Astro Tarot – Mercury The Magician and Transmuter of Souls

After The Fool has set off on his journey we then meet Mercury, the messenger of the Gods and the fastest moving planet in our solar system depicted in the Tarot as The Magician. When we look at the card of The Magician we usually see the symbols of the Minor Arcana – a cup, a sword, a wand and a pentacle set out before him (or her). Traditionally one hand points to the heavens – often holding a caduceus or wand while the other points to the ground – As above, so below.

Mercury rules transport, journeys of short duration and distance, and communication and small animals (smaller than a sheep), and the third and sixth houses of the chart as well as the signs of Gemini and Virgo.  The third house which is associated with Gemini, is concerned with all of the aspects mentioned about while the sixth house which is ruled by Virgo, rules our everyday working environment and tasks and our wellbeing. Gemini is all about ideas while Virgo is all about details and work. So, when we combine these two signs we can see how Mercury and The Magician work to bring our ideas into reality.

When The Magician appears in a reading s/he is putting his resources (symbolised by the minor arcana on the table) at your disposal. He is also asking you to become aware of your goals and how you are communicating and working towards them. It is no good to just sit there and wait for things to happen – Mercury is all about moving quickly and capitalising on the moment. Uranus who we talked about in the card of The Fool represents a higher vibration of Mercury and both planets rule our intellect and ideas. It is Mercury however which gives us the impetus and resources to take action.  Mercury is an alchemist, the transmuter of souls and situations and is calling you to become an alchemist in your own life.

In a reading this card indicates a change is now underway. Look to the surrounding cards but this change will most likely involve a goal to do with work and wellbeing and may involve honing communication skills to attain it. Also, astrologically, remember that three to four times a year Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky – known as a Mercury retrograde. Our free astrology forecasts will tell you when this is going to happen. During this time Mercury gives us a chance to re-visit, re-view, re-fine, re-negotiate, re-vise and re-write goals, priorities, opportunities and even life paths. If The Magician appears in a reading during one of these times it’s highly likely that whoever you’re reading for is being offered another opportunity to get things right. Mercury is all about using your creativity.

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