Astro Tarot – A Way to Combine Astrology and Tarot That Anyone Can Learn!

Many of you are put off learning more about astrology due to the perception that it’s difficult to learn. While we can say that out of all the metaphysical disciplines, astrology takes the most time to master, this does not mean that you cannot bring a new depth to your Tarot skills and also learn a lot about astrology simply by using Astro Tarot techniques. What’s more, you don’t have to learn about planetary transits and aspects (which is what puts most people off learning astrology), or interpreting a chart.

My Astro Tarot uses just the Major Arcana cards in your Tarot deck. What Tarot and astrology have in common is they both tell us a story – our soul’s journey here on Earth in this lifetime. To do this they both utilise universal archetypal energies that everyone can relate to no matter who or where they are from. In astrology these energies are symbolised by the planets and houses in the chart. In Tarot it is the meaning behind the images on the cards. What excites me about both astrology and Tarot is that both are constantly evolving as our understanding of our own psyches, our world and our place in the universe expands. In astrology we have new planets being discovered whose energy represents a step forward in our collective understanding. In Tarot we are seeing new decks emerging all the time that add to the traditional symbolism behind the cards with new contemporary images that appeal to a new generation of would-be readers.

The exciting thing about Astro Tarot is you can start to learn it using any deck so all you have to do is begin with your favourite one – or if you are contemplating buying your first deck, one which resonates with you. All you will then need is a Tarot journal. Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking you on a celestial journey through the astrological meaning behind each card in the Major Arcana one by one. You’ll soon discover that drawing out the astrological meaning behind a card will awaken your innate psychic abilities and allow you to bring an even greater depth and clarity to your readings – whether for yourself or others, as even without a chart or the means to interpret it, you will be able to pick up on major planetary influences which are going on.

Astro Tarot is an exciting way to combine two great ancient arts of self-discovery and empowerment so I hope you’ll join me as we journey through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and explore the astrological meaning behind them.

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