Your Free Horoscope March 26 – April 1


29th Venus in 2nd sextile Mercury retro in 12th

30th Sun in Aries square Pluto in 10th square Moon in 4th

  • Complex dynamics at work clouds your sunny disposition
  • Money arrives from thin air
  • No time for romance, it’s all about priorities.

This week Venus the planet of love is in your 2nd house making you that little bit surer about what you want in relationships. Also you’re connecting to your soul when it comes to relationships, thanks to Mercury retro in your 12th house of spirituality. You may be thinking about what it is you want from relationships on a deeper level.

Being an Aries you can be very impulsive when it comes to love and even when you’re in a relationship you can still want to be rushing forward! Sometimes however you stop and say: ‘Where am I? What is it I want?’ This week your intuition is guiding you. It’s saying: Look at the bigger picture. Allow yourself to trust your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. Connect with the soul of the person that you’re with if you’re in a relationship. And if you’re single you might find yourself bumping into someone who you’ve got a deeper connection with but also there’s a sense of security about the whole thing – mainly because you’re feeling much more secure within yourself. Security and love doesn’t come from the other person – it always comes from us and you’ve learned that on some level. The result is you’re feeling stronger about who you are.

On the 30th the Sun is in Aries squaring Pluto in the 10th house and squaring the Moon in the 4th and you might find yourself thinking about your career in some way. You may feel you can’t express yourself or you can’t be independent enough in your work. Even if you work for yourself – perhaps you’re tying yourself perhaps you’re tying yourself up in knots or you need to look at your work/play balance. Because the Moon is in the 4th it means you need to balance up your family relationships and your relationships for ‘down time’ as well as your work relationships. Even if you haven’t got a job it may be something in yourself is unhappy and prompting you to find that balance, trust your intuition and know that within you are all the answers you need. You have the confidence now and this should be your time.



29th Venus in Taurus sextile Mercury retro in 11th

30th Sun in 12th square Pluto in 9th square Moon in 3rd

  • You find someone’s views oppressive but you keep quiet
  • Love doesn’t want to lose you – they reconnect via a friend
  • You are the group or team’s main asset and they let you know

This week Venus is in your sign Taurus! You’re feeling good –you love life, you love other people, you love YOU – what you are is a love magnet! You want to feast on life’s pleasures and it’s a great time for having a meal with people you are close to, for being romantic and for generally indulging yourself – although obvious not over-indulging! Romance is in the air and it’s up to you to take advantage of this week. Venus is also sextiling Mercury planet of communication retro in your 11th house. Perhaps an old friend or a lover could get in touch. Being a Taurus your friends mean the world to you – you consider them your family so you enjoy someone getting in touch from the past.

On the 30th the Sun is in the 12th and it’s squaring Pluto in the 9th. Part of you wants an adventure – to stretch yourself and break out of your routine and do things differently. But you may be wrestling with your own nature as if you’re a typical Taurus you like routine and for things to remain as they are. Allow yourself to venture forth and stretch yourself because that’s when you really grow. When you try something new it soon becomes familiar and then you can do it any time you like. You have more capacity for adventure and to stretch yourself than you could possibly know. You’re an earth sign which means you can be secure in any situation if you believe it. Then you really can be a warrior, a traveller and an adventurer in the world!


29th Venus in 12th sextile Mercury retro in 10th

30th Sun in 11th square Pluto in 8th square Moon in 2nd

  • Trust your instincts about new friends, if something feels off it might be
  • You have allies at work that you didn’t know about
  • Love links back to events at start of the month

This week Venus the planet of love is in your 12th house which is all about bringing an added spiritual dimension giving you the opportunity to find out what love is all about and what it means to you on a deeper, soul level. Something should be revealed now – a mystery, a coincidence, a fated occurrence and you’re feeling in the groove when it comes to love.

Now the shadow side of the 12th house is debauchery, delusion and illusions so avoid that. If you find yourself obsessing over someone or feeling out of balance with love then meditate and do something to bring yourself back in line with your soul purpose when it comes to relationships.

Venus is also sextile Mercury in the 10th – there could be a really strong connection with someone at work or a fated or deep, loving conversation. Or else you could look into someone’s eyes that you work with and see the problems they have faced as a soul and feel an intimate and loving connection to them. It’s not necessarily sexual – almost as if you feel ‘at one’ with them which can be a beautiful thing. Bear in mind Mercury is retrograde so maybe it’s not the best time to tell the person what’s going on. However, your soul is awakening to deeper connections with all the souls on this planet.

On the 30th, the Sun is in your 11th house squaring Pluto in the 8th. There may be some kind of challenge around a friendship. Perhaps there’s a sexual attraction to a friend or a power imbalance or perhaps it’s time to let go and move on. We are all equal souls in the world but our friendships have a massive impact on us. Science has done all kinds of studies showing how other people’s moods and energies are contagious. So, if you have a friend who is not growing and evolving or who is constantly negative or puts you down, perhaps it’s time to let them go with love and move on. The choice is yours but you have to look at what are you getting out of a power struggle or a draining friendship?



29th Venus in 11th sextile Mercury retro in 9th

30th Sun in 10th square Pluto in 7th square Moon in Cancer

  • Difficult for romance, no one wants to move first, lots of self protection going on
  • Work relationships are a strain, hidden dynamics and tensions
  • Find solace in friendship, reconnection or visit with long distance pal.

Venus planet of love is now in your 11th house of friendships. Friendships delight you this week leading to beautiful conversations with your friends and you feeling loved-up and having a great time. There’s a fantastic energy and vibration around friendships and you could meet a new friend who you practically fall in love with! If you are attracted to one of your friends this could be the week where it moves on to a different dimension. But all in all, you’re feeling very secure when it comes to your friendships and that you can express exactly who you are with some of the people in your life. If you’ve been having problems with any friendships, this is the week when it could transform and you’re stepping into your power knowing you are love, knowing that you have the ability to be adored for you who are without having to play any games – and as a result you feel great!

Mercury is retrograde in your 9th house of adventure. If you’ve held yourself back from committing to an adventure you soon may embark on a journey that brings you into contact with people from different cultures and places resulting in you stretching yourself in a way you never thought possible.

The Sun in your 10th house is squaring Pluto in the 7th – if you’re in a relationship you might have to look at your work/relationship balance – there could be a little bit of tension between you and your partner. If you’re not in a relationship – are you working too hard? Are you putting too much emphasis on your career? Is there some struggle with your career at the moment? If there is expect some very clear answers from the universe. Pay attention to your intuition and look at what the universe is trying to tell you this week but there should be good news and treasure to be unearthed with a friend.



29th Venus in 10th sextile Mercury retro in 8th

30th Sun in 9th square Pluto in 6th square Moon in 12th

  • Important meeting at work goes better than expected
  • Not the best week for travel, if you want plain sailing, great week if you are looking for challenge or adventure
  • Love is happy to look long term coz you have the same ambition


This week Venus is in your 10th house which is great news as it means people you work with or have worked with or perhaps will work with, see you in a new light. They feel very positive towards you so if you’re going for a new job or thinking about doing something with your work, not only is your heart in it you have an energy employers and co-workers find irresistible. It could also mean there is an attraction to someone at work but more importantly, Mercury is retrograde in your 8th house which could herald the re-appearance of an ex to throw a spanner in the works or you could hear from someone from your past and be surprised at the intensity of your reaction. Know that this is a passing phase – it’s not forever and what you felt when you spoke to them is nothing more than a shadow – an echo from the previous relationship. It certainly doesn’t mean you feel that way now.

This week it’s good to focus on your career and the people around you and build up those good vibrations connected to your work. You really are a love magnet at work and people will believe in you and your abilities this week.

On the 30th the Sun enters your 9th house and squares Pluto in the 6th. Don’t over-plan things or feel you have to be absolutely perfect because when we do that sometimes we take away the magic. Our personal magic is about being relaxed and trusting in the ‘flow’ we’re in and in doing things differently. If you try to over-perform or over-work something in your career (or any aspect of your life), you can lose the gift of doing something from an open spirit and a free heart. This is often more powerful than trying too hard!

So don’t try too hard this week. Know that your adventurous way of doing things will work for you and have faith in your unique Leo style. After all – doesn’t everyone adore you?



29th Venus in 9th sextile Mercury retro in 7th

30th Sun in 8th square Pluto in 5th square Moon in 11th

  • You resonate strongly with someone special who sees the world your way
  • Make friends with your shadow side, you can’t ignore it this week
  • Creative project turns you inside out emotionally.


This week Venus planet of love is in your 9th house of adventure. This is very good news – you’re stretching yourself and opening up to life’s possibilities. You want to go on an adventure and for relationships to be deeper – it’s all about exploring the meaning of life and exploring boundaries.  You might be attracted to someone from overseas or someone who has very different philosophical ideas to you. You find yourself immersing yourself in new ideas and new ways of being. Venus is sextile Mercury which is retrograde in the 7th house so you’re also looking back at your old relationships and thinking: ‘How much did I grow in that relationship? What could I have done differently?’. Personal freedom in relationships is now very important to you. Perhaps you felt imprisoned or restricted by relationships in the past and now you’re committed to going forward and being adventurous which is fabulous for your Virgo soul.

On the 30th, the Sun is in your 8th house so there’s an intensity and hidden stuff that’s still around – and it’s squaring Pluto in your 5th. Don’t allow yourself to be a bit ‘Bah, humbug!’ for the sake of it. If someone gets very excited and says: ‘Let’s go do this!’, I know as a Virgo you might want to pay attention to the details before you do it but try and allow yourself to step past that and do something spontaneous if someone suggests it rather than being critical or a bit of an Eeyore. You have the ability to have fun – fun is waiting for you. Stretching yourself is the key to your soul this week.



29th Venus in 8th sextile Mercury retro in 6th

30th Sun in 7th square Pluto in 4th square Moon in 10th

  • Spotlight on work relationships, there’s a power struggle going on
  • Love takes your mind off the stress, but then feels embroiled in the dynamic too
  • The more you work on a money issue, the more you learn.

Now this week we have your ruling planet Venus in your 8th house of mystery, magic and intensity. You may feel some primal emotions emerging from the depths of your soul. You may feel jealousy, lust, obsession. You may experience an unexpected attachment or attraction to someone or feel like stretching yourself sexually and doing something you normally wouldn’t do! Basically your primal emotions are right on the surface and you’re feeling very deep and very intense. Normally you like to balance things out and for everything to be ‘nice’. But right now its as if your primal emotions are ruling the roost!

This doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Sometimes it’s great when our desires and things we push down rise to the surface because we can plunder them, deal with them and then put them to one side. Okay – so you might find yourself doing something you’re not used to doing or you could be chastising yourself for experiencing these full-on feelings. But let yourself off the hook. Everybody on this earth has a shadow side and everybody occasionally has a lustful or naughty thought. This is the nature of our earthly existence. So don’t give yourself a hard time. Instead work out what is real and what isn’t real. Sometimes if we repress our sexuality or aren’t honest about our sexual or emotional needs something comes along that surprises us – like an obsession or desire for someone. Basically this means our energy isn’t balanced so really look at what’s going on with you to see whether that resonates and what you can do about it. But above all – see it as a gift. You might get up to some adventure that no one will ever know about because often the 8th house is all about secrets. Maybe someone is telling you secrets or maybe you’re telling someone else secrets.

On the 30th the Sun is in your 7th house square Pluto in the 4th. There’s a part of you that really wants to deal with relationships but you’re not sure how relationships fit into security. The key to that is knowing that you are your own security. No one else can make you feel safe. Time to dig your own foundations, give love freely with no judgement and understand we are all free spirits – but then this is all second nature to you! Know by doing this the answers you seek will come of their own accord.



29th Venus in 7th sextile Mercury retro in 5th

30th Sun in 6th square Pluto in 3rd square Moon in 9th

  • Relationship games played at start of month are back
  • Be careful what you say in work dynamics, don’t paint yourself into a corner
  • Priorities are clashing, choose yourself as top of the list


This week Venus planet of love is in your 7th house of relationships. You’re coming back to feeling secure within yourself and other people reflect this with their adoration. In turn you’re open and communicative. If you’re single you’re a love magnet and in general Scorpio, you’re feeling joyful when it comes to relationships and relationships should be a lot easier. You’re letting go of the past and any problems and resentments. You’ve been working through all that ‘stuff’ last week and now you’re ready to love and open your heart once more. Also, you want to have fun and enjoy yourself and as a result you’re being quite cheeky and jokey – dazzling others with your charismatic personality.

Basically, you’re at the stage where you’re fearless about your vulnerabilities which in turn makes people go ‘Wow!’ Now the Sun is in your 6th house squaring Pluto your ruler in the 3rd. Do not criticise yourself – or anyone else. That message is still coming through. It’s all about knowing you are perfect as you are. So don’t give yourself a hard time over past mistakes.

Today is the day you can create your life any way you want it and this is the week where you can let the real you shine. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past – it’s gone. And that’s a very important lesson for Scorpios to learn. The past is not something you need to keep going over. You need to be in the moment because you are then at your most powerful. You are the phoenix and the eagle which are the other symbols for Scorpio. And that’s what you need to aim for – taking flight and going above the situation and looking down and seeing it as a whole. Sometimes in life when terrible things happen to us five years’ down the line we go: ‘Thank goodness that person betrayed me because I am now exactly where I should be’. Often when people do negative things to people it turns out to be for the greater good in the end. Don’t forget – it’s all about the bigger picture.



29th Venus in 6th sextile Mercury retro in 4th

30th Sun in 5th square Pluto in 2nd square Moon in 8th

  • Feeling adventurous with money, but a gamble doesn’t feel safe
  • Love feels frustrating at times, but you are working through issues
  • Work load pressure brings out the best in you – creative week.

Venus planet of love is in your 6th house this week so it may be a time to go within and honour yourself.  To honour the sacred within you and to honour the lover within. You’re looking at how close you are to other people and issues of intimacy – whether you’re allowing yourself to be intimate with other people or opening up to your heart’s desire or whether you’ve allowed yourself to be a hermit for too long. Either way, Venus is saying pay attention to the small details in your love life and the bigger things will take care of themselves. Look at whether you’re being loving in the moment. If you’re single, are you being too self-critical? Or do you have an unrealistic view of a partner? Or an ideal partner and are looking for the perfect match? If so you may be disappointed because perfection doesn’t exist! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t magic out there for you – or the lover who may not tick all the boxes but is actually perfect for you!

Allow yourself to open your heart but again – pay attention to the small things in relationships that make a relationship work. Saying ‘thank-you’, kissing your partner spontaneously, making breakfast on occasion, picking your socks up off the floor – doing those small things really nurtures a relationship. And if you’re single loving yourself, going within, being charming and loving to yourself inside will externally allow what you want to come towards you. And you are worth it as Sagittarians are very exciting partners – you’re adventurous and powerful and very very sexy indeed. Remember, you have a lot to offer as you allow people to stretch and grow.

On the 30th the Sun enters your 5th house squaring Pluto in your 2nd.  You might be torn between being that free-spirited Sagittarian and also on the other hand knowing you need to knuckle down and get on with work. There is a way to find the balance and be a free-spirit and still be secure and this week should bring you the answer.


29th Venus in 5th sextile Mercury retro in 3rd

30th Sun in 4th square Pluto in Capricorn square Moon in 7th

  • Romance reappears from start of month
  • Certain relationships, maybe family are pushing all buttons at once
  • Work is inviting you out of your comfort zone

This week Venus planet of love is in your 5th house. This is fabulous news. You’re feeling bouncy – in fact you’re feeling positively Tiggerish! You’re absolutely in love with life. You’re experiencing a lighter vibe when it comes to love and even if you’re single you’re bouncing around being optimistic and cheerful. You’re putting your worries behind you and allowing your warmth, humour and generosity of spirit to emerge.  Other people are mesmerized by this joyful you and as a result everybody wants to play with you! It’s up to you now to show the world what a big, warm fuzzy teddy bear exists under that strong Capricorn exterior. But you can do that with ease thanks to Mercury in your third house sextiling Venus which although retrograde allows you to express yourself very, very clearly giving you your mojo back when it comes to communication.

On the 30th the Sun enters your 4th house squaring Pluto in your sign. There’s a part of you which wants to sort out once and for all your home life. How do you feel about your home? Can you really be yourself in your home? Are you representing yourself with your family as you truly are? You’re going to find yourself resolving these kinds of questions this week and feeling good about the conclusions you come to. Everything you do now you are doing with warmth and love which is the secret to any success.



29th Venus in 4th sextile Mercury retro in 2nd

30th Sun in 3rd square Pluto in 12th square Moon in 6th

  • Money issue linked to family re-emerges again, this time it’s settled
  • You find comfort in routines and daily schedules
  • Love is understanding and on your wavelength

Venus planet of love is in your 4th house of security. You’re feeling good about yourself and expressing this in your home where you’re able to exude a loving vibration to all that come near you. People get a sense of comfort from you now. There’s a vibration of friendship and affection around you and you’re feeling very loving as a result. And even though you’re an Aquarian – the soppiness and softer side of your personality is coming out this week. You’re feeling romantic and warm. It’s a great time to have anyone in your home – although they may get the wrong impression. If you invite a friend over and there’s any attraction there they could well fall in love with you – especially if you cook them a meal!

This week you’re feeling great around the home and also more secure when it comes to love. Single or taken you know that you’re a catch and you know that now is your time. However, as usual you’re playing it by your own rules Aquarius. You want security to be based on what’s real and you’re not going to compromise yourself this week. You’re willing to trust that what goes down is all supported by the foundations you have dug in your life.

On the 30th the Sun is in your 3rd house squaring Pluto in the 12th. There’s a part of you that may have become a lot more open to the spiritual side of life recently allowing you to communicate in a way that’s very different to your usual style. As a result you may be a little bit fearful about just what this transformation is going to bring. Have you been listening to your intuition more than usual or working on a deeper level within yourself? Perhaps you’ve been paying attention to the signs and symbols that are being cast before you by the universe causing you to feel you have a sense of your destiny. This may possibly be a different destiny to the one you had before. Pluto’s message is to surrender to what really is the truth in your life and what really matters which is not necessarily what you thought mattered in the past such as money or material goods. You now know what matters to you at the moment is that your life has purpose, that you are being ‘seen’ for who you truly are and that people understand you on a soul level. The result is life is getting a lot deeper.



29th Venus in 3rd sextile Mercury retro in Pisces

30th Sun in 2nd square Pluto in 11th square Moon in 5th

  • Don’t mix money and friendship this week – control issues are rife
  • You have all the right words for romance, and someone is totally resonating with your style
  • Presentation at work, or second or third interviews go swimmingly.

This week Venus planet of love enters your 3rd house of communication. You’re feeling much stronger about the way you communicate and you’re being very clear when you do. Sometimes being a Pisces, you can lose yourself in a romantic, fluffy bubble or you can be a bit shy about expressing your desires and needs or in standing up for yourself. Instead of showing the world your fabulousness you keep yourself tucked away – hidden under the proverbial bushel. But not this week. This week you’re able to communicate not only your desires but are literally able to talk effortlessly about anything you want and literally ‘wow’ people with your words. Perhaps you’ll finally be able to have that conversation with a lover that you’ve been meaning to have for a while as you suddenly find it easy to express who you are.

Mercury is retrograde in your sign right now but its sextile Venus which smoothes the lines of communication. Perhaps you clear up something with an ex or you finally put an issue to bed dealing with it once and for all and as a result feeling good about yourself.

On the 30th the Sun enters your 2nd house squaring Pluto in the 11th. You may be looking at the balance of power in your friendships. Are your friends making you feel secure? Is there an imbalance in your friendships such as money for example? Are your friends as generous to you are you are to them? Being a Pisces you are very generous when it comes to finances often picking up the bill or making the meal. This week it may be that you realise your friendships aren’t on an equal footing.  If someone isn’t paying their share it doesn’t mean you have to judge them – just that it may be time to move on. You realise it’s all about worth. You are worth it and worth friendships where you are treated equally to your friends.






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