Astrological overview 15th – 21st August 2011

16th – sun conjunct venus and mercury retrograde.

18th – mars in cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus

21st  – venus opposite Neptune

In contrast to last week’s rather full on picture, it’s a quiet week astrologically, beginning on the 16th with a line dance of planets in the entertainment sign of Leo: Sun, Venus and Mercury (still retrograde) together in a party kind of mood (Leo is always in the mood for a party); which means communication, especially in romance, gets creative and playful, and relationships in all forms feel more light-hearted than of late.

Its time to catch up and reconnect with those you’ve felt out of sync or out of step with, and share good news or plan for celebration; perhaps regarding something that has been delayed or rescheduled.

On the 18th there’s an uber-cosy sextile aspect between Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Taurus. It might not quite be slippers by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate weather (though not far off in the UK at least), but that is the kind of feel this comfort-zoned-out combo of planets inspire… anything that nurtures, nourishes  and anchors body and soul together, is going to appeal at this time, especially if it’s making food, money or love.

Then on the 21st there’s the only (potential)l bump in the road of the week: Venus opposite Neptune.  Venus/Neptune is of course the rose-coloured glasses combo of planets, and in opposition, it suggests there’s balance to be reached for regarding the rose-coloured vision of a situation, that takes a choice, a focus, an effort, to reach for (this doesn’t mean discard them).

All in all a more gentle, settled week to look forward to, with plenty of scope for positive progress and developments in situations.

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