Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs August 13


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 7th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 5th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 6th trine Pluto in 10th opp Venus in 4th sextile Moon in 6th opp Neptune in 12th sextile Pluto in 10th

  • Curb impatience with loved ones
  • Fire up your passion
  • Fate works in your favour

Fiery Mars your ruler meets Saturn in your house of close personal relationships this week. Try to curb any impatience you feel when dealing with loved ones. However, if your relationship has been under pressure recently, you may not be able to help losing your cool. If that happens and you want to kiss and make-up, the new Moon in your romance sector on the 17th will smooth things over for you. Single Aries could find their passion fired up by someone new this week while others may be seized by boundless enthusiasm for a project. You burn with passion – just don’t burn out.

A mystic rectangle forms on the 18th and for all of us this is going to be about our soul calling and making the most of what we’ve got. A change of career direction or opportunity to show what you’re made of may come about through what can only be called the mysterious workings of fate. If fate puts you and your skills in the public eye in some way this week remember – all publicity is good publicity so make it work for you.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 6th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 4th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 5th trine Pluto in 9th opp Venus in 3rd sextile Moon in 5th opp Neptune in 11th sextile Pluto in 9th

  • Respect others ways of working
  • Your roots are important now
  • Look at where you are going as well as where you have come from

You’ve plenty of energy to put into your work and career this week, Taurus – not that anyone can ever accuse you of slacking. Action-oriented Mars meets workhorse Saturn in your 6th house conveying a need to get things done and the stamina to see them through. However, watch that you don’t become fixated on doing things your way. Respect others ways of project managing or getting the job done even if they may not be doing it to your liking. Doing things differently doesn’t mean doing them any better or worse than you – so long as it gets the job done.

The new Moon in your 4th house of emotional security sees you examining your bonds with family members and also ties to wherever you call home. Be careful not to get bogged down in nostalgia however or cling to the past. The mystic rectangle which occurs the following day actually wants you to look at where you are going as opposed to where you’ve come from – or more importantly, where you may be preventing yourself from going. Realise the only person stopping you from exploring your potential is yourself and watch your horizons expand.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 5th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 3rd

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 4th trine Pluto in 8th opp Venus in 2nd sextile Moon in 4th opp Neptune in 10th sextile Pluto in 8th

  • Romance may stall
  • Don’t be authoritarian with children or siblings
  • Artistic and humanitarian ventures bring opportunities

You may have been free-wheeling a bit Gemini thanks to both Jupiter and Venus in your sign. Venus has now moved off into Cancer although Jupiter remains in your 1st. Hopefully he’ll do his best to buffer the Mars/Saturn conjunction which takes place in your 5th house this week which may pull you up short. If a romance has been on rocky ground this week could see it hit a final bump in the road. You may not be your usual light hearted self and there may be a tendency to deal with children or siblings in a heavy handed way. Fortunately the new Moon on the 17th will lighten the mood for you.

On the 18th a mystic rectangle forms making some inspiring aspects across your sectors of shared resources, status, security and assets. But there’s a little more to it than just increasing your bank balance or benefiting from the generosity of others – although this can happen. It’s all about a higher form of self-expression and if that benefits others you benefit too. If you are involved in artistic projects designed to inspire or altruistic or humanitarian ventures, this aspect could open up new paths. Think creatively – act selflessly is your message this week.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 4th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 2nd

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 3rd trine Pluto in 7th opp Venus in 1st sextile Moon in 3rd opp Neptune in 9th sextile Pluto in 7th

  • Don’t be too emotional
  • Is it really just wishful thinking?
  • Use common sense this week

Impulsive Mars meets mighty Saturn in your home and security sector this week. You may find your feelings get stirred up by family and events around the home. Try not to get too emotional – difficult to do when you’re a sensitive Cancerian I know, especially if your family responsibilities feel restrictive now. The new Moon in your 2nd house on the 17th will allow you to take a common-sense approach to any problems and cut them down to size. If you’ve always done things a certain way its time to see if the old ways still hold their meaning or if it’s time to implement a fresh approach. In doing so you may establish something worthwhile.

On the 18th the mystic rectangle asks you to look at what you want to achieve with regards to balancing your needs for intimacy with your needs for freedom. Is what you want really just an unattainable dream or is it in fact just a call to create something more relevant to who you are? Expand your ideas of what you think is possible for you now and see how the world reflects your new attitude.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 3rd (exact)

17th – New Moon in 1st

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 2nd trine Pluto in 6th opp Venus in 12th sextile Moon in 2nd opp Neptune in 8th sextile Pluto in 6th

  • Watch out for quarrels with neighbours or co-workers
  • You react to the slightest changes
  • Finances either wax or wane

Your every day environment comes into focus this week – that and the people that occupy it with you. Impulsive Mars conjuncts Saturn in your 3rd house on the 14th and if resentments have been brewing with neighbours, siblings or co-workers things could now come to a head. It’s not that you’re necessarily the instigator here as the new Moon in your 1st house is making you extremely sensitive to the atmosphere around you and as a result you may go out of your way to avoid confrontations.

On the 18th the mystic rectangle brings your finances into focus. Watch if your bank account increases or decreases around now. It’s not about how much you have as opposed to how much you believe you’re worth. If you think you don’t have what it takes to get ahead then review your inner investments. You have everything you need to get everything you want. You just need to know how you utilise your assets – your innate talents and skills.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 2nd (exact)

17th – New Moon in 12th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 1st trine Pluto in 5th opp Venus in 11th sextile Moon in 1st opp Neptune in 7th sextile Pluto in 5th

  • Small investments may pay big dividends
  • You conceal your true feelings until you feel safe
  • Make sure you keep your word

Mars in your 2nd house of values and material goals conjunct master builder Saturn may see you putting a lot of energy into investing for the future this week. Provided you are willing to take a long-term view on any investment – and that includes personal ones as they also come under the rulership of this house, you may see even a small investment pay off big time at some future date.

There’s a lot of focus on relationships but here caution prevails. You may be keeping your feelings under wraps until you’re certain of exactly how the other party feels. The new Moon on the 17th in your 12th house of secrets and spirituality emphasises the need to connect on more than just a physical level. Just don’t idealise the object of your affections.

The mystic rectangle on the 18th also encompasses your houses of love affairs, creativity and close personal relationships of all kinds – partners and long term friendships. With the Moon in your 1st house as part of it you’ll go out of your way to get along with others now. Expect magical transformations to occur that take your relationships onto a new level. But make sure you keep your word when it comes to what you promise and don’t make those promises until you are good and ready to do so. Single Virgos attention could be caught by someone whose birthday falls in either the late or early part of the year. Go at your own pace and know you’re the good thing that’s worth waiting for.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 1st (exact)

17th – New Moon in 11th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 12th trine Pluto in 4th opp Venus in 10th sextile Moon in 12th opp Neptune in 6th sextile Pluto in 4th

  • What do you want to break free of?
  • What is going on behind the scenes?
  • Does your career sustain you?

What do you feel the need to escape from, Libra? Whatever is restricting you now – be it a job, person, situation or even idea, will come under pressure this week. Mars meets Saturn in your 1st house, announcing a grand finale to something or someone which may have outlived its part in your growth. If they (or it) doesn’t exit your life gracefully expect confrontations to you feel uncharacteristically assertive.

With the new Moon falling in your 11th house on the 17th, expect to find distraction from any issues in friends and socialising. The following day a mystic rectangle forms asking you to look carefully at what is going on behind the scenes in your work, career and even at home. Maybe you’ve been relegated to a back seat or feel disempowered. This aspect wants you to look at what sustains you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Watch out for powerplays and manipulation but don’t become a victim of someone else’s insecurity. Your ruler Venus in your 10th house of status is letting you know you have all the resources you need to get the results you require – and what’s more you may benefit from the help of others willing to put their resources at your disposal even if this is just their knowledge and expertise. Looking for a mentor? This is the week to approach someone or sign up to be on The Apprentice. Just so long as you’re following the path that energises you, you can expect success to follow.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 12th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 10th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 11th trine Pluto in 3rd opp Venus in 9th sextile Moon in 11th opp Neptune in 5th sextile Pluto in 3rd

  • Express yourself creatively
  • You know what people want before they know they want it
  • You work best alone this week

You’re naturally secretive by nature and one of the best signs to confide in, Scorpio. You usually keep a confidence unlike the two signs next door – Libra who just can’t resist the urge to gossip especially after a few wines, and Sag who is likely to inadvertently let things slip. You’re also good at keeping your own feelings hidden but this week is no time for that. Mars your old ruler meets Saturn in your 12th house of secrets and mysteries. It’s time not just to express yourself but to do so creatively in ways that others can relate to. Show your hidden depths and allow others to appreciate the depth of feeling you usually keep hidden.

You’re highly intuitive this week especially when it comes to career matters thanks to the new Moon which takes place in your 10th house and a mystic rectangle which occurs the following day. You may be able to anticipate what people want – bosses, customers, co-workers, before they even know they want it. When it comes to putting your plans into action however, you’re best off working solo. Your talent lies in delving down into the depths and returning with gold. Don’t let others dilute your vision.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 11th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 9th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 10th trine Pluto in 2nd opp Venus in 8th sextile Moon in 10th opp Neptune in 4th sextile Pluto in 2nd

  • You find practical applications for your ideas
  • Goals related to travel, study or competition in focus
  • You seek a wider audience

Sagittarius is always brimming with ideas – your problem often lies not in the ideas themselves but how to execute them. For one thing you can lose interest quickly. For another, you’re a big picture thinker and like to leave it to someone else (a Virgo type) to take care of the details. This week Mars meets Saturn in your 11th house and you have an opportunity to align yourself with someone who has the practical knowledge or wherewithal to transform your ideas into reality.

The new Moon in your 9th sits right in your sector of travel, higher learning and expansion – in other words, all areas close to your heart. When the mystic rectangle forms the following day lighting up your areas of long term security (yes, even a free  spirit needs to feel secure), and status you’re looking for a wider acceptance of your ideas. Anything to do with travel, study, the law, large animals or competitive ventures could propel you onto the world stage thanks to sound advice or backing. Do things by the book and watch what happens.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 10th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 8th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 9th trine Pluto in 1st opp Venus in 7th sextile Moon in 9th opp Neptune in 3rd sextile Pluto in 1st

  • Your determination is at a peak
  • You appreciate what others have to offer you
  • Intense feelings surface around merging and separation

You’re in for an action-packed week this week, Capricorn. Mars meets Saturn in your 10th house of career and status on the 14th lending you the determination to get things done and get ahead. You could find your ambition at a peak and your determination to succeed impresses others.

You’re also appreciative of the support others may offer especially around the new Moon on the 17th when others may put their resources at your disposal. Take this as validation of what you’re doing.

On the 18th, the mystic rectangle features Pluto in your 1st house opposing Venus in your partnership zone as well as the Moon in your 9th of expansion and Neptune in your travel and communication sector. You need to take a rational approach now when it comes to issues around staying put or breaking free. Don’t get caught up in how you would like things to be – look any situation squarely in the face for what it is. By dealing with issues in a creative but realistic fashion gives you the power to transform them now.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 9th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 7th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 8th trine Pluto in 12th opp Venus in 6th sextile Moon in 8th opp Neptune in 2nd sextile Pluto in 12th

  • You want to kick over the traces
  • You may feel overwhelmed at work
  • Don’t take on anyone’s negativity

Mars in your 9th house may be urging you to forget your responsibilities and head for freedom this week. Unfortunately for you, Saturn has other ideas. These two opposing forces meet in your 9th house of expansion, travel and adventure on the 14th and could leave you feeling pulled in two directions as a result. You’d like to forget your responsibilities and go live on a beach but you just can’t – especially when you’ve got so much work on your plate.

A beautiful new Moon in your 7th house means you’re also aware of how your actions would affect partners and those close to you. Just ensure that you don’t take any work frustrations out on them.

The mystic rectangle of the 18th puts even more emphasis on your work sector. If you’re feeling overburdened you may receive help to lighten the load. However, when it comes to your ideas or how you see things panning out beware those who don’t share your enthusiasm. You could end up depressed by someone’s negativity – especially if you were counting on their support. Better to find out now they don’t share your vision – now you know you can go recruit those who do. You may discover there are more of them than you think.


14th – Mars conjunct Saturn in 8th (exact)

17th – New Moon in 6th

18th – Mystic rectangle – Moon in 7th trine Pluto in 11th opp Venus in 5th sextile Moon in 7th opp Neptune in 1st sextile Pluto in 11th

  • Dealings with the general public may feature
  • Partnerships may become closer
  • Take care not to become dependent on others

With Mars meeting Saturn in your 8th house of shared resources and transformations you’re going to be asked where you are dependent on others, Pisces or where others may be dependent on you. Power issues may surface now – do you see resources as a way to control others or are others using theirs to control you? Issues around dependency and co-dependency may surface. There’s a big difference between being able to rely on someone and being dependent on them.

Even if your job doesn’t put you in a position where you deal with the public at large, the new Moon of the 17th may see you interacting with people on a larger scale than usual, especially when it’s followed by the mystic rectangle on the 18th. Large scale events, groups and gatherings could feature. Against this backdrop close relationships seem stronger and more important especially if you feel ‘lost in the crowd’ or dwarfed by the scale of what’s happening around you. But if you’re swept up in larger than usual activities this week and seeking someone to share your experiences with, you may not have to look too far. The person you’re standing next to in that crowd could be the one you’ve been looking for all along.



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