Your Free Horoscope April 30 – May 6



30th – Mercury in 1st trine Moon in 5th sextile Venus in 3rd

30th – Grand earth trine – Sun in 2nd, Mars in 6th and Pluto in 10th


6th – Full Moon in 8th opp Sun and Jupiter in 2nd


  • Communication flows around lovers, children or creative projects
  • Opportunities arrive to boost your assets or status
  • Transform, transmute, transcend


We know you usually have a healthy ego Aries (second only to Leo), and you’re usually not backward in coming forward when it comes to getting what you want. But this week Mercury in your first house making a gentle aspect to the Moon in your 5th and sextiling Venus in your 3rd says you’re going to be asking for what you need in a decidedly non-Aries way now. Could you be discovering diplomacy at this late stage? You’re all sweetness and light this week and people respond accordingly. When it comes to a new love interest, children or a creative project expect progress, good news or ideas to be flowing.


This week’s grand earth trine taking place in the areas of your chart which govern your assets, material well-being, career and status opens the door to opportunities. Mars your ruler is caught up in this which means you’re not about to sit passively by waiting for fate to oblige however. You’ll take action to bring about the desired outcome. Your bank balance could increase, you could have good news about a job offer, loan or business opportunity.


The Full Moon on the 6th which takes place in your 8th house of transformations as well as corporate or shared money, brings about an opportunity to transcend any limitations that have been holding you back whether imposed by yourself or others. Jupiter planet of expansion and good fortune wading in on this means that whatever happens – it’s going to be big.




30th – Grand Earth trine – Sun in 1st, Mars in 5th and Pluto retrograde in 9th


4th – Venus in 2nd trine Moon and Saturn conjunct in 6th


6th – Sun conjunct Jupiter in 1st, opp Full Moon in 7th


  • You exude a magnetic confidence others find hard to resist
  • Attracting what you want appears effortless
  • Your horizons broaden in more ways than one


All the signs will benefit from this week’s Grand Earth trine, but you Taurus will benefit the most as the Sun in your sign forms the ‘Grand’ aspect.  It’s all caught up with Mars planet of action in your 5th house of sexiness and creativity as well as Pluto planet of transformation in your 9th house of adventure. People will see you differently this week – you may even feel or act different and that can only be a good thing right now.


Single Taureans could find themselves attracting a romantic partner from a radically different country or background from themselves. This applies double if you are travelling overseas this week Taurus. If so, be prepared for a whirlwind romance. Whether it lasts or not is another matter but one thing is certain – you’ll never forget it!


Right now Venus your ruler is in your 2nd house of assets and self-worth beaming a trine to the Moon and Saturn conjunct in your 6th – the other Venus-ruled sign of Libra. A long-awaited career or business breakthrough could well drop into your lap or barriers that have held you back seem to vanish like magic especially around the Full Moon in your 7th house of long term relationships and partnerships on the 6th when Jupiter also moves to conjunct your Sun. But it’s not without you putting in the effort – the saying ‘It took me 12 years to become an over-night sensation’ rings true in some way.




30th – Venus in 1st trine Saturn in 5th trine Neptune in 10th


30th – Grand Earth trine – Sun in 12th, Mars in 4th, Pluto retrograde in 8th


6th – Full Moon in 6th opp Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 12th


  • Former lovers may reappear or an older but new lover may attract
  • Your home life transforms with hidden benefits
  • Co-workers or business partners reveal their true colours


The sky is filled with trines and Grand aspects this week Gemini, and with Venus planet of love and beauty in your first house all caught up with Saturn in your 5th house and Neptune in your 10th, it’s all about indulgence. Don’t give into sentimentality though – especially if a past love reappears. Were those ‘good old days’ really that good? Is the ‘way we were’ where you want to be today? Make sure you’re not looking back through rose-tinted glasses before getting re-involved.


Single and someone older or well-established could cross your path and want to spoil you in some way. Are you ready to indulge?


Some kind of transformation is taking place on the home front now, Gemini with the Grand Earth trine impacting on your area of home and security. If you’re moving you could find this benefits you in ways you have yet to imagine. If you’ve been clinging to possessions to make you feel secure you’ll now understand that true security comes from inner beliefs. Prepare to de-clutter as a result.


The Full Moon of the 6th takes place in your 6th house of career opposite a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in your 12th. A hunch about a career situation or co-worker proves right. But don’t be too disappointed if you’ve a success to celebrate and others don’t share your joy. At least now you know who’s really on your team.




30th – Grand Earth Trine – Sun in 11th, Pluto in 7th, Mars in 3rd


4th – Venus in 12th sextile Mercury in 10th


6th – Full Moon in 5th opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 11th


  • Friends or a large gathering transform your life for the better
  • Read the fine print if signing contracts
  • Creative ventures come to fruition


No hiding in your shell this week, dear Cancer hoping that the world will pass you by. Even if you hide, chances are the world is going to beat down your door and drag you out kicking and whimpering, to ensure you have a good time. This week’s Grand earth trine takes place in your sectors of friends, large groups of people, partnerships and communication. Accept all invitations that come your way and resist the temptation to stay home cocooned on the couch in a onesie with your favourite comfort food. The Sun in your 11th puts socialising on the agenda while Mars in your 3rd house of communication sends those invitations your way. Pluto in your 7th house of partnerships and long term friendships could draw someone significant into your orbit this week.


Make sure all is above board with communications now – especially anything that relates to your financial status or relationships. Mercury in your 10th house sextiles Venus in your 12th – just ensure others don’t have a hidden agenda.


Your creativity is at full throttle on the 6th – as is your sex drive as the Full Moon in your 5th house gets a boost from the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in your 11th. A creative project could get the green light or the fascinating stranger you met at that party you didn’t want to go to gets in touch and you realise they could be far more than a ship that passes in the night.




30th – Moon in 1st trine Mercury in 9th


30th – Grand Earth Trine – Mars in 2nd, Pluto in 6th, Sun in 10th


6th –   Full Moon in 4th square natal Sun opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 10th


  • You take the first step on a significant journey
  • Transformations occur on the work front to boost your status
  • Don’t let anyone throw their weight around at home


Where are you going this week, Leo? Or more importantly – where do you want to be? If you’re travelling this week you could well end up somewhere that exerts a huge pull on you. You might feel as if you have lived there before (you probably have) or that you could happily re-locate there now. If the latter the opportunity could well arise to do so. The Moon in your 1st house at the start of the week trineing Mercury planet of travel and communication in your 9th brings you the opportunity to set your feet on a new path.


The big news in the skies for everyone this week is the Grand Earth trine which takes place in your 2nd, 6th and 10th houses – it’s all about your status, your career and your reputation. Let’s face it Leo, what’s most important to you is not how much money you might be earning per se, but your reputation and how others see you. What’s important to you is dignity. You could see your stock rise this week in the eyes of your co-workers or fellow professionals as you bring off some kind of coup – gaining kudos in the process.


But if we’re talking about dignity is there somebody on the home front or close to you that’s in danger of losing theirs? The Full Moon in your 4th squares your natal Sun while opposing the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in your 10th. Someone could start throwing their weight around and their behaviour could reflect on you. We’re all responsible for our own actions but Leo – time to set an example and show them what grace under pressure is all about.




30th – Grand Earth Trine – Mars in 1st, Pluto in 5th, Sun in 9th


4th – Venus in 10th trine Moon/Saturn conjunct in 2nd


6th – Full Moon in 3rd opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 9th


  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Communication slows mid-week
  • Travel, education, communication or the law may feature


You’re one of the signs really feeling the impact of this week’s fabulous Grand Earth trine, Virgo. With Mars planet of action in your 1st house as part of this for once you’re not too worried about the details. You’re all about getting out there and making it happen. Yes, being a Virgo you’ve already triple-checked the details anyway.


But this week actions speak louder than words in more ways than one. Not only yours but those of other people around you. Action is character and also motivation. With your ruler Mercury opposing Saturn in your 2nd house which is also making what would otherwise be a fabulous aspect to Neptune in your 7th house of partnerships, take a step back and make sure what someone close to you is saying matches up with what they are doing. Are they promising one thing and failing to follow through yet continuing with protestations of undying friendship or love? Do they say they love you but then turn around and act as if the opposite were true? Use this time to assess any discrepancies and decide your next step.


The Full Moon in your 3rd house of communication on the 6th brings the insights you are seeking. The Sun moving to conjunct Jupiter your co-ruler in your 9th house brings in a sense of expansion. If you work in travel, mass communications or media, education, sport, religion, the law or with animals expect positive news. All other Virgos – look out for news or opportunities in all those areas. Pack your bag – even if it’s only your gym bag.




30th – Saturn in 1st trine Venus in 9th


30th – Grand Earth trine – Pluto in 4th, Sun in 8th, Mars in 12th


6th – Full Moon in 2nd house opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 8th


  • Focus on universal matters to remove obstacles
  • If you have something to say now is the time to say it
  • If you can’t keep the peace – realise you’re not meant to


Even with the Grand Earth trine beaming away at you and your ruler Venus in your 9th house of travel, expansion and adventure, life isn’t quite a bed of roses for you, Libra. You’ve still got that universal party-pooper Saturn retrograde in your 1st house where he’s been lurking for the past two years. He’s not about beds of roses. Nails is more his style. This week however, Venus trines him right at the same time the Grand Earth trine occurs making Old Father Time turn into a sentimental old softy. If you’ve been encountering obstacles they will vanish – either through you seeing that they were set up for your own benefit or else through Saturn deciding to remove them for you.


Trines are everywhere this week in fact but for you Libra they are occurring in your 1st, 6th and 9th houses and also your 4th, 8th and 12th houses (the Grand trine). Mercury planet of communication is also in your 7th house of partnerships opposing your Sun as is Uranus – planet of challenges and thrills. No matter how hard you may try to keep things on an even keel this week Libra, even your diplomacy may fail. In fact, you may not suffer fools gladly now on either the home or the work front. There’s been a slow and steady transformation occurring but now the Grand Trine and Mars in your 12th rushes it along. Anything that ends now is meant to – be it a job, a relationship or just a way of thinking. And with it comes a sense of relief that balance has once again been restored.




30th – Grand Earth trine – Pluto in 3rd, Sun in 7th, Mars in 11th


4th – Venus in 8th sextile Mercury in 6th


6th – Full Moon in 1st opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 7th


  • Everything you do has new depth and meaning
  • Women impact on your career path
  • Partnerships gain increased importance


You’re not at all like fellow water-sign Cancer, Scorpio. Party time? Cancer needs to be prised out of their shell and dragged shaking in their shoes. You don’t need any encouragement – it’s when you get there that’s the problem. There you are, circling the periphery or else skulking by the dip. Of course you’re telling yourself you’re just biding your time until you’ve assessed what’s really going on. Trouble is, that process usually lasts right up until people start leaving. This week’s Grand Earth trine puts Mars your co-ruler slap bang in your house of large groups of people. Pluto your other ruler is in your 3rd house along with the Sun which will conjunct Jupiter in your 7th.


The result? You could find yourself acting like a Sagittarian and throwing yourself into the fray – but of course, with a lot more depth than any superficial fire sign would.


There’s a lot going on in your 7th house of partnerships this week, Scorpio. Not only do you have the Sun in there as part of the Grand trine Jupiter wades in on the 6th. You could find yourself making a big commitment or else single Scorps could attract ‘the one’.


This week women will play a big part in work and career in some way. You could get help from a female boss or mentor as Venus in your 8th house of corporate affairs sextiles Mercury planet of communication in your 6th house of career. If you’re thinking about an office romance with a female co-worker then just make sure they don’t have hire or fire capabilities over you otherwise things could get complicated.


The Full Moon in your 1st house on the 6th shines directly into your partnership sector. If you’re waiting to hear news of a partnership it now happens or you take that step to formalise a union. Single? Stop sitting on the sidelines, Scorpio. Nobody can appreciate the passion and depth you have to offer unless you wow them first with your incredible insights. You’ve had time to observe – now act.





30th – Grand Earth trine – Pluto in 2nd, trine Sun in 6th, trine Mars in 10th


30th – Venus in 7th sextile Mercury in 5th


6th – Full Moon in 12th opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 6th


  • Your talents and abilities come into focus
  • A flirtation could turn serious
  • Hidden opportunities come to the surface in work and career


While all fire signs have the Grand Earth trine in their 2nd, 6th and 10th houses which govern status, assets, career and reputation this week, how this plays out with differ for each sign. For Sagittarians, Pluto planet of transformation has begun its slow transit of your second house of assets. Remember your assets are much more than money or property. Your assets are also your talents and abilities. Pluto will be in your second house until 2024. However, this week’s Grand Trine which also takes place in your 6th house of career and 10th house of status pushes the transformation along. You may find yourself in the spotlight and ‘on show’ to the world as a result.


At the same time Venus planet of love is in your 7th house of partnerships and serious relationships making a wonderful sextile to Mercury planet of communication in your 5th house where relationships begin. Sagittarians are the born flirts of the zodiac but this line-up points to a flirtation getting a lot more serious. If you’ve been emailing or texting someone but have yet to meet this week could see you finally meeting up.


The Full Moon on the 6th in your 12th house opposing the Sun and Jupiter your ruler conjunct in your 6th house could uncover a previously hidden business or career opportunity for you. If you’re in a creative field and hear about a competition then enter. Apply for that promotion or grant you’ve just heard about. You may be surprised at the result or being the optimist of the zodiac – maybe not.



30th – Grand Earth trine – Pluto in 1st, Sun in 5th, Mars in 9th


4th – Venus in 6th trine Moon conjunct Saturn in 10th


6th – Full Moon in 11th opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 5th


  • Creativity, attraction, lingerie shopping – take your pick
  • Put long term plans into effect
  • Friends can help ideas take flight


Pluto remains in your 1st house until 2024 but it is the Sun in your 5th house and Mars in your 9th that really deliver the benefits of this week’s Grand Earth trine to you now. They’re here to nudge Pluto along in case you thought his transformations are going to take forever. It’s all about creativity and attraction this week. You’re going to be expressing yourself in some way – either with ideas or just because you feel good.


Where did all this come from? Mars in your 9th wants you to broaden your horizons while Sun in Taurus is all about life’s sensual pleasures. If you’re looking for a partner take the ‘If you build it they will come’ approach. Pamper yourself, have a make-over or a great haircut or splurge on some sexy lingerie.


On the 4th Venus in your 6th house of career will trine the Moon which moves to conjunct Saturn your ruler, in your 10th house of status and success. Now is the time to put those long-term plans into effect – especially if you use the energy of the Full Moon which occurs in your 11th house of friends, large groups of people and the collective two days later. If you’re launching a new product, advertising campaign, business or any creative venture you’ll now see your ideas take flight.




30th – Grand Earth trine – Sun in 4th house, Mars in 8th, Pluto in 12th


30th – Mercury in 3rd trine Moon in 7th sextile Venus in 5th


6th – Full Moon in 10th, opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 4th


  • Security and family issues take precedence
  • Back to the Future in relationships
  • Mischief could be around the home


Even in your ivory tower Aquarius, news must have filtered through about this week’s grand earth trine. Time to drag your thoughts away from the global and down to the local level – namely your own home. No matter if it is an ivory tower or a residence on which you have stamped your own unique signature, the grand trine will offer Aquarians the opportunity to establish something for the future in terms of home and family with your 4th, 8th and 12th houses in focus. You may take out a mortgage or loan or if you like where you are living, commit to it. If not, Pluto in your 8th house of transformation and shared money propels you on to the next ivory tower in which you can make long-term plans with like-minded souls.


If you’re in a relationship Mercury happily sits in his own house the 3rd, trineing the Moon in your 7th which sextiles Venus in your 5th, transporting you and your partner back to those early romantic days. Single Aquarians could find an old flame reappears exactly at the same time a new one sparks their interest. The old one will feel new and the new one – well, get to know them before making comparisons. Remember, you don’t have to decide which one you prefer right now.


The Full Moon in your 10th house brings your 4th house into focus once more. Are you as secure as you can be? Watch out for mischief around the home or else unearthing something buried deep. If there are any skeletons in your closets they could come tumbling out this week. You might not have hidden them there but the effect is the same. If buying a home make sure that survey digs deep.




30th – Grand Earth trine – Sun in 3rd, trine Mars in 7th, trine Pluto in 11th


4th – Moon conjunct Saturn in 8th trine Neptune in 1st


6th – Full Moon in 9th opp Sun/Jupiter conjunct in 3rd


  • Time for action on a grand scale
  • Balance your need for accomplishment with inner exploration
  • The opportunity to get your point of view across to others


Nothing airy-fairy about you this week, Pisces. You’re Xena Warrior Princess or Maximus the gladiator, off on a quest to right wrongs – or is that re-write wrongs? This week’s grand earth trine takes place in your 3rd house of communication with Mars planet of action in your 7th and Pluto in the 11th house of friends and large groups of people. If you have a message or point of view you’ve been dying to get across or a story to tell, Mars has you taking the initiative while Pluto gives your words the power to persuade. Your message could have a bigger impact that you could possibly imagine. Something you Tweet or post goes viral. Your story runs in the paper. Your memo circulates. Your love letter has the desired effect.


But as usual Pisces, you’re looking for the deeper meaning behind all of this. On the 4th the Moon conjuncts Saturn in your 8th house of transformation and makes a trine to Neptune your ruler in your 1st. It’s all about uncovering the real purpose behind what you do and say and for that to work for you it has to be aligned to your soul purpose – the reason for you being here.


By the time the Full Moon occurs in your 9th house of mass communications, overseas connections and study, you’ll be seeing the impact what you’ve said and done has had. You see – you are far more influential than you thought.

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