Your Free Astrology Overview April 30 to May 6

30th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun in Taurus trine Mars in Virgo trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

4th – Venus in Gemini trine Saturn retrograde and Moon in Libra trine Neptune in Pisces

6th – Full Moon in Scorpio opposition Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus

No matter what your sign, the planets form a fantastic line-up and are quite literally beaming down messages related to your prosperity and self-worth this week.

Monday sees the Sun in sensual and earthy Taurus move to make a grand earth trine with Mars in detail-driven Virgo and Pluto planet of transformation and hidden treasure, in hard-working Capricorn, opening the doors to abundance in our lives. This line up is not just about material benefits although many of you – especially the earth signs most affected by this, could see the rewards for your hard work come rolling in this week. Mars urges us to ‘make it happen’ while Pluto transforms our world from within.

Business and material concerns should flourish under this influence but the message for most of us is all about creating a working life we enjoy and allowing ourselves to experience prosperity.

On the 4th, Venus in quicksilver and multi-tasking Gemini forms a superb aspect to Saturn and the Moon which are conjunct in Venus’ ruling sign of Libra, which trines Neptune – a higher vibration of Venus, now in peace-loving Pisces.  It’s all about feeling the love.

However, you could be in two minds about a partnership or even be presented with two choices in love. Libra is all about balance, Pisces all about peace at all costs. Saturn represents boundaries and structure. There’s a dual message here when combined with the earth trine messages of self-worth – are you sacrificing your boundaries to keep the peace or alternatively, fear if you draw a line you will end up with nothing and no-one? With Neptune and the Moon involved your intuition will be at a peak. If you are literally ‘in two minds’ about a personal matter take note of your dreams as they could provide the answer.

If you’re still in a quandary by the 6th, the Full Moon in transformative Scorpio which is nudging that grand earth trine and Jupiter planet of expansion and good fortune, brings peak experiences and events to their logical conclusion. You’ll banish hesitation and see the way forward. Right now, you’re not afraid to demand from others what you believe you’re entitled to.

This week’s line-up is all about teaching us that we’ll receive exactly what we believe we are worth whether that is love, material prosperity or respect. Know you’re worth it and let the abundance flow.

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