Aquarius – Love lessons

Aquarius have a huge capacity to be loved and see lovable things in almost everyone you meet! You are the least judgmental of all the signs and adore people who are interesting, different and especially brave. If you find yourself unhappy in a relationship it is probably because you are being asked (by yourself or the relationship) to conform – and conforming is not you! You need freedom to spread your wings and you give more to a relationship when you are flying free. You have an expansive and exciting love nature, but that love can never be captured or ‘owned’.

Your love lesson

Your love lesson is to overcome your sense of detachment. Aquarius can often you can feel on the outside looking in. You are fascinated by your partner or a love interest but are unaware of ‘you’ and your part in the relationship dynamic. It’s important to get in touch with your body (some Aquarius find it hard to love their body or feel ‘in’ their body) and to open up your heart (placing a piece of rose quartz on your heart and visualising pink light filling your heart centre can help). Don’t allow someone else’s emotions confuse you about your own.

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