Weekly Horoscope Forecast for All Signs January 14th


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 10th square Uranus in 1st and sextile Saturn in 8th

19th – Mercury enters 11th

20th – Sun enters 11th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 11th

20th – T-square: Moon in 2nd opp Saturn in 8th square Mars in 11th square Moon in 2nd

  • Friends and money – how are the two connected in your life?
  • Cooperative and group ventures are in focus this week
  • How do others affect how you feel about yourself?

You and how you see yourself in relation to the people around you is in focus this week, Aries. We can’t talk about you place in your social group without talking about worth or in this case, self-worth. If all this sounds a little ego-centric it’s not meant to. Friends and money (or net worth) are going to feature. On the 15th Venus meets Pluto in your 10th of career and status and squares off Uranus in your 1st while beaming a sextile to hard-working Saturn in your 8th of shared resources and transformations. Someone could place what they have at your disposal. Single Aries on the lookout could attract someone who boosts more than their mojo and is generous to boot.

On the 19th the action shifts to your 11th of goals, social encounters and friends. Cooperative and group ventures are highlighted and if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it as you’ll discover people are more than willing to be forthcoming this week. Mercury enters this zone on the 19th and the Sun the following day. On the 20th the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct – watch for invitations, keep a diary and don’t even try to be in two places at one.

Don’t forget your ruler Mars is already in your friendship sector and on the 20th gets drawn into a T-square with the Moon in your 2nd of money and self-worth (here it is again!) opposing Saturn in your 8th. How do you feel when compared to your friends and work colleagues? Are you better off than they are, about the same, or less so? Do you feel at an advantage or slight disadvantage? Does anyone in your circle make you feel inferior? All these questions and more may arise. The point is not how others see you – but how you perceive yourself. Give yourself the credit you deserve and others will follow suit.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 9th square Uranus in 12th and sextile Saturn in 7th

19th – Mercury enters 10th

20th – Sun enters 10th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 10th

20th – T-square: Moon in 1st opp Saturn in 7th square Mars in 10th square Moon in 1st

  • You look to put an end to restrictions
  • Your passions are stirred
  • Status making moves can be made provided you leave emotion out of it

Passions are stirred this week Taurus thanks to your ruler Venus entwined with Pluto in your 9th of adventure and expansion. Opening ourselves up to passion can be the greatest adventure of all when we explore that fascinating person and also discover who we can be with them. The Venus/Pluto conjunction also squares Uranus in your 12th which rules soul promises, and sextiles Saturn in your 7th of partnerships. This adventure could be something you agreed to embark on a long time ago.

Keep emotion out of any career matters however. On the 19th Mercury moves into your career zone and the Sun joins him the next day. There’s a T-square as well between the Moon in your 1st opposing Saturn and squaring Mars which is also in your 10th. You can forge ahead now with career plans but this is one instance where the head has to rule the heart. Put aside feelings and focus on what you have achieved so far – and what you want to achieve. All this is being set up so you can put an end to any restrictions which may be holding you back. By the time the end of the month rolls around you should have green lights all the way. Get ready to break free.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 8th square Uranus in 11th and sextile Saturn in 6th

19th – Mercury enters 9th

20th – Sun enters 9th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 9th

20th – T-square: Moon in 12th opp Saturn in 6th square Mars in 9th square Moon in 12th

  • Allow space for transformation to occur
  • Your emotions may run deeper than you’re willing to reveal
  • Situations at work may need careful handling

Time to clear a space in your life whether it is on the physical or just the emotional level for change to occur. Often we say we want things to change for the better but neglect to make room for transformations to happen. We tell the universe we want a partner yet our homes and thoughts are full of clutter. Venus meets Pluto in your 8th on the 15th which will allow you to make room beautifully and let the spiritual sunshine in. You could have been hiding the fact that you yearn for one particular change more than you’ve let on. The conjunction also squares Uranus in your social sector and Saturn in your area of work. This is not a week to let extra-curricular activities impinge on work responsibilities.

On the 19th your ruler Mercury enters your expansive 9th and the Sun meets him in there the following day. Mars is also in that sector and while you’ve a lot of energy at your disposal to get things done you may not take kindly to interference which is what could occur on the same day when the Moon in your 12th opposes Saturn in your 6th and squares Mars. If you are faced with a less-than-tactful co-worker or colleague, take care not to over-react now. Situations may call for diplomacy. Take a deep breath and blame it on their planets – not yours.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 7th square Uranus in 10th and sextile Saturn in 5th

19th – Mercury enters 8th

20th – Sun enters 8th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 8th

20th – T-square: Moon in 11th opp Saturn in 5th square Mars in 8th square Moon in 11th

  • You know what actions you need to take now
  • Partnerships and close relationships undergo a transformation
  • You act on intuition when it comes to pursuing your dreams

The aspects of the 15th not only put partnership changes into the spotlight but also clarity and purpose when it comes to your soul path, Cancer. Venus meets Pluto in your partnership zone on the 15th and squares Uranus in your 10th while beaming a fabulous sextile to Saturn in your 5th of romance and creativity. When it comes to relationships you’ll know what to do – if not who to do it with.

On the 19th, Mercury enters your house of transformations, shared resources and endings and will meet the Sun in there the following day. Mars is already in that sector and anything that ends now has really been lived out so don’t try to prevent the inevitable. There’s a T-square as well with the Moon your ruler in your 11th of friends and goals opposing Saturn and squaring that Mars. Don’t forget that Mars at his best gives us drive and energy. When it comes to making the changes you’ll need to pursue those dreams, Mars is your super-conductor. Combined with the Moon’s intuition which you know so well, your intuition will prove to be your best compass when it comes to setting your future direction. Mars gives you the engine power to get there while Saturn keeps you on course for however long it takes. Looked at this way – you’re a powerhouse right now.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 6th square Uranus in 9th and sextile Saturn in 4th

19th – Mercury enters 7th

20th – Sun enters 7th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 7th

20th – T-square: Moon in 10th opp Saturn in 4th square Mars in 7th square Moon in 10th

  • Home issues feel emotional
  • Partnerships come into focus
  • Expect a shift to occur in how or where you work

How, where or even what you’re working on could be in for a change this week, Leo when Venus meets Pluto in your 6th of work. As this aspect squares Uranus in your 9th of expansion while sextiling Saturn in your 4th you could be up for a change due to events which unsettle but push you out onto a larger stage than before, especially if things have been restrictive of late. You know you were never destined to be behind the scenes forever.

Your close (non-family) relationships will also be in focus – this includes close friends and business partners as well as intimate relationships, when Mercury enters your 7th on the 19th followed by your ruler the Sun which meets him in there on the 20th. Expect one relationship in particular to be highlighted. Don’t forget that impulsive and fiery Mars, planet of action is already in this sector. On the same day as the Sun conjuncts Mercury, there’s a T-square forming between the Moon in your career and status-conscious 10th, opposing Saturn in your 4th of home and emotional security and yes, fiery Mars in your 7th. Those closest to you had better tread carefully as if you feel your security is being undermined you are likely to become extremely defensive. On the plus side, someone close to you could be offering you the opportunity for long-term security and that’s the key to this week’s transits. Plan for the long term no matter what’s on the table now.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 5th square Uranus in 8th and sextile Saturn in 3rd

19th – Mercury enters 6th

20th – Sun enters 6th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 6th

20th – T-square: Moon in 9th opp Saturn in 3rd square Mars in 6th square Moon in 9th

  • Work news could dominate the week
  • Your ideas are valuable – protect them
  • Keep your focus now

Those ideas you have are valuable, Virgo so don’t go around sharing them with just anyone. The fact is not everyone thinks like you do and there’s a real danger this week someone could take one of your ideas and run off with it. Venus and Pluto are conjunct in your creative sector and squaring Uranus in your 8th while sextiling Saturn in your 3rd. Single Virgos could be swept up in an unexpected romantic encounter while others are just brimming with inspiration and dying to tell everyone about it. And therein lies the problem. Unless you know the person you are confiding in is totally trustworthy you’re better off keeping such ideas to yourself until you are ready to launch them fully-formed on the world.

Work is in focus thanks to your ruler Mercury entering that zone on the 19th closely followed by the Sun on the 20th. Mars is already sitting in this sector and may have already brought new responsibilities or items which need your action. On the same day the Moon in your expansive 9th opposes Saturn in your 3rd of communication and transport while squaring that Mars. Keep your focus on the housekeeping aspects of what you do and if you are travelling for business allow a bit of extra time for your commute.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 4th square Uranus in 7th and sextile Saturn in 2nd

19th – Mercury enters 5th

20th – Sun enters 5th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 5th

20th – T-square: Moon in 8th opp Saturn in 2nd square Mars in 5th square Moon in 8th

  • Direct energy into creative ideas
  • Sudden changes could affect home or close relationships
  • Ego-boosting situations could occur

Venus your ruler meets Pluto in your 4th of home and emotional wellbeing on the 15th. At the same time this conjunction squares unpredictable Uranus in your partnership zone while sextiling Saturn in your money sector. Uranus brings us challenges but also thrills and he works in – well, mysterious ways as often the challenges are there to help us evolve. Sudden changes around home or close relationships could rattle you but you have the resources to deal with anything that comes your way. This is one of those situations where afterwards you sit back and see it was in fact a blessing in disguise.

Mars is already sitting in your 5th of creativity, romance and all things indulgent. On the 19th Mercury enters followed by the Sun on the 20th. Romantic news could be on its way and even a few ego-boosting situations as you find yourself the centre of attraction. But on the same day a T-square forms between the Moon in your transformational and alchemical 8th which will oppose Saturn and square Mars. You’ll have the energy and passion to pour into creative projects or perhaps one special person will benefit from all this. Put the effort in and you’ll enjoy the rewards now.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 3rd square Uranus in 6th and sextile Saturn in 1st

19th – Mercury enters 4th

20th – Sun enters 4th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 4th

20th – T-square: Moon in 7th opp Saturn in 1st square Mars in 4th square Moon in 7th

  • Keep emotions in check at home and work
  • Sudden news sends you in a new direction
  • Embrace the innovative

Sudden news or a revelation could throw a new light on something and send you off in a new direction this week, Scorpio thanks to Venus who meets your ruler Pluto in your 3rd on the 15th. On the same day this conjunction with square Uranus in your work zone and sexile Saturn in your 1st. Be prepared to reap rewards or else have the carpet pulled from under your feet. What you have or haven’t achieved in the past two and a half year will determine which one this is but this may require you to do things differently than you have done in the past or move off in a totally new direction. Let’s face it – tradition is so last century.

It’s important not to overreact this week especially if there are issues around work or even home. It’s all due to Mars your former ruler sitting in your home sector. On the 19th Mercury moves in there and the next day he is joined by the Sun. On the same day there’s a T-square between the Moon in your partnership zone opposing that Saturn in your 1st and squaring off Mars again. Partners or someone close to you could say or do something that pushes a few buttons. Bear in mind they are just the catalyst and any reactions you have owe their origins to another person or event. Once you see this connection you’ll change the dynamic forever.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 2nd square Uranus in 5th and sextile Saturn in 12th

19th – Mercury enters 3rd

20th – Sun enters 3rd

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 3rd

20th – T-square: Moon in 6th opp Saturn in 12th square Mars in 3rd square Moon in 6th

  • This is the week to say what you need to say
  • Your self-worth undergoes a shift
  • Working behind the scenes brings the results you’re after

For a sign that’s got a reputation for being confident you are in fact surprisingly modest, Sagittarius. Being modest is one thing, not knowing your own worth is another entirely and this week’s aspects will bring that home with a powerful and potentially (self) worth boosting conjunction between Venus and Pluto in your money and assets zone. This cosmic meeting squares Uranus in your 5th of attraction, creativity and romance and sextiles Saturn in your spiritual 12th.

The astro-action then shifts to your 3rd of communication and messages as Mercury swings in there on the 19th and the Sun joins him on the 20th. Have something you’ve been dying to say? This is the week to say it. You could be the recipient of news but keep all lines of communication open now. Short journeys are also in focus – either in distance or duration. Also on the 20th a T-square forms between Mars also in your 3rd, the Moon in your 6th of work and Saturn. When it comes to getting the results you want, it’s all about keeping your head down and working diligently behind the scenes for a while. When your ruler Jupiter turns direct at the end of the month – then you’ll have the chance to step into the spotlight.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 1st square Uranus in 4th and sextile Saturn in 11th

19th – Mercury enters 2nd

20th – Sun enters 2nd

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 2nd

20th – T-square: Moon in 5th opp Saturn in 11th square Mars in 2nd square Moon in 5th

  • You attract what you believe you deserve
  • Long term plans could come to fruition
  • Older friends hold the key to opening doors

Whatever manifests this week has been thought about by you for a while now, Capricorn whether you’re aware of it or not. Venus meets Pluto in your sign on the 15th squaring Uranus in your 4th of home and emotional security while sextiling your ruler, Saturn in your 11th. Long term plans and goals could come to fruition and your home could become the social focus this week. Older people could be pivotal in assisting you with goal attainment or just pointing you in the right direction. Experience and that includes life experience, counts.

Back to the magic of manifestation when Mercury enters your 2nd of assets and self-worth on the 19th and the Sun joins him on the 20th. You’ll attract whatever you think you deserve now so if you don’t like what you’re attracting, work on your self-worth. On the same day as the Sun conjuncts Mercury a T-square also occurs. Impulsive and fiery Mars also in your 2nd gets caught up with Saturn and the Moon in your 5th of romance, creativity and yes, attraction. Whatever you attract has been anticipated or feared by you for some time. Keep your focus on the positive and that’s the outcome you’ll get this week.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 12th square Uranus in 3rd and sextile Saturn in 10th

19th – Mercury enters 1st

20th – Sun enters 1st

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 1st

20th – T-square: Moon in 4th opp Saturn in 10th square Mars in 1st square Moon in 4th

  • Express yourself – don’t be afraid to be unique this week!
  • Home and security is linked to your progress
  • Something is revealed now

As the sign of the individualist you should have no problem expressing yourself, Aquarius. The term ‘eccentric’ is usually high praise in your book. First however, stand by for revelations of the real or esoteric kind as Venus meets Pluto in your house of spirituality, secrets and soul growth. There’s no keeping a lid on this one as this conjunction will square unpredictable Uranus in your communication sector while sextiling Saturn in your 10th. This could well relate to your career or how others see you. Eccentric is fine. Make sure that’s all it is.

Mars is already in your sign boosting your energy and Mercury moves in on the 19th followed by the Sun on the 20th. On the same day the Moon in your 4th of home and emotional safety forms a T-square between Mars in your 1st and Saturn again. How ‘grounded’ and ‘at home’ you feel is now linked to career progress. Create something to sustain you for the future and make sure your public image is one to be proud of this week. Others are watching and taking notes. Remember – you never get a second chance to make that first impression.


15th – Venus/Pluto conjunct in 11th square Uranus in 2nd and sextile Saturn in 9th

19th – Mercury enters 12th

20th – Sun enters 12th

20th – Sun conjunct Mercury in 12th

20th – T-square: Moon in 3rd opp Saturn in 9th square Mars in 12th square Moon in 3rd

  • Emotions have links to your past
  • What is it you yearn to see or experience?
  • Your empathy and compassion combine with intuition

What is top of your bucket list, Pisces? You’re being called to look closely at whatever it is you long to do, see or experience this week and to set the wheels in motion to achieve it. Venus and Pluto meet in your sector of friends and goals. Not only is this social-life alchemy this places a beautiful focus on those goals you feel you’ll do ‘someday’. Don’t wait for ‘someday’ as ‘someday’ never arrives. Take the steps towards it now even if it’s just research as this meeting sextiles Saturn in your 9th of expansion and squares Uranus in your 2nd. You could suddenly find you have the resources to do it after all.

Mercury enters your spiritual sector on the 19th and the Sun will join with him in there on the 20th. Let’s not forget that Mars is already sitting in there and when a T-square forms on the 20th between the Moon in your 3rd, Saturn and Mars you could see how the emotions behind what you do have strong links to the past. Your empathy and compassion will combine with your intuition about the right action to take now – and that includes manifesting that bucket list item.




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