Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview October 1

2nd – Mystic Rectangle – Saturn conjunct Mercury in Libra, trine Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces opp Venus in Leo, sextile Moon in Taurus trine Venus in Leo sextile Saturn/Mercury in Libra opp Moon in Taurus

3rd – Venus enters Virgo

4th – Jupiter retrograde in Gemini

4th – Grand Cross – Venus in Virgo square Mars in Scorpio square Neptune in Pisces opp Venus in Virgo square Moon in Taurus opp Mars in Scorpio

5th – Mercury enters Scorpio

5th – Saturn enters Scorpio

5th – Double T-square – Venus in Virgo square Mars in Scorpio square Neptune in Pisces opp Venus in Virgo; Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, square Uranus in Aries opp Sun in Libra

7th – Mars enters Sagittarius

7th – Grand Water Trine – Saturn conjunct Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces trine Moon in Cancer trine Saturn/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio

7th – Venus in Virgo opp Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Pisces

7th Cardinal Grand Cross – Sun in Libra, square Pluto in Capricorn, opposition Moon in Cancer, square Uranus in Aries, square Moon in Cancer square Sun in Libra opp Uranus in Aries

7th – Kite – Saturn conjunct Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune conjunct Chiron in Pisces, opposition Venus in Virgo and trine Moon in Cancer trine Saturn/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio sextile Venus in Virgo sextile Moon in Cancer

  • The patterns of planetary destiny are revealed
  • Deep soul healing takes place
  • Time to chart a new course

This is one of those weeks where the list of major aspects and transits may actually end up being longer than the forecast! However, no matter what our sign we are all going to feel the effects of these powerful influences as they form part of the universal soul-calling that is in effect right now. There’s no doubt we are in a time of transition where we have to fully understand and appreciate the connectedness all of us share on this planet. Much has been written and speculated about 2012 but what we are talking about is a soul shift that has the ability to change not only our own destinies but affect every living thing on a planetary scale.

The soul refinement begins this week with a mystic rectangle which includes Saturn that great time keeper and administrator of karma which will be conjunct Mercury planet of communication, the Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune which is conjunct Pisces. Time for us all to look closely at what wounds we carry as individuals, as a collective and as a planet. Expect message both personal and in the media to reflect this.

Two days later on the 4th, a Grand Cross forms – the first of two this week. This one misses the quadruplicity as two planets are in fixed signs – Moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio while two are in mutable signs – Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. However, the angles of the planets are in orb making it a Grand Cross. What’s important here is to look at the two opposing qualities – mutable and fixed which have come together to form this cross. The message for us all is to stop resisting change while knowing just what needs to be changed. In other words, while we mustn’t hang on to ideas that hold us back, we must guard against change merely for change’s sake. There is a balance which needs to be maintained.

The next day two T-squares form with it appears, the express purpose of emphasising this message as one T-square contains three of the planets involved in the Grand Cross. The other T-square is comprised of the Sun in Libra -sign of balance, transformational Pluto in structured Capricorn and revolutionary Uranus in action-oriented Aries. We may not only see clearly what needs to be changed but have the energy to make whatever changes are necessary to transform our thinking and our world.

The end of the week marks the biggest line-up of all when a Grand Water trine highlights whatever it is that needs healing emotionally. With any soul work there is often deep healing to be done. On the same day – the 7th, a Cardinal Grand Cross also forms and this in turn forms part of a kite. All these aspects forming at the same time mean that there will hardly be a soul on the planet who doesn’t have a personal planet in their charts affected by this incredible formation. So, what’s the message? Time to chart a new course and lay in a new direction. To dare to dream bigger and fly higher than we have in the past. To reach deep within ourselves and find what we’ve kept hidden that we now need to show the world to be an example of what we can all achieve. We’re all getting serious help in our journey towards soul evolution this week. Our destination? The stars.


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