A Higher Order. How Astrology’s New Planets Are Transforming Our Lives

There’s nothing so exciting to an astrologer or an astronomer alike than the discovery of a new planet. And the 21st Century has already brought us an unprecedented expansion of our knowledge of the solar system with the discovery of not one new planet but six! These new planets are known as the Trans-Neptunian objects – Eris, Orcus, Quaoar, Makemake, Sedna and Haumea.

As the designation ‘Trans-Neptunian’ suggests – all these planets orbits are beyond that of Neptune. But the name ‘Trans-Neptunian’ also provides us with an important clue as to the influence these new planets will have on our lives in that being ‘beyond’ Neptune, they will act as beacons which will enlighten and empower us in a new era of human evolution which has already begun.

The discovery of a new planet always represents a new awakening which is taking place in us collectively. We know this from our history. Ever since the discovery of Uranus – the first planet to be discovered using a telescope, expanded our knowledge of the solar system, we have seen our own lives expand here on Earth. Astrology teaches us that when a new planet(s) is discovered and named, the energy of that planet is now available to all. Western astrology is the only astrological system that has expanded to include new planets as they have been discovered.

With so many new planets we are now seeing what can only be called an abundance of energies becoming available to us all. Of course, the process is not yet complete. For one thing, there may still be other new planets out there waiting to be added to the contingent. For another, it takes a while for us to see how the energy of the new planet impacts on all of us but already certain patterns are beginning to emerge.

Eris is known mythologically as the goddess of discord. We can say she started to create that from the moment she was discovered as it led to her neighbour Pluto being demoted to dwarf status! Eris is orbited by a moon Dysnomia – named after Eris’s daughter – the spirit of lawlessness. Since Eris’s discovery we have seen strife and discord hit our financial markets and lawlessness break out in riots. However, Eris seems to be saying that this may be necessary – that out of strife and discord something better emerges. In other words, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Orcus is named after the God of the Underworld. Actually, he had three names – Pluto, Orcus and Dis Pater. Pluto represents transformation and a journey deep into our souls. Orcus energy appears to be manifesting in a different way – he appears to rule our soul promises – what we came to fulfil here on earth. There is also a strong link between Orcus and healing of the environment and, as his name suggests – another link with the sea and primarily sea mammals. Orcus appears also to rule our jaws and his transformative gifts are the ability to heal negative self-image.

These new planets represent a higher soul path unfolding in front of all of us. As above, so below. That ‘below’ is now all of us as we move to a higher order.

Written by our fabulous astrologer Helen

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