This Weeks Horoscope Forecast for All Signs February 18

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18th – Sun enters 12th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 8th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 12th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 4th trine Saturn in 8th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 12th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 12th

  • What you say and do may feel repetitive
  • Take note of what re-appears in your life
  • A time to step back and evaluate

There’s a sense of déjà vu hanging over the week for you, Aries. Groundhog Day may have passed but you could end up feeling like Bill Murray in the film of the same name – stuck repeating the same thing over and over again. Both the Sun entering your spiritual 12th and Saturn turning retrograde in your own sign on the 18th could have you in a bit of a time warp. And no – let’s not do the time warp again!  Just like the Bill Murray character had to keep repeating the day until he put things right moving forward now means looking at what you need to put right or even stop doing.

With Mercury following Saturn and turning retrograde in your 12th on the 23rd, as well as the Sun making a perfect conjunction to Neptune in there on the 20th, look to see who or what reappears in your life. And as for anyone new turning up – this could also be a reappearance as there are strong past-life connections with anyone who turns up now.  The Grand Water Trine of the 22nd sees the Moon in your home sector trineing Saturn in your 8th and Mercury and Mars both conjunct in your 12th. No matter what you are feeling, you need to step back and wait before taking any action. More is to be revealed. You’ll finally know what to do when it is.


18th – Sun enters 11th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 7th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 11th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 3rd trine Saturn in 7th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 11th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 11th

  • Reconnections with people and goals feature
  • What have you learned from past relationships?
  • What needs to be taken with you into the future?

Are you feeling connected, Taurus? Connections past and present are going to feature as are your long-term goal objectives. You could reconnect with someone from your past who is going to put you on the path to refined goal success. After all, your goals have to evolve along with you. It’s all down to some spectacular emphasis this week on your area of friends, social events, networks and yes, your goals. The Sun enters this sector on the 18th, the same day Saturn in your partnership area turns retrograde. What have your closest connections taught you so far? It doesn’t matter whether the relationship lasted or not. It’s what you learned about being in a partnership with someone that counts.

How you get to your goals will also be in focus. Acts of faith may be required when the Sun and Neptune meet on the 20th. While on the 22nd the Grand Water Trine has Mercury and Mars conjunct in your 11th trineing the Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Lucky for you you’re not prone to leaping before you look so don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to what you hear now. On the 23rd, Mercury turns retrograde in your 11th as well. I could remind you to allow extra time if travelling to meet friends or social encounters and to also double-check the arrangements before departure. This Mercury wants you to take a look at what you need to take with you into the future. And who. Time for a de-clutter. He or she who travels light, travels far.


18th – Sun enters 10th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 6th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 10th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 2nd trine Saturn in 6th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 10th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 10th

  • Take action then let go
  • Work done in the past benefits the future
  • Progress needs to be reviewed

Your entire work, career and money sector receives an astro-boost this week, Gemini. The Sun enters your career and status zone on the 18th where there’s already an emphasis on planetary activity right now. On the same day Saturn turns retrograde in your house of work and wellness. You could see rewards come in for something you did in the past. However, watch your energy levels under this transit as you could become easily tired.

The Sun and Neptune meet in your 10th on the 20th which could clarify career questions for many of you and have you reviewing your progress so far especially when the Grand Water Trine picks up your ruler Mercury (conjunct Mars) and gets the energy flowing between them and the Moon in your money sector and Saturn in your 6th. Don’t know where the next penny is coming from? Feeling the pinch? It’s all about stating your intentions, doing what you are able to and then letting go. When it comes to long term career matter your ruler Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd. Wait until he moves direct next month before pursuing that new job or promotion but if something from the past returns to you now – it’s yours. Letting go of your ideas of how success will arrive is a sure way to invite it in.


18th – Sun enters 9th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 5th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 9th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 1st trine Saturn in 5th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 9th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 9th

  • The world is on your doorstep this week
  • Watch for what returns
  • Return to ideas which have supported you in the past

It doesn’t matter if you stay home snuggled under the duvet this week, Cancer – the world is going to seek you out. The emphasis is still on your 9th of expansion and adventure thanks to the Sun entering there on the 18th, and even if you don’t leave your neighbourhood – or your bed – events and people are going to intrude to remind you that there’s a big world out there. On the same day Saturn turns retrograde in your sector of love, children and creativity. Watch for what comes back now – and that includes old lovers. I tend to write a lot about not taking the past into the future. In your case however, you can go back to the future by revisiting ideas and methods that previously worked that for whatever reason you have ignored or discarded. Look back at your successes – in any area of life and look closely at what you were doing right back then that you’ve stopped doing now. And if the one that got away returns – perhaps you need to ensure they don’t get away again.

It’s a soul revival week for you and this could mean opening yourself to new experiences thanks to the Sun and Neptune meeting in your 9th again on the 20th while the 22nd sees the Moon your ruler in your sign and part of a Grand Water Trine which includes Saturn again and a Mercury/Mars conjunction in your 9th. By this time you may be enticed out from beneath the duvet. The Mercury retrograde which begins on the 23rd may have you looking back at places you’ve been or even missed opportunities. Your message this week is you don’t need to miss out a second time.


18th – Sun enters 8th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 4th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 8th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 12th trine Saturn in 4th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 8th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 8th

  • Emotional changes with home or female caregivers may feature
  • Tie up loose ends
  • Look at where you have failed to make yourself secure

Transformations and nurturing, mothering or being nurtured and mothered could be themes for you this week, Leo. The Sun your ruler, enters your area of transformations, shared resources, rebirth and relationships where sex is important on the 18th, boosting the already intense vibes in that sector. This emphasis is only going to intensify over the next few weeks and you are going to be asked to look at what you’re sharing with others and the transformational power of sex in particular. When you share an intimate act with others both you and they are transformed so I hope you’ve not been holding yourself back here, Leo. If there has been a lack of bedroom action of late it’s time to do something about it.

Saturn moves retrograde in your house of home and security on the 18th and there follows a Grand Water Trine which will impact on that sector on the 22nd as well as feature a Mars and Mercury conjunction in your 8th. Female caregivers or older women could feature now and even if your mother has passed away expect strong emotions to surface. This is all about making yourself feel mothered and secure now so become the mother you need for the child that is within you. It’s all about knowing you are safe. Strong emotions will be the order of the day when the Sun and Neptune meet in your 8th on the 20th. When Mercury turns retrograde in there on the 23rd use this time to finish up projects and tie up loose ends in your life. If you feel there’s a new cycle beckoning – you’re right.


18th – Sun enters 7th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 3rd

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 7th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 11th trine Saturn in 3rd trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 7th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 7th

  • Something needs replacing – maybe it’s just an idea
  • All connections whether personal or professional are highlighted
  • Issues around partnerships need clarification

The first quarter of this year should have brought issues around partnerships into focus for you, Virgo. Expect this to intensify over the next few weeks as the astro-emphasis continues to be on this sector of your chart. This area also includes your closest friends, business partners and even animal companions. It also encompasses open enemies. If you’re wondering how the same house can rule committed love relationships and enemies then just stop and think about what often happens when people go through a divorce and you’ll see the connection. Virgos in this position could see events come to a head in the next few weeks while the rest of you look at what it really does mean to be ‘partnered up’. The Sun is in this sector of your chart from the 18th and will meet Neptune in there on the 20th. Issues around partnerships may need clarification at this time especially as Saturn turns retrograde in your communication sector also on the 18th and gets caught in a Grand Water Trine which ropes in Mercury your ruler conjunct Mars in your 7th on the 22nd. Emotions may have you reacting in a totally un-Virgoan way when it comes to what those close to you are doing.

It’s time for a change or to think about what needs to change especially when Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd. It could just be a thought or it could be that you need to look at how you usually react to specific situations and change that. In doing so you’ll change the dynamic between you and the other person. Don’t let anyone take you or your reactions for granted this week.


18th – Sun enters 6th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 2nd

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 6th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 10th trine Saturn in 2nd trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 6th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 6th

  • Peak energy makes light work of every day routine
  • Something owed to you could be repaid
  • Make yourself clear when it comes to work matters

Emotions may be running high with regards to money or work issues this week, Libra. Thanks to some major aspects in your work and wellness zone, you should be able to whiz through your every day tasks, however. It’s all about taking care of housekeeping stuff rather than looking at the bigger picture. The Sun is in your 6th from the 18th and on the same day Saturn retrograde in your money house is asking you whether or not you’ve been planning for your financial future. Don’t be like Carrie Bradshaw and spend it all on shoes. Time to put a serious long term plan into action.

On the 20th the Sun makes an exact conjunction to Neptune again in your 6th and you need to cross the t’s and dot the i’s at work and make sure you’re being understood. The Grand Water Trine of the 22nd flows across your entire work and career sector. Make sure you keep money and business issues in their place and emotions out of it. You could see a debt being repaid however and Mercury retrograde in your work area from the 23rd offers the opportunity to review systems when it comes to how you work and streamline them. While a retrograde period is not the best in which to look for work, if your assessment is that you’d be better off working elsewhere this is an excellent period in which to update your resume. Wait until Mercury turns direct next month before sending it out however.


18th – Sun enters 5th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 1st

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 5th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 9th trine Saturn in 1st trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 5th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 5th

  • Get clear about what you want to attract this week
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • Old loves or passions could return

I’ve spoken before about how you are attraction in action now, Scorpio so this week with the planetary line-up building in that attraction sector, you need to be very clear about exactly what it is that you want to attract. The Sun enters there on the 18th – the same day as powerful Saturn turns retrograde in your 1st. Have you been thinking about someone or something from your past because if so, beware! That is exactly what you could attract right now. What manifests is what you desire or what you fear so please direct your thoughts wisely especially when the Sun meets Neptune in your 5th on the 20th. You could draw to you what you thought you wanted only to discover it is not what it seems or that you really didn’t want it after all!

Saturn in your 1st forms part of the Grand Water Trine across your 5th and 9th which has your former ruler Mars conjunct Mercury in your 5th. You could see what you want and go for it. When Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd you could see you returning to a past passion – even if it’s a creative one. This is all about the insights you should have been receiving into yourself and your needs.  What you want and what you need are often two different things. What manifests now will show you if you finally understand the difference.


18th – Sun enters 4th

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 12th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 4th (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 8th trine Saturn in 12th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 4th

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 4th

  • Spiritual refinement is in order
  • Check your foundations
  • You feel a deep need to be ‘grounded’

Are you feeling secure, Sag because you’re now being asked to look at your foundations. Now this could be your emotional foundations or you may need to literally check what underpins your home! The Sun in your 4th from the 18th continues the focus on home and security issues and on the same day master-builder Saturn turns retrograde in your spiritual 12th. With the Sun meeting Neptune in your 4th on the 20th you’ll be feeling the need to be ‘grounded’ but trouble with pipes or the water table around where you live is also a distinct possibility. It’s all about connecting to the spiritual while being firmly connected to the place you’re in and you’ll feel some kind of transformation taking place around this when the Grand Water Trine washes through your home, spiritual and transformation sectors on the 22nd.

Make sure you know where all your insurance policies and important papers to do with your home are when Mercury turns retrograde in your 4th from the 23rd. You may need to lay hands on them in a hurry and read the small print of any agreement carefully. But steer clear of signing rental agreements or buying property until after he turns direct again next month if you possibly can. That is unless you want to be moving on again sooner than even an explorer like you would like.


18th – Sun enters 3rd

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 11th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 3rd (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 7th trine Saturn in 11th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 3rd

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 3rd

  • Don’t get caught in a communications white-out
  • Goals and connections need revision
  • Do you put too much store in the opinions of others?

Saturn your ruler turns retrograde on the 18th in your sector of friends, connections and goals. Look closely at these areas and check whether you still resonate with both the people you socialise with and also those dreams. Have you made a quantum shift and are suddenly seeing others have stayed stuck? Are they not happy about how your life is turning out or are you holding yourself back just to avoid their criticism? When it comes to your goals, what you thought you wanted may no longer hold the same meaning for you. If so, use this time for revision and perhaps to connect to a new social circle as you’re getting some major help in that direction thanks to the astro-focus on your communication sector. The Sun enters there the same day Saturn moves retrograde while on the 20th, the Sun meets Neptune. Just ensure when it comes to important matters that wires are not getting crossed or that what you are saying isn’t just disappearing into oblivion.

Mercury and Mars are conjunct on the 22nd and part of a Grand Water Trine which irrigates your partnership, friends and communication sectors. If it’s new connecting you’re after or just wanting to make yourself understood, this is your channel opening. However, the next day Mercury turns retrograde. Make sure all important documents and files are backed up. Say what you mean and mean what you say. The entire universe may be listening even if those closest to you aren’t.


18th – Sun enters 2nd

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 10th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 2nd (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 6th trine Saturn in 10th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 2nd

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 2nd

  • You could return to the old ways of doing things
  • Make sure your core values are clear
  • Don’t innovate – wait

Nobody would peg you as a traditionalist, Aquarius but this week could see you resurrecting old habits or ways of thinking and doing things especially when it comes to career matters thanks to Saturn which turns retrograde in your 10th of long term career path on the 18th. On the same day the Sun enters your 2nd, putting the emphasis now on money and what your values are. You need to be very clear about your net and self-worth now especially when the Sun meets Neptune in there on the 20th and not sell yourself shirt especially when it comes to money matters or your skills.

On the 22nd, a Grand Water Trine will flow across your entire money, work and career sector. Are you valuing what you bring to your work on an emotional level? Are you allowing your self-worth to be defined by what you are being paid to do your job? The issue isn’t whether you have one or one million pounds in the bank. It’s about the value you put on yourself. Even if you don’t know where the next penny is coming from act like you deserve to be rewarded and rewards is what you’ll receive. Mercury retrograde in your 2nd from the 23rd could revive a previous income stream for you. What returns now can support you in to the future.


18th – Sun enters 1st

18th – Saturn Retrograde in 9th

20th – Sun and Neptune conjunct in 1st (exact)

22nd – Grand Water Trine: Moon in 5th trine Saturn in 9th trine Mercury/Mars conjunct in 1st

23rd – Mercury Retrograde in 1st

  • Long term plans should be reviewed
  • Keep your boundaries intact
  • Make sure others understand you

The Sun enters your 1st on the 18th kick-starting the next stage of the major astro influences that have been quietly building for you. Expect more intensity to follow but in the interim Saturn in your 9th turns retrograde on the same day asking you to review all those long term and big plans. Nothing like a little refinement to bring your vision into reality.

Keep your boundaries intact when the Sun and your ruler Neptune meet on the 20th. While your psychic and creative abilities and your empathy will be at a peak those who are not so spiritually aligned could take advantage of you. On the 22nd the Grand Water Trine flows across your love, attraction and adventure zones as well as pulling in the Mars/Mercury conjunction in your 1st. For single Piscesans love could be on the agenda now or something could appear that opens up a new level of experience. The following day Mercury will turn retrograde in your 1st. From then on until he turns direct next month make sure others understand you and take extra time to get wherever you want to go – and that includes spiritual journeys as well as actual ones. The journey should be the goal for you now.

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