Astrology for Beginners: Understanding a Chart

astrology chart

st house. So if this were a real person they would be a Pisces with Pisces rising. However, don’t forget your rising sign may be different than your Sun sign.

For anyone new to astrology the other main focus will be their Moon sign. If you take a look at this chart you’ll easily find the Moon – the astrological symbol for it is a sickle Moon! The Moon in our example is located in the sign of Capricorn in the 10th house of the chart. So, this person is a Pisces Sun, and a Pisces rising with a Capricorn Moon.

Lastly, to put it all into perspective look at the very centre of the chart. There’s a blank circle in the middle, right around which the chart and all the houses and planets in it revolve. The centre of the chart represents YOU! That’s right. At the moment we are born the planets literally DO revolve around us. Isn’t that a lovely metaphor for all the potential we contain as human beings?

If you’re interested in learning more about your chart then one of our talented astrologers will be happy to help. Remember – you are the centre of your world and your existence as your chart clearly shows.

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