Your Free Weekly Horoscope for All Signs November 19th


19th – Mars enters 10th

22nd – Sun enters 9th

23rd – Venus enters 8th

25th – Sun in 9th trine Uranus in 1st

25th – Uranus in 1st quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 8th

  • A key week for expansion
  • Direct your energy towards what needs to transform now
  • Time to be original

It’s never like you to sit around and wait for permission, Aries. This week you’ll be fired up with plans to improve your image in some way be it through your career or just via working to change how people perceive you. It’s all down to Mars your ruler entering your status and career sector on the 19th which begins a week which will be centered around changes for the better.

On the 22nd, the Sun enters your 9th house which means it will start to trine your Sun if you were born in the first decanant of Aries (the first 10 days after the Sun enters your sign). These Aries will feel the positive aspects the most which will include the rest of the Rams as the Sun moves it way through your 9th over the next month. The message is all about expansion. On the 23rd, Venus planet of love enters sexy Scorpio and your 8th house of transformation. Whatever you seek to transform in your life receives a boost from Venus especially if it’s your love life!

On the 25th you’ll feel the call to act in a way that reflects your truth thanks to the Sun which trines innovative Uranus in your 1st. On the same day, Uranus will form what is known as a ‘quincunx’ – an angle of 150 degrees, to the Venus which is now moving to conjunct Saturn in the 8th again. While Venus may be happy to dally and experiment or even go off on a new tack, Saturn is all about restriction and structure. None of these planets are that happy with one other so some kind of readjustment is necessary – especially when it comes to endings or things you share with others. Your keys words are adjust, adapt and think of new solutions to old issues. By applying some original thinking you’ll free yourself of limitations and allow the transformative energy to flow.


19th – Mars enters 9th

22nd – Sun enters 8th

23rd – Venus enters 7th

25th – Sun in 8th trine Uranus in 12th

25th – Uranus in 12th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 7th

  • Unexpected events lead to fated encounters
  • Love is on the agenda
  • Be your own guru this week – the answers are within you

Most Taureans out there are probably already quaking in their shoes, terrified I am going to speak about transformations and changes yet again. It’s not that you’re against changes per se – it’s just that you wish they’d announce their arrival ahead of time instead of just turning up unannounced! After all, if they gave you six months notice you’d have plenty of time to get used to the idea and prepare. Instead they are like an annoying Sagittarian friend – always pitching up on your doorstep unexpectedly, banging on the door loudly and demanding to be let in. Don’t they realise life requires planning? Routine? A little advance warning would be nice.

Fate has plans for you other than schedules this week, Taurus. I’m not mentioning the ‘c’ word but let go of plans as unexpected developments could prove beneficial if you’re prepared to alter course if required. Mars is in your 9th from the 19th, pushing you out into the world. When the Sun enters your 8th on the 22nd, it heralds a transformational (sorry, it had to come up!) month. Watch for this in your relationship with partners and those closest to you because Venus your ruler moves into your partnership zone on the 23rd bringing love (of the lasting variety) onto the agenda. If you’re out and about which you should be there could be an encounter that seems like fate.

On the 25th the Sun in your 8th trines Uranus planet of surprises in your 12th of soul secrets and past mysteries. On the same day, Uranus makes a quincunx (an aspect between to opposing forces that can result in a major transformation) between the Venus/Saturn conjunction again in your 7th which is about to form. When it comes to seeking answers, the wisdom you need is within you. Whatever happens this week was agreed between you and others o a soul level a long time ago. Remember, you can’t argue with fate after all.


19th – Mars enters 8th

22nd – Sun enters 7th

23rd – Venus enters 6th

25th – Sun in 7th trine Uranus in 11th

25th – Uranus in 11th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 6th

  • Count to 10 before taking action!
  • Partnerships shift
  • Bring goals closer by taking practical steps

Your energy is at a peak this week Gemini thanks to Mars who enters your 8th of transformations, shared resources, karma and sex on the 19th. With the Sun in your 7th of partnerships from the 22nd, expect to be able to use this energy to fire things up with you and your beloved and things could get serious – if you’ve been waiting for a commitment you could now get it. However, all this comes with a warning. Energy has to find an outlet – especially Mars energy. If you can’t make love or if there is any area of your life you are frustrated with right now (especially if it’s your love life) then Mars will make war instead. You won’t be suffering fools gladly even if you are all loved-up so my advice is to count to 10 before taking action this week or speaking what’s on your mind.

Don’t rely on Venus to bring peace and love either. On the 23rd, the planet of love, romance and creativity enters your 6th of work and wellness. This is a placement where Venus is just not very happy. She’s all about sensuality and indulgence where your 6th is all about everyday tasks and also your boss or manager. The energy of this house is therefore at odds with Venus. Normal tasks may chafe and resentment may follow. Don’t let Venus and Mars lead you into bucking the routine as a result especially when Uranus in your 11th makes a quincunx – a tense aspect, with the Saturn/Venus conjunction also in your 6th which begins to form on the 25th. On the same day the Sun in your 7th will trine Uranus. Use this energy not to shake up the status-quo (although it may be tempting!) but to take innovative yet practical steps towards your goals. Just be advised – if one of your goals is to sit in your boss’s chair – telling him or her about it may not be the best way to achieve that. Be the change that others can’t see coming.


19th – Mars enters 7th

22nd – Sun enters 6th

23rd – Venus enters 5th

25th – Sun in 6th trine Uranus in 10th

25th – Uranus in 10th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 5th

  • Express your creativity
  • Catch a career break!
  • Don’t stay home if you’re looking for love

Career, love and creativity are highlighted for you this week, Cancer as you enter an uncharacteristically fiery period which promises some soul-boosting encounters or opportunities to shine. If this sounds like you’re channelling your Leo friends, you’re not far wrong as you’re set to become the Zodiac’s superstar this week! Get some ignition from Mars who enters your partnership zone on the 19th. If you’re attached you’ll be showing your passion. Single Cancerians will use the energy to boost their sex appeal and get out there looking for someone to cuddle up with in the colder weather especially when Venus enters your 5th of love and creativity on the 23rd. If you’re involved in a creative job or venture, you could receive a boost or see your work gaining a lot of attention.

For all Cancerians, the Sun is in your work and wellness sector from the 22nd ushering in a month long period where your energy expands and you deal with routine tasks with aplomb. You could catch a bigger career break thanks to the trine between the Sun and Uranus in your 10th of long term career and status on the 25th. On the same day, Uranus will make an aspect known as a quincunx – an angle of 150 degrees to the Venus/Saturn conjunction which begins to form again in your 6th. Use this opposing energy to resist any urge to stay home if you’re single and looking for love. Accept any and all invitations that come your way this week. If you’re just out and about stop and have that coffee or drink somewhere new. You never know who you might meet. Love and opportunity are in the air.


19th – Mars enters 6th

22nd – Sun enters 5th

23rd – Venus enters 4th

25th – Sun in 5th trine Uranus in 9th

25th – Uranus in 9th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 4th

  • A dynamic energy shift occurs
  • Your home environment is in focus
  • Luck is on your side

Before you start complaining that your Cancerian friends have stolen your mojo this week Leo, let me assure you that you’re still the sign of action and attraction, especially when it comes to work and luck. You’ll feel the energy shift when Mars enters your wellness and work sector on the 19th, giving you the zest to deal with every day tasks and if you’ve been feeling a bit under-par you’ll discover you’re feeling more like your old glowing self again. The Sun your ruler enters your 5th of love, passion and creativity on the 22nd putting you firmly back in the spotlight where you like to be. That doesn’t mean you’re neglecting matters closer to home however. On the 23rd, Venus moves into your home sector – you could find yourself splashing out on something beautiful for the home in preparation for the festive season.

The dynamic transits of the week all involve Uranus however – the planet of surprises and thrills currently in your thrill-seeking and adventure sector – the 9th. It’s all about adventure, excitement and luck being on your side now. On the 25th the Sun will make a wonderful trine to Uranus while on the same day Uranus will make what is known as a quincunx – an angle of 150 degrees to Venus and Saturn which begin their conjunction in your 4th. While quincunxes occur between two planets of different energy they can bring a release in a situation by changing the energy dynamic so we can finally see how to proceed. For you, this could be all about being in the right place at the right time. It’s more than pure, dumb luck. It’s fate.


19th – Mars enters 5th

22nd – Sun enters 4th

23rd – Venus enters 3rd

25th – Sun in 4th trine Uranus in 8th

25th – Uranus in 8th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 3rd

  • Transformations occur on a home/emotional level
  • You want to create something – what is it?
  • A week of karma – help or hindrance?

What is it that you’re trying to do, create or achieve, Virgo? This week the planets will bring it into focus in some way thanks to Mars which enters your 5th of love, passion and creativity on the 19th. An emotional shift that’s been brewing on your home front finally comes to the fore when the Sun enters your 4th on the 22nd. You’ve probably sensed this is happening for a while now so this should come as no surprise.

You won’t hesitate to convey your feelings after Venus enters your 3rd of communication on the 23rd ahead of the Sun making a trine to Uranus in your 8th on the 25th. While you may have known something was in the wind if it does catch you by surprise, don’t worry. What is shifting now is intended to push you in the direction of something better. If someone you share space with offers to share a lot more then take them up on it. This week is all about looking at who is assisting you and who is stopping your progress. Also on the 25th Uranus will quincunx Venus and Saturn which are moving up to tango with one another in your 3rd. A quincunx happens when planets which have very different energy form an angle of 150 degrees. This creates a ‘doorway’ to use the energy to transform in some way. You’re being asked to transform your karma by looking at relationships and when it comes to those people who may be difficult, acting towards them in a way that is different to what you have done in the past. Not only will you release the pattern of attracting these kinds of souls into your life you will release any karma between you for the future. So, take the higher ground this week and also the higher spiritual path.


19th – Mars enters 4th

22nd – Sun enters 3rd

23rd – Venus enters 2nd

25th – Sun in 3rd trine Uranus in 7th

25th – Uranus in 7th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 2nd

  • Are you a thrill-seeker?
  • Partners benefit you in some way
  • Bank on your talents and self-worth

Your ruler Venus enters your 2nd house of assets and self-worth this week. You may be presented with an opportunity to boost your bank account but really this week is all about what is worth investing in for the long term and this has to be yourself. Your skills, talents and above all – self-worth are what ensure you significant returns over the long term. If you’ve not been valuing what you have to offer the world then how to you expect others to?

On the 19th, Mars enters your 4th house of home and emotional well-being. Watch for over-reactions on the home front or anything that rattles your sense of security. On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 3rd and on the 25th will trine Uranus in your partnership sector. You’re out for excitements and challenges – especially if you’re looking for love.

Uranus features again on the 25th as he makes an interesting aspect called a quincunx to Venus who is now moving to cosy-up to Saturn, again in your 2nd. Saturn in your 2nd can bring big rewards and also if you are single, a long-term connection. While a quincunx can throw up two lots of opposing energies it can also bring about reformation and adjustment. This is what you can count on now. You could benefit from your partner or just from a new one. What can you bank on? The answer is the future.


19th – Mars enters 3rd

22nd – Sun enters 2nd

23rd – Venus enters 1st

25th – Sun in 2nd trine Uranus in 6th

25th – Uranus in 6th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 1st

  • Your assets receive a boost
  • Get ready for deep, soul transformative events
  • Fate is at work

Mars enters your 3rd on the 19th – you’re either arriving at the station/airport early in your zest to get where you’re going or just being that much more forceful with what you have to say this week. Lots of action is going to be concentrated on your 2nd of self-worth and assets. The Sun enters this key sector just in time for festive shopping and will trine Uranus in your 6th of work and wellbeing on the 25th. You could hear you have a Christmas bonus.

Venus enters your 1st on the 22nd bringing everything down to personal matters. Love, self-love and what that means to you. What you want in terms of love may be shifting now – or perhaps where you’ve felt unloved you see this was now an illusion. Whatever insights you receive around love, being loved or loving now could radically change the nature of your relationships in future.

Karma, kismet, fate – what do you call it? Also on the 25th, Uranus will make a angle known as a quincunx to Venus who is now moving to conjunct Saturn in your 1st. A quincunx involves two planets (in this case three!) with very different energies. Uranus is all about change, originality, surprises, Venus is all about love, creativity and indulgence while Saturn is about tradition, structure and endings. What has to transform now is for your benefit and growth. You’re the Big Bang Theory in action heralding a new personal universe.


19th – Mars enters 2nd

22nd – Sun enters 1st

23rd – Venus enters 12th

25th – Sun in 1st trine Uranus in 5th

25th – Uranus in 5th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 12th

  • A year of soul exploration begins
  • Creativity and love blossom
  • You attract something from the past

You love travel and adventure Sag and this week marks the start of a year of exploration. For some of you this may involve actual travel but all archers will embark on a journey of soul exploration now which will take them on into the New Year.  Your year begins on the 22nd when the Sun enters your sign filling all archers with a sense of optimism and adventure.

Don’t rush into any get-rich quick schemes to finance any expeditions, however. Mars enters your 2nd of your bank account on the 19th and while he’ll give you the energy to work to finance your goals he can lead you astray when it comes to long-term (and safe) financial planning. Venus enters your 12th of soul secrets and hidden realms on the 23rd kicking off the journey I’ve talked about.

Get ready for either your love life or your creativity to receive a boost when the Sun makes a fabulous trine to Uranus in your 5th on the 25th. On the same day Uranus will make what is known as a quincunx – an angle of 150 degrees to Venus which is now moving to conjunct Saturn in your 12th. It’s all about surprises and attraction with a karmic twist to it. You may be surprised at what is attracted as it could be someone or something from your past. Whatever it is know is what you need for your journey – even if it’s just a secret that’s been hidden for far too long.


19th – Mars enters 1st

22nd – Sun enters 12th

23rd – Venus enters 11th

25th – Sun in 12th trine Uranus in 4th

25th – Uranus in 4th quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 11th

  • Action not procrastination
  • A mystery is cleared up
  • Adjustments may have to be made around home or goals

Action-oriented Mars arrives in your 1st house on the 19th and if you’ve been dragging your heels over something (or someone) expect procrastination to be at an end. It’s decision time.

A mystery is about to be cleared up this week, Capricorn. If you’ve been feeling something has been kept from you now is the time it revealed. Of course, what is revealed to you may in fact be a deep and profound truth thanks to the Sun entering your house of spirituality and secrets on the 22nd.

Venus enters your 11th on the 23rd giving your social life a boost and bringing your attention back to your goals. On the 25th, Uranus planet of change, thrills and the unexpected in your 4th, trines the Sun in your 12th. If the secrets I’ve been speaking of are to do with home or emotions, now is when they will come to light. On the same day, Uranus makes another powerful aspect – this time to Venus which is moving to conjunct Saturn your ruler, in your 11th again. You may need to make adjustments regarding issues around either your home or long term plans. Adjustments mean refinement and the ability to create something which serves your growth better. If anyone is asking you to abandon your plans however – this is something else entirely. If so, be prepared to defend your position.


19th – Mars enters 12th

22nd – Sun enters 11th

23rd – Venus enters 10th

25th – Sun in 11th trine Uranus in 3rd

25th – Uranus in 3rd quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 10th

  • News arrives concerning your goals or social circle
  • An opportunity to enhance your status or image
  • Do you understand your own motivations?

Your social life and your status are in focus this week, Aquarius. However, first let’s talk about Mars who moves into your 12th of spirituality, secrets and all things hidden on the 19th. You may be puzzled not only by other’s actions but your own motivations now especially if you act hastily and contrary to your own best interests.

On the 22nd the Sun enters your friends and goals sector where it will trine Uranus your ruler, in your 3rd of communication on the 25th. Expect news to arrive concerning either friends or plans for the future. Venus enters your 10th house of status where the rest of the week’s major transits will be focussed.  Make sure you are seen in the best possible light now (Venus will certainly lend a hand with your image!) as you are in a position to impress.  Uranus features in the other major aspect which takes place on the 25th which includes Venus now moving to conjunct Saturn also in your 10th. If you’ve been working towards something for some time you could now see plans come to fruition. Single Water Bearers could attract a serious partnership prospect – someone older or more experienced who brings an added cachet to their lives or someone may have a sudden change of heart. If the way forks – take the path less travelled.


19th – Mars enters 11th

22nd – Sun enters 10th

23rd – Venus enters 9th

25th – Sun in 10th trine Uranus in 2nd

25th – Uranus in 2nd quincunx Venus/Saturn conjunct in 9th

  • Career issues come into focus
  • You feel the lure of far-away or exotic people and places
  • You adjust a long-term strategy following new insights

Mars enters your friends and goals zone on the 19th giving you renewed energy when it comes to making strides towards what you want to achieve and also the stamina to party if you need it. On the 22nd the Sun enters your 10th of career and the Sun will make a fantastic trine to Uranus in your 2nd on the 25th which could result in a sudden opportunity for advancement landing right in your lap.

Venus is your 9th of adventure, long distance travel and luck may have you thinking of far-away places and make you yearn for the exotic. Single Pisces could find themselves attracted to someone from a very different background or country. Who knows, romance could be waiting along with that take-away curry. But if there’s somewhere you want to visit start planning. For many this week is the start of an adventure and you may find the lure irresistible after the 25th when Uranus in your 2nd makes a quincunx (150 degree) aspect to Venus and Saturn who are moving to conjunct again in your 9th. Staying put (even in your thoughts) is not an option now. Make plans for expansion and Uranus could just fund them for you.

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