as a golden era as that isn’t really helpful for you right now  – particularly if you find yourself going back over past loves! Another part of you does want to be grounded, soft, caring with the people around you and you’re feeling confident when it comes to your relationships.  You’ll want to express yourself and you may even feel the urge to declare some kind of commitment.  Be a little bit cautious as with Mercury going retrograde in your 5th house, there’s a part of you that could be over confident and even a bit showy.  As an Aries, confidence and the conviction that you can do anything is part of your psychic DNA, and often it serves you very well, though this week you might want to just hold back a little.  Instead, turn your focus to your spirituality and ability to communicate from your higher self and this should be an interesting and deep week for you.


Mars into 3rd house trine Neptune in 11th;  Venus in 4th square Jupiter in Taurus; Neptune retrograde into 10th house, opposite mercury retrograde in 4th.

The good news is that you’ll want to expand, grow and test yourself in an adventure that allows you to experience a lot more of life this week.  You’ll also be wanting to express yourself and may even find that you want to speak up for someone else who for some reason can’t express their truth.  You could even find yourself on fire with the desire to stick your neck on the line and right some injustice that you see in the world.  That is noble and wonderful and I applaud you for that but I would suggest that you’re just a little bit cautious as with Mercury going retrograde in your 4th house means that you could go just a bit too far or speak from your insecurity rather than your power.  You’re going through some deep changes around expansion and that could bring up a few insecurities – either yours or someone else’s as the universe often acts as our mirror.  Healing our insecurities helps us grow, so this isn’t a bad thing at all. What it means overall is that you’ve got the opportunity to do go about something in a very different way, and your soul is urging you towards growth, but in following that you’re either going to run up against the boundaries of your own security or possibly perplex and confuse those around you.  Equally, it could be that someone in your life is being the one who starts behaving in a very unpredictable way.  Whatever form this takes, the remedy is the same.  Avoid over talking and be aware that now isn’t the time to discuss things in a vague way as you could find yourself sidetracked onto lines you didn’t want to take.  Instead, focus your energy on being true to yourself, confident and secure and add in lots of nurturing. 


Mars into 2nd house trine Neptune in 10th…Mercury in 4th stations to retrograde opposite Neptune retro in 10th… mercury retros to 3rd, opposite Neptune retros to 9th.

There’s a chance for you to step forward and make a dream come true at the start of the week, but I’d hurry up if I was you as then we have Mercury stationing in your 4th house and then going retrograde.  You might find that someone is backtracking on something they promised or just as you thought you were about to grasp something solid it all goes a bit nebulous and hard to hang on to!  I would suggest that you use Mars in your 2nd house to ground yourself.  As a Gemini, you can flit here and there and we don’t want you chasing your symbolic twin.  Yes, it’s a little tricky and chaotic for a while and everything does feel a bit up in the air and nothing is quite making sense.  Feel secure in who you are, write down your dreams and know this energy will pass.  As a Gemini, you have the innate propensity to change your mind on a sixpence, or you can hurl yourself full tilt in one direction and then turn and head off in the totally opposite direction, and the universe is mirroring this to you this week.  At least you can understand what’s going around you in a way that more fixed signs can’t.  Be still, grounded and watch what’s going on until it all settles and then you can act.


Mars into cancer trine Neptune in 9th; mercury stations to retrograde in 3rd house, opposite Neptune in 9th…. Mercury retros to 2nd house opposite Neptune retros into 8th.

Big news – action passion planet Mars is going into your sign so you should feel recharged and pumped up for action.  You’re in the mood to fearlessly go after your dreams but there are few tricky little things you need to be aware of.  Part of you might be challenging your sense of security or you could find yourself responding too quickly.  In particular, watch out for the urge to dash off an email that you might later regret as Mars is a little bit rash. We also have Neptune going retrograde too, and this is big spiritual news as Neptune is the planet of spirituality and illusion.  It’s famous for creating smoke screens around things.  As it’s going retrograde, it could lead you to looking deep into your soul to re-examine how you feel about something that you might have through you wanted or you may even find that someone from your past or even another culture gets in contact with you and that stirs up some very deep feelings.  Fear not, as you have the ability to be strong and powerful in all of your dealings this week and can handle this soulful journey of discovery beautifully.


Venus in leo square Jupiter in 10th; sun in leo sextile Saturn in 3rd; mercury retrograde in leo opposite Neptune retro into 7th.

It’s a full on week for you with a few intense soul lessons lined up for you this week.  Venus, planet of love is in your sign but it’s squaring Jupiter in your 10th.  On one hand, when it comes to your work, you can dazzle and amaze people but on the other hand you might feel as though your ego is being tested in some way.  Your ego is essential for functioning on this earth, and Leos understand that the ego allows us to be the unique soul that we are and helps us evolve, however if we get lost in our ego or fall into seeing ourselves as separate from the whole, or even fall into pride, the shadow side of the ego, it can be our downfall.  Allow the best aspects of your unique soul to shine but don’t go into battle over anything as really, you don’t need to.  Handle disagreements with grounded self confidence and then you’ll actually be able to transform a situation with love.  Mercury, planet of communication is also in your sign but it’s going backwards, so you could find yourself going over old ground.  This is also connected to Neptune so all in all you’re dealing with issues of communication and what’s real and what’s just an illusion.  You may also feel the urge to throw career caution to the wind and run off with a lover and do something totally spontaneous, but this isn’t necessarily what your soul wants to you do or the path you should be pursuing.  Be still amidst any confusion and allow yourself to be the highest expression of all that you are and then you could come to an important revelation.  Beneath the illusion lies seeds of wisdom.  Stay calm and you will unearth them.


Mercury stationary to retrograde in virgo, opposite Neptune in 7th; mars into 11th trine Neptune in 7th; mercury retro into 12th opposite Neptune retro into 6th; venus in 12th sextile Saturn in 2nd

There’s a lot going on this week and a lot of it could make you lose your sense of centredness and practicality.  Part of you wants to go off on a whimsical dream.  Basically, this week, in a very unvirgo like way, you feel connected to everyone and want to express that at a very deep, soul level. It is all a little unclear, or others may find you fuzzy and you may even end up contradicting yourself.  With the 12th House and Neptune in your 7th house, you have to be very clear.  Neptune is an important and intense planet that helps us evolve.  Sometimes going through our obsessions or even losing the plot just a little is actually part of how we become clear and right now you’re feeling very much like your opposite sign of Pisces in that everything practical is out of the window and you want to be dreamy and impractical and express your soul.  Be aware of what it all means in the greater picture.  As you spend huge chunks of time in Virgin mode, when you let your hair down you can go to the opposite extreme.  All in all, it’s an unusual week for you but try and hang on to some sense of balance within it.


Mars into 10th trine Neptune in 6th; venus in 11th square Jupiter in 8th; sun in 11th sextile Saturn in libra; mercury retrograde in 11th opposite Neptune in 5th.

This is a fabulous week for your career and your ambitions so grasp any opportunity that comes your way.  Really, you can push your dreams to make money or have abundance in your life.  Mercury, planet of communication is going retrograde.  It could be that someone from the past who you were very close to gets in contact and you think, I really must sort this out, but it all gets a bit complicated.   What you have is the opportunity to look back at how you have communicated in your friendships in the past – have you always been clear and fair?  You may remember a situation you didn’t handle as well as you would have liked and heal it, or a friend from the past may help you with your current career.  Take care not to be dragged back too far into the past as whatever comes up is only being brought back around so that you can move forward.  Use the past to give you a clue about where you need to head from now on and to help you understand both what you want from relationships and how you want to communicate within them.  Love should be quite good fun so allow yourself to be a bit loved up and flirtatious too!


Mars into 9th trine Neptune in 5th; venus in 10th square Jupiter in 7th; sun in 10th sextile Saturn in 12th;

You’ve got two very different things going on this week.  As far as love goes, you’re quite excited and able to express yourself in a way that you haven’t for a long time and along with that, you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to leap out into the world and say, come and get me tiger!  That’s because action passion planet Mars is in your 9th house trine Neptune in your 5th.  We all know what kind of dreams you can have and this week you really want to be playful within them.  However, we also have this square going on with Jupiter in your career, so you might feel a bit restricted and unclear about whether someone is trying to control you at work.  Don’t panic – life is a cycle and maybe you are feeling as though you’ve hit a wall or someone is indeed trying to block you on the work front, but you can use your depth and avoid engaging in a power struggle.  Be charming, calm and optimistic and focus on the joy of life.  If you can do that and avoid going into any old patterns of defense you’ll show the world just how powerful you can be.  Actually, at those times when people might be out to push our buttons, if we withdraw our energy even though we might want to focus on it, then there’s nothing for them to battle with or attack. Put your focus on passion and fun and enjoying yourself this week. 


Mercury in 10th stationary to retro opposite Neptune in 4th; Saturn in 11th sextile sun in 9th; venus in 9th square Jupiter in 6th

The sun is shining in your 9th house so you’ll be feeling bold, adventurous and keen to express yourself and tackle life on a large scale. You might even flirt with someone slightly unusual or different, but certainly you don’t want to stand still, you want to have fun.  It’s all very you but slightly more rash than usual.  A friend is very keen to give you the benefit of their wisdom, particularly around some of the decisions you’re about to make.  You’re feeling so buoyant that you’re likely to see it as a criticism and might want to snap at them, but they are speaking from genuine love and it would be worth listening to what they have to say.  Mercury is in retrograde in the area of your chart related to career.  One interpretation of this might suggest that someone says something about your work or at work that pushes your buttons – but it could also mean that someone from the past may bring you some news of your career that you could use to your advantage.  If the shadow side of the Mercury retrograde rears its head, in that important documents weren’t signed in the past, or some argument about what someone did wrong years ago comes up, ignore it and in particular don’t speak too rashly.  Instead create a philosophical response that comes from your full visionary power.  


Mars into 7th trine Neptune in 3rd; mercury in 9th retro opposite Neptune in 3rd; venus in 8th square Jupiter in 5th; sun in 8th sextile Saturn in 10th

It’s sizzling and there’s temptation on the horizon that may have been brewing for a few weeks but that now reaches a crescendo.  That’s because action and passion planet Mars is going into your house of relationship and Venus, planet of love, is in your house of obsession and primal desire.  At the same time, Mercury is going retrograde in the 9th.  Mercury always brings up issues about past communication but this time it looks as though you’re going to be throwing caution to the winds and choosing to follow those primal urges and express your passion.  Be just a little cautious as you may be skirting along the edge of being reckless, especially for you as you don’t usually like to let go or feel out of control and this week you’re likely to actually want to be swept away by a few powerful and primal urges.  Even if you’re single, I would be very surprised if you were yearning for something wild.  Primal feelings are good but they aren’t necessarily what we should be led by.  Look at why you should be having these feelings.  If everything in love is rosy but you’re getting obsessive about work,  it’s coming from that same primal source.   Once you steady yourself and allow yourself to rise above that and understand life’s cycles, you’ll get through just fine – but pay attention to whatever primal emotion or thought comes to the surface of your awareness this week.


Venus in 7th square Jupiter in 4th; sun in 7th sextile Saturn in 9th; Neptune retros into aquarius, opposite mercury retrograde into 7th house

You might not feel as though you’re getting as far forward as you’d like this week but you’re committed to sorting out your love life and expanding your relationships.  Hopefully that will include how you relate to you.  You’re likely to find yourself looking back over the past to help you come to a few conclusions about what you want now, with a focus on the relationship between freedom and commitment.  You really don’t want to be stuck in a routine and if that’s what you’ve got right now, you’re soul will be urging you to do something about it.  If you do need to discuss this with your partner, avoid the temptation to drag things up from the past to prove a point.  Deal with any relationships, friendships or potential relationships as they are in this moment and see the beauty of their unique soul and look at them as perfection personified.  This week you are being urged to let go of the past, see the beauty of the soul in front of you without any judgement and share with them the idea of doing things differently.  If they don’t want to, leave them be and take yourself on an adventure or even a date.  Most importantly, embrace the love that is all around you. 


Neptune in pisces opposite mercury retrograde in 7th; mars into 5th trine Neptune in pisces; Neptune retrograde into 12th; mercury retrograde into 6th

It’s a big week for you as Neptune is in Pisces and going backwards in your 12 house – also Mercury is going retrograde.  Neptune is your ruler and it has a profound effect on you.  This week,  it’s saying to you, now is the time to examine where you are but it’s also a very woolly week in which either you’re not going to be clear or people around you aren’t going to be clear.  What to do?  Make sure you do things that inspire you creatively, meditate, and try to keep your feet on the ground.  Don’t necessarily talk to others about your spiritual journey.  In a way, you’re being urged to go within and communicate with yourself as if you were your romantic partner.  Treat yourself with care and nurturing.  Ironically, even though there are no signs of people changing this week, you could be having an incredible influence on those around you.  Neptune is telling you that you are more than your job, or your identity, or anything else that actually only expresses the limits that are placed around you.  Honour yourself this week, love yourself and you can’t go wrong.

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