Relationship Astrology – What the Stars Can Reveal About Your Relationships

Our astrologer Helen talks about how relationship astrology can tell us why and when we love who we love.

The most popular reason for a client to consult an astrologer is of course about their love lives. Often they want a 12 month prediction or a solar return (a reading which is done for their birthday and shows the position of planets in their chart for the next year), but the question they are most often looking to answer is whether their up-coming transits point to a new romantic interest entering their lives.

Astrologers have traditionally looked at activity in the 5th and 7th houses and at transits involving either the planet Venus (which rules love and romance), and Jupiter (luck and expansion). The 5th house in a chart rules sexual attraction and is where relationships begin, the 7th house rules marriage and all long term partnerships – not just romantic partners, but also business partners and long term friendships as they are all ruled by the partnership (7th house) sector of our charts.

Another reason astrologers are often consulted is when a client has found a partner and we are often asked to produce what is called a synastry or relationship chart from the birthdata of both parties. This can be an incredibly useful tool as it allows us to look at both the strengths (where you have planets that ‘click’ together!) but also flag up potential ‘clunks’ – areas that could turn out to be issues. It certainly leads to a better understanding of your partner and what makes them tick! Sometimes it can reveal reasons for the attraction to the other person that we were unaware of – but nonetheless make perfect sense! It can also be incredibly helpful to do this in a situation where the relationship has not worked out. One of the reasons I love astrology is because it can help people become more empowered when it comes to their relationships. Understanding why a person behaved the way they did is often a big part of the healing process and astrology can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to doing this.

Today’s relationship astrologers however are usually looking at more than just Venus and Jupiter aspects. We now understand that other planets in the chart have their own part to play when it comes to attracting love into our lives. Neptune for example has to do with true love and long term relationships as well as sensuality – so this planet has a big part to play when it comes to longevity of a relationship and as Neptune also rules morals, ethics and sensitivity it can also indicate whether or not your partner is on the same wavelength as you. Chiron rules our emotional ties and marriages and weddings – so aspects to both of these planets need to be considered in the final mix.

While it’s always useful for an astrologer to have the birth times of both parties when producing a synastry or relationship reading, if you don’t have this information a gifted intuitive astrologer will be able to analyse the aspects in both charts just from the birthdates alone, just as they can give a client an overview of the year ahead and whether or not love is on the horizon without the time and place of birth. So just because you may not have this information to hand, don’t let that put you off consulting an astrologer.

Relationship astrology can be a life-empowering tool that enables us to come to a better understanding of ourselves, our needs and the people we love.

Helen ID 2173 is a talented psychic tarot reader as well as being a fabulous astrologer to boot. If you’d like an astrological consultation or psychic reading, with Helen, check our live panel or call reception on 0207 111 6090 to see when she’s available.

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