Your weekly astrology Octobe 18th – 24th 2011


Sun in 7th trine Neptune in 11th, sun into 8th

You’re feeling perky and vibrant.  You’re really getting close to existing friends and keen to meet a few new people.  Just be aware that you aren’t putting any new people on a pedestal and that you’re seeing them as they are.  Apart from this word of caution, you’re feeling great and so immersed in connecting with others that you might find it hard to get down to work.  By Sunday you’ll be feeling majorly intense and deep and could even be overwhelmed by a taboo desire or the thrill of something forbidden.  Be careful!  Aries aren’t good at repressing anything.  Just bear in mind that the universe often sends temptation our way to allow us to go within and shine a light into our shadow and our desires. Think of it as a journey of self discovery rather than an invitation to mayhem.


 Sun in 6th trine Neptune in 10th, sun into 7th

You still have the sun in your house of looking after your health and wellbeing, which might sound boring but it’s essential!  Along with that, you’ve got some high faluting dreams about life, thanks to Neptune.  Avoid falling into the trap of illusion and use the energy constructively to inspire you rather than lead you astray on a tempting fool’s mission.  Balance your dreams up with the practicality of the sixth house and by the end of the week you should be feeling grounded and also thoroughly enjoying the love around you.  Look out for a Leo who wants to connect with you. 


Sun in 5th trine Neptune in 9th, sun into 6th

You’re feeling expansive and excited about life.  You want pleasure, joy and happiness.  This is great because you’re allowing yourself to be like a child.  At the same time, however, you’re avoiding commitment.  It’s all about wanting to experience life on your terms for whatever reason and that is a good thing as long as you don’t veer too far in the other direction, away from responsibility towards total hedonism.  By Sunday you might have burned yourself out like a child overdosing on chocolate at Christmas.  By then the Sun will be helping you be a bit more measured and self preservation kicks in.  All in all, it’s a week in which you let off steam but careful you don’t overcook it.


Sun in 4th trine Neptune in 8th, sun into 5th

You’re feeling quite intense and security is on your mind.  You just want to feel safe in the world.  Don’t panic and remember who you are – the embodiment of the divine feminine.  If you do find yourself struggling with jealousy or blame or even find that you’re projecting your shadow onto someone else, understand that the problem isn’t on the outside.  You’re a majorly sensitive soul but this week don’t allow yourself to be scared into being manipulative. When you realise that you are divine, that’s when you can strut your cancerian stuff.  The good news is that on Sunday the sun goes into your house of pleasure, joy and happiness that gives you a charismatic sheen.  In the meantime, remember that you’re lovable just as you are.


 Sun in 3rd trine Neptune in 7th, sun into 4th

 You’re the font of all wisdom this week and able to communicate all of your ideas really clearly.  In particular, you’ve got the ability to transform relationships.  Either yours, or someone else’s.  If you’re single, go and do a bit of on line dating or something that puts you in the communion you’re craving.  On Sunday you undergo a total gear change and transform into a homebody.  Light candles, indulge in a rose petal strewn bath.  Spend time snuggling in or snuggling up with your partner.  Make it all delicious and nurturing and soon you’ll be purring with pleasure.


Sun in 2nd trine Neptune in 6th, sun into 3rd

You’re feeling grounded – but possibly just a bit too grounded if there is such a thing.  Yes, you’re thinking about your to do list and ticking through it nicely but Virgos are pretty good at cutting off from their emotions and being brilliant on the surface.  This week, the planets are saying go ahead and look after yourself, but don’t forget that you are also an emotional being.  You do need that balance of being able to look after yourself on every level.  That does include practical stuff, but you’re also human.  Get yourself a cuddle or a massage and remember to nurture your softness.


Sun in libra trine Neptune in 5th, sun into 2nd

It’s the last week of the sun being in your sign so make the most of it and shine like that star that you are.  Neptune’s influence means that part of you wants to indulge and experience life, full steam ahead.  You should also notice that others are being especially nice or that you’re experiencing loads of electricity and sparky little exchanges.  You’ve gone through a process of deep transformation recently, but by now you should be through it with a much better sense of who you are.  A Leo may  actually have a few tips for you on how to make the most of your newly polished charisma.  By the end of the week there’s a shift where you’re starting to think about what you do with your money and how you make the most of it.  If you have no money at all, you might come up with a stunning idea about how to take financial control. 


Sun in 12th trine Neptune in 4th, sun into scorpio

You’re still feeling overwhelmed by emotions thanks to the sun being in your 12th house.  This could lead to a blurring of boundaries or you not even understanding or knowing how you feel, which could make it difficult for you or others.  You might have a few intense one to one conversations with family members.  Part of you feels totally connected with a partner or family member but at the same time you’re wondering how secure you are.  The key is communication.  It’s time to put your romantic plans into action and express your romantic side, whether you’re single or taken.  If you’re in a relationship, do something that comes from your heart that shows that you care about the other person.    On Sunday, the sun goes into your sign and adds a glow of charisma around you and you can get on with being you.


Sun in 11th trine Neptune in 3rd, sun into 12th

This week the sun is still in the 11th house and it’s trining Neptune so you’ll be hungry for a good time and very drawn towards music.  If you’re a musician, this could be a fabulous week for your creativity and if you aren’t, it’s still a good time to seek inspiration that music can bring.  Friends are worth their weight in gold this week and conversations could boost your career.  By Sunday, you’re feeling deep and meaningful and keen to talk about the answers to life’s big questions.   


Sun in 10th trine Neptune in 2nd, sun into 11th

You’re still moving forward and being determined and forthright in your career.  You’re heading towards a marker of achievement and using your practical energy for a goal that might actually be connected to helping others.  Towards the end of the week the energy shifts to focus on your friends and you’re meeting people who inspire you in a different way.  Allow yourself to give a final push at the goals you are working towards, but take time out to appreciate those who really are cheering you on.


Sun in 9th trine Neptune in aquarius, sun into 10th

You’ve been feeling as though you want to expand yourself and have a few adventures recently.  If you’re honest, you might not have had your feet entirely on the ground but there’s nothing wrong with that.  If you’re travelling this week, you should have a great time but towards the end of the week the emphasis shifts to your career where there is a real sense that something amazing is going on. Something fabulous could happen out of the blue.  You’re being urged to ground any incredible ideas that you’re having and very soon you’re going to be knuckling down so that you can really make the most of your genius.


Sun in 8th trine Neptune in 12th

You may be bored with being so emotionally overwhelmed this week.  You’re feeling everything, tuning in to people and looking into the depths of their being but it’s actually quite exhausting for you.  You could even be seeing their shadows or having a little confrontation with your own.  Fear not, because it’s all going to be grounded very soon.  The energy is going to shift so that it’s all much more powerful and spontaneous and you’re emerging out from underneath the duvet of life, craving an adventure.  In between now and then, take some time out to look deep within your soul to see what fear, what early negative expeirence or what within your shadow might be holding you back.  Sometimes you’re so sensitive that you actually don’t allow yourself to move forward.  But this week, you’re going to get a beautiful kick up the bottom to send you on your way.

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