Your Free Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 20


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 4th square Moon in 7th square Pluto in 10th square Uranus in 1st

23rd – Sun enters 6th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 4th opp Pluto in 10th square Uranus in 1st square Venus in 4th

24th – Mars enters 8th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 12th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 1st trine Mercury in 5th trine Moon in 9th

  • Adjust you course
  • What is the bigger picture?
  • What resources do you have access to?

The week starts with a Cardinal Grand Cross part of which falls in your sign thanks to free-wheeling and inventive Uranus in your 1st. When it comes to home, long-term security and partnership issues you’re being asked to look at how you can take a different approach. When the Sun enters your 6th house on the 23rd you’ll find these security issues focussed on your career and wellbeing. Do you need to move in a new direction with how you’re expressing your Dharma or work? On the same day a T-square forms once again impacting on your home, security and status sectors and you’ll see the theme emerging again.

All this is asking you to look at the bigger picture when it comes to any issues around these areas. The solution may be right on front of you but you can’t see the proverbial wood for the trees. Lucky for you Mars your ruler enters your 8th house of transformations and shared resources on the 24th. Nobody can achieve anything alone and you’ll be able to leverage whatever you have available to you to accomplish whatever you need to do. What’s more, thanks to Neptune which will be at its closest to Earth on that day and in your spiritual 12th sector, you’ll be asking nicely.

On the 25th it’s good news for all fire signs as a Grand Fire Trine lights up the sky bringing you fresh ideas and the ability to start the first step on a journey towards a simply better way of doing things. Don’t be content to just ‘go with the flow’ – time to head out with confidence towards your destination even if it means leaving the familiar behind.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 3rd square Moon in 6th square Pluto in 9th square Uranus in 12th

23rd – Sun enters 5th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 3rd opp Pluto in 9th square Uranus in 12th square Venus in 3rd

24th – Mars enters 7th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 11th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 12th trine Mercury in 4th trine Moon in 8th

  • Security and creativity vie for prominence
  • Push the boundaries of what you think is possible
  • Expansion is your key word

You may feel you’re being pulled in two directions this week, Taurus. The Cardinal Grand Cross which takes place on the 20th is asking you to expand your horizons while making yourself secure for the future – at least on the work and career front. How can you take up the call to adventure yet remain true to your innate good sense when it comes to avoiding taking steps into areas you’ve not thoroughly researched beforehand?

Lucky for you the Sun enters your 5th house of creativity on the 23rd which beams in some inspiration and for single Taureans the possibility of someone to explore uncharted territory with thanks to Venus your ruler forming part of a T-square which occurs the same day.

It’s all about what you believe is possible right now and with Mars entering your partnership sector on the 24th along with Neptune making its closest pass to Earth in your house of friendships, you can harness the support of even casual acquaintances as well as those closest to you to achieve your goals.

Expansion is your key word this week and look to where you’re being invited to step into a bigger world. The Grand Fire Trine on the 25th may bring in an increased appreciation for what you share with family, partners or just humanity in general. It’s all about embracing the global family to which we all belong. When you look at it this way you’ll understand you can feel at home anywhere.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 2nd square Moon in 5th square Pluto in 8th square Uranus in 11th

23rd – Sun enters 4th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 2nd opp Pluto in 8th square Uranus in 11th square Venus in 2nd

24th – Mars enters 6th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 10th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 11th trine Mercury in 3rd trine Moon in 7th

  • You want to share with others
  • Activities are planned around the home
  • What’s your spiritual status?

It’s all about sharing yourself with others this week, Gemini. Your thoughts, your ideas, your inspiration and above all – the unique being that is You with the world and on a one-to-one basis. This is no time to be stingy! The Cardinal Grand Cross on the 20th is going to urge you to reach out and connect and transform your appreciation of the people around you. You may end up realising they are in fact your best assets. If you’ve been sitting on an idea don’t keep it to yourself this week, tell people about it and you may be surprised at the support (encouragement and the more practical kind) that you receive.

However, if you’re socialising it’s most likely to take place around the home thanks to the Sun entering your house of home and security on the 23rd. With Mars planet of action entering your 6th house of career and wellbeing on the 24th, watch out for flare-ups. However, you’re receiving support from Neptune which on the same day will be at its closest to Earth in your sector of status and achievements. If Mars makes you lose your cool, Neptune will bring you a way to salvage the situation without too much damage.

But this transit is all about your spiritual status and not just your material one. Do you invest in your soul growth or just your career? When the Grand Fire Trine occurs on the 25th, and you’re grappling with either career, friendship or partnership issues the solution lies not with other people but within. Step back, observe and wait before jumping to any conclusions. Ask yourself: Are they part of my journey or am I part of theirs? Then realise it is all one and the same thing.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 1st square Moon in 4th square Pluto in 7th square Uranus in 10th

23rd – Sun enters 3rd

23rd – T-square – Venus in 1st opp Pluto in 7th square Uranus in 10th square Venus in 1st

24th – Mars enters 5th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 9th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 10th trine Mercury in 2nd trine Moon in 6th

  • Don’t stand in transformations way
  • Don’t try to be in two places at once
  • Past life flirtations reappear

For those Cancerians who have yet to experience the effects of powerful Pluto in their partnership sector, this week may bring a foretaste of what’s to come. The Cardinal Grand Cross which happens on the 20th has Venus the passion planet in your first house plus the Moon your ruler in your all-important home and security sector. Add Pluto to the mix and Uranus in your status area and you can expect transformative events which may alter the way you are living or how the world perceives you for better or worse.

On the 23rd the Sun enters your 3rd house of communication and travel and the T-square highlights any areas that may be resistant to transformation. You’ll find the right words if you need to tell someone that things must change. You could find yourself travelling or demands on your time increasing. If so don’t even try to be in two places at once.

If you’re looking for love Mars enters your 5th house of creativity and love affairs on the 24th as Neptune makes it closest pass to Earth in your 9th house. Your next big adventure could be that exciting individual who’s just crossed your path. With Venus still in your 1st house you’re a zodiac sex bomb right now. Any flirtations may have a real déjà vu aspect about them – a feeling you’ve done this with the person before even if you just met. On the 25th the Grand Fire Trine will light up your assets, career and status sectors and your thoughts may go from flirtation to finances. Whatever (or whoever) enhances your life should be seen as an asset.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 12th square Moon in 3rd square Pluto in 6th square Uranus in 9th

23rd – Sun enters 2nd

23rd – T-square – Venus in 12th opp Pluto in 6th square Uranus in 9th square Venus in 12th

24th – Mars enters 4th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 8th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 9th trine Mercury in 1st trine Moon in 5th

  • You look for reassurance
  • Boundaries may be an issue
  • Make your move

Normally with a Cardinal Grand Cross straddling your sectors of travel, communication, career and spirituality I’d be telling you that this week is all about opening your mind to the endless possibilities of your expanding world, Leo. Yes, this week is about that but there’s a secondary message and that is all about reassurance and security. With the Sun entering your 2nd house on the 23rd and Mars entering your 4th the next day you’re going to be looking closely at whatever assets you have at your disposal that make you feel safe.

When it comes to loved ones, you’ll be showing your vulnerable side this week and seeking reassurance. Hopefully you’ll be receiving the reassurance you need but take care who you confide in as there are those who may try to take advantage of you especially around the 24th when Neptune planet of illusion and secrets makes its closest pass to Earth in your 8th house of power, transformations and endings. If someone you trust oversteps the mark they may quickly regret it as the Grand Fire Trine on the 25th taps you back into the universal energy grid and you’ll be quick to put them back in their place. Whatever moves you’re planning to make whether they are designed to make you feel more secure or send you out exploring possibilities, this week is the time to make them.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 11th square Moon in 2nd square Pluto in 5th square Uranus in 8th

23rd – Sun enters 1st

23rd – T-square – Venus in 11th opp Pluto in 5th square Uranus in 8th square Venus in 11th

24th – Mars enters 3rd

24th – Neptune Opposition in 7th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 8th trine Mercury in 12th trine Moon in 4th

  • More haste less speed
  • Do you have a spiritual union?
  • Where have you given your power away?

This week’s massive soul aspects including the Cardinal Grand Cross which starts the week are asking you to take a look at where you might have given your power away, Virgo. I’m not just talking about in your career or relationships either although you may be aware of issues in these areas. We can give our power away by letting others run away with our ideas or by not speaking up when we know we should.

The Sun enters your 1st house on the 23rd, the same day a T-square forms which may present you with examples of what you might have given up to keep the peace. With Uranus planet of revolution and unpredictability caught up in this mix expect a few upheavals but they’re all designed to restore the balance.

On the 24th, Mars enters your 3rd house of travel and communication. You may find yourself so eager to go somewhere or get things done that you end up doing things in a slapdash fashion or just neglect the details. Not like you at all.

Also on the 24th, Neptune is at its closest to Earth in your 7th house of partnerships. It’s asking you to look at the soul aspects of any close relationship. This goes beyond legal, civil or religious ties and asks whether you feel connected on a spiritual level?

The Grand Fire Trine which follows may have you re-examining the issues that began at the start of the week but from a fresh perspective. Those that opposed you earlier may now be the very ones to be offering you assistance or helping you put down roots.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 10th square Moon in 1st square Pluto in 4th square Uranus in 7th

23rd – Sun enters 12th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 10th opp Pluto in 4th square Uranus in 7th square Venus in 10th

24th – Mars enters 2nd

24th – Neptune Opposition in 6th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 7th trine Mercury in 11th trine Moon in 3rd

  • What kind of future are you imagining?
  • Is your work spiritual enough?
  • Partnerships are part of soul evolution

So, here’s my question for you, Libra. What kind of future have you been visualising for yourself? If your dream hasn’t been manifesting perhaps it’s because you need a bigger dream? The Cardinal Grand Cross not only encompasses the Moon in your 1st house but your ruler Venus in your status and achievement sector. If your goals are in sight then well done and also – time to set new goals. If they remain tantalisingly out of reach however – maybe you’re just not giving the universe enough of a challenge.

With the Sun moving into your 12th of spirituality and secrets on the 23rd, on the same day Venus again forms part of a T-square in your partnership and status sector it’s time for the sign of partnerships to re-define what partnership truly means. When you begin to understand that partnerships encompass many kinds of relationships and not just the romantic kind, you open up a multiverse of partnering possibilities. Remember – they are all partnerships whether it is a business partnership, creative partnership, marriage partnership, long term friendship or even partnership with an animal.

On the 24th Mars enters your house of assets and self-worth while Neptune moves to its closest point to Earth in your career sector. What do you consider spiritual work? Or is all work done in mindfulness spiritual?

On the 25th the Grand Fire Trine forms in your partnership, groups and communications sectors. You’re in a position to let partners know what you want and for you to experience growth as a result of that. You’re more than just the sum of the whole but the sum of all the parts. Don’t forget – ‘partner’ also contains the word ‘part’.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 9th square Moon in 12th square Pluto in 3rd square Uranus in 6th

23rd – Sun enters 11th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 9th opp Pluto in 3rd square Uranus in 6th square Venus in 9th

24th – Mars enters 1st

24th – Neptune Opposition in 5th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 6th trine Mercury in 10th trine Moon in 2nd

  • Career changes pave the way
  • Your social life hits high gear
  • Don’t ignore the creative urge

Pluto your ruler forms one arm of the Cardinal Grand Cross which kicks off a week of mega-astro activity, Scorpio. But what does this mean for you?  The Grand Cross of the 20th takes in your sectors of expansion, communication, career and spirituality. With you we have to focus on the communication aspect as that’s where your ruler is. It’s all about communicating the career evolution (as opposed to revolution) that you want to make, in a positive way. This will pave the way for other changes to manifest in other key areas of your life. But bear in mind, the universe has its own schedule.

The Sun enters your 11th of friends and extended social contacts on the 23rds while on the 24th, Mars enters your 1st house of YOU. Let’s not forget for one minute that Mars used to be your ruler and despite being usurped by Pluto still has a major influence on you. How will this manifest? By giving you a month where you can project the best possible you. Stand by for action and your social life to dominate. Please resist your usual tendency to stay on the periphery of social gatherings, dear Scorpio because Neptune on the same day passes at its closest to Earth on your 5th house of love and creativity. If you’re single and looking for that special someone Neptune could well answer your call. If you’ve got a creative idea, he could also deliver someone with the ability to help you translate it into reality, Live the dream.

You can’t ignore the creative impulse this week, Scorp. Especially when the Grand Fire Trine hits on the 25th which takes in your entire sector of assets, career and status. If you’ve been looking for that moment to push forward with your career plans this might just be it.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 8th square Moon in 11th square Pluto in 2nd square Uranus in 5th

23rd – Sun enters 10th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 8th opp Pluto in 2nd square Uranus in 5th square Venus in 8th

24th – Mars enters 12th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 4th

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 5th trine Mercury in 9th trine Moon in 1st

  • How you love not who you love becomes important now
  • What’s lurking in the background?
  • Accept your legacy

With Venus in your 8th house of transformation the focus is not on who you love but how you express love this week. It’s also about what the universe wants you to receive – call it your ‘legacy’ if you like. A divine gift with the ability to transform not only your life but the lives of everyone around you thanks to the Cardinal Grand Cross which starts the week.

On the 23rd the Sun starts a month-long status-enhancing journey of your 10th house on the same day a T-square forms tying together themes of transforming what you love to do into real and tangible assets. When we work with love we become love.

Mars enters your 12th house of secrets and spirituality on the 24th, the same day as Neptune moves to its closest point to Earth in your 4th house of security. Haunted by a feeling that someone is keeping something from you? Feeling undermined? This could be the time when it’s dragged out into the open.

Nothing can stop you when the Grand Fire Trine takes place on the 25th. The Moon is in your own sign and gathers up Uranus and Mercury in your 5th and 9th houses giving you the boost you’ve been waiting for. Think of it as a launching pad and you’re the space shuttle. Now – aim for the stars.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 7th square Moon in 10th square Pluto in 1st square Uranus in 4th

23rd – Sun enters 9th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 7th opp Pluto in 1st square Uranus in 4th square Venus in 7th

24th – Mars enters 11th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 3rd

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 4th trine Mercury in 8th trine Moon in 12th

  • Where do you want to hang your hat?
  • Plan for adventure
  • Relationships transform to reflect who you are

Think of others as your mirror this week, Capricorn. Sometimes you will like what you see. Or maybe you won’t. If it’s the latter you need to let go of any ideas that there’s something wrong with the other person and adjust your own frequency as they are only reflecting back what you are transmitting. Scary, isn’t it? Don’t think of any of this as a judgement. It’s just an acknowledgment of how far you’ve come in your soul journey. The universe now believes you’re ready and able to take a good, objective look at yourself and how you appear to others thanks to the Cardinal Grand Cross of the 20th and the T-square on the 23rd that pulls in Pluto in your 1st and Venus in your relationship sector. There’s also a smattering of status-related issues around how others see you.

It’s a big day on the 23rd when the Sun enters your 9th house of expansion and luck. You should be planning for something big that expands your horizons in some way especially when it comes to your social life. On the 24th Mars enters your 11th house of social groups while soul-searching Neptune moves to its closest point to Earth in your 3rd house of communication. It’s all about a soul resonance with your friends. If you no longer feel it ask yourself not whether the link has been lost but whether or not you’ve allowed it to lapse before deciding to sever it.

The Grand Fire Trine of the 25th lights up your home, shared assets and spirituality sectors. Where do you feel most at home? Or perhaps the question may be who do you feel most at home with or what do you feel ‘at home’ doing? Emotional satisfaction not status or material satisfaction is what’s important now. Head towards whatever feels good and let go of worrying about how long it will take you to get there.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 6th square Moon in 9th square Pluto in 12th square Uranus in 3rd

23rd – Sun enters 8th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 6th opp Pluto in 12th square Uranus in 3rd square Venus in 6th

24th – Mars enters 10th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 2nd

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 3rd trine Mercury in 7th trine Moon in 11th

  • You discover ways around restrictions
  • Say ‘Yes’ to offers of assistance
  • How do you define a gift?

If you’ve been feeling blocked or restricted of late Aquarius, especially around work and career issues, then take heart. The Cardinal Grand Cross on the 20th combined with the T-square which occurs on the 23rd are giving you the inspiration to circumvent road blocks thrown up by people who just seem to have been out to de-rail you lately.

Sorry, but you have to realise not everyone has your ability to envision such unique approaches to life’s problems. But as your ruler Uranus is caught up in all this you’re going to be able to communicate your point of view effectively.

On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 8th house and the following day Mars enters your 10th house of status. Be on the look out for anyone offering assistance or to share their resources with you. Now is not the time to say you don’t deserve it or that it’s too much. Just say ‘thank-you’ nicely and contemplate the fine art of acceptance and its close relative – gratitude.

On the 24th Neptune will be at its closest point to Earth in your 2nd house and asking you what you consider to be a ‘gift’? Is it help or assistance? Is it a talent? Is it a person who supplies you with emotional support? Gifts do not necessarily come wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a big shiny bow. You may receive one this week thanks to the Grand Fire Trine of the 25th. It could be an invitation from a friend, a message or phone call bringing good news or the arrival of someone special. Or it could come gift-wrapped. Or maybe it’s just you discovering you had what you needed all along.


20th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Venus in 5th square Moon in 8th square Pluto in 11th square Uranus in 2nd

23rd – Sun enters 7th

23rd – T-square – Venus in 5th opp Pluto in 11th square Uranus in 2nd square Venus in 5th

24th – Mars enters 9th

24th – Neptune Opposition in 1st

25th – Grand Fire Trine – Uranus in 2nd trine Mercury in 6th trine Moon in 10th

  • What do you need to create in the world?
  • What would be on your bucket list?
  • Are you committed to evolving your path or just letting it revolve?

Your creativity is at a peak this week, Pisces thanks to a Cardinal Grand Cross and a T-square both of which light up key sectors relating to your creativity and how you express it. What is it you need to create? A lifestyle? A home? A family? A creative project? A business? A relationship? A fulfilling career? A cake? It doesn’t matter what it is – you need to create to honour your own self-expression, your reason for being here. The message here is that nobody would do whatever it is you want to do in the way you would do it. That’s your gift.

On the 23rd the Sun enters your partnership zone. Single Pisces could meet a potential mate under this influence as it’s boosted by Venus and the T-square. Mars in your 9th house of adventure and expansion is asking you to act like a bit of a daredevil. Do you have a bucket list? If you don’t perhaps this is the week to draw it up and with your ruler Neptune in your 1st at its closest to Earth perhaps it’s also time to tick off an experience on that list by taking the steps to make it happen. If you don’t think it’s possible time to ask yourself why not?

The Grand Fire Trine on the 25th lights up your career sectors but in a very specific way. Are you just coasting along in a cycle or are you evolving on your soul path? If you keep on finding yourself facing the same issues over and over again but in different jobs/companies or with different bosses then you’re stuck in a revolving career door. Once you see it for what it is you can exit and move on. This aspect gives you the energy to accomplish just that.

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