Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Anxiety is holding me back.

Dear Lisa,

Please could you tell me what life path should be?. The last couple of years I have suffered with severe anxiety and am unable to work at the present time. I have always suffered with anxiety throughout my whole life and at times this has made my life unhappy and I am unable to do the things I would like to do. Please could you let me know what you think.

Lisa says:  I feel that some of your anxiety lies with the fact that your Moon is on the Ascendant at a critical degree of 0 degrees. The Moon in Astrology dictates how we deal with responsiveness, instinct, intuition, fluctuation, emotions and psychological make-up and it’s these areas that could be the main challenge for you.  You may at times that feel that you can’t be the authentic YOU because subconsciously you are always feeling the need to be supportive and accommodating which makes it difficult to assert yourself.  The experience of anxiety that you have is your body trying to tell you that emotionally something isn’t quite right.   Along with that, repressing emotion can lead to anxiety.

Emotions are a practical management system that help you to learn and grow. Usually, when you admit and accept your emotions in a non-judgmental manner, anxiety symptoms quickly dissolve. If you find this doesn’t help, you may need to work with a qualified therapist to analyse the root cause of your feelings.

You do have a need to relate and it is your basic psychological motivation. The key to your emotional security is to find a balance in relationships and show your feelings as much as you can. Be strong and tell people when you don’t feel comfortable with something despite what the repercussions may be. You are then being truthful to yourself and others and will attract what is important back to you. Self-analysis is the best way for you to see anything that you need to work on. You have the Vertex in the 7th house which indicates that you may attract people who are dependent upon you or you may be dependent on someone else. Controlling or being controlled may be an issue for you. Later in life you may even choose to live alone but only if you have a good social life and a lot of things to keep your mind occupied.

In terms of where your life path may be, I feel teaching or working within the community will help you to feel that you are doing something beneficial with your life. Having Vesta in Aquarius shows me that your focus, commitment and indeed your best achievements will come through you focussing on working with people in communities or public/civil work.

Good luck on your journey, and lots of love,

Lisa x

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