Star Sign Seduction! How To Seduce An Aries

Aries horoscope

Want to know how to win the heart of your lover by appealing to their individual brand of astro-sexiness? Then check out our Star Sign Seduction tips for every sign.



The Aries lover is always up for fun. However, Aries people are easily bored so you’ll have to continually find ways to keep them entertained – phone calls, texts, back-rubs. Despite being ruled by fiery Mars, Aries people are usually easy-going however they don’t ‘do’ high maintenance – if you start to become demanding or needy your Aries lover will usually back right off. You’ll know you’re making the right impression when you bring out the extrovert side of your Aries and they start making fun plans for the two of you to do together. Aries usually won’t waste your time as they believe that life is too short to waste on something that is boring or isn’t going to work but they are usually willing to give anything a try.


Aries Man

Don’t be a push-over or let your Aries man seduce you too quickly otherwise he will lose interest. Aries man likes a challenge and he loves to succeed in every area of his life. The bottom line for Aries man is not to put out until you have got to know him well. Make him ‘woo’ you in the old-fashioned sense – remember, being a tease and being playfully flirtatious are two different things and Aries deep down loves to play! He appreciates a bit of mystery so don’t fall into the trap of becoming a notch on his bedpost. Go for the long, lingering kiss goodnight and leave him wanting more. If you’re the one planning the date then go for fun and adventure to get his adrenaline going then change out of your adventure clothes and surprise him in a sexy red cocktail dress and this man will be smitten! This man is similar to a Leo in that he likes his partner to look good so maintain your appearance. Like Leo he can be jealous so don’t pay too much attention to other men or pictures of Johnny Depp! Tell him what you admire about him – in work and with regards to his appearance and inner qualities but make sure you mean it as Aries man can smell a pile of BS a mile away. This man is a fire sign and will bring all that hot fiery passion into the bedroom but take your time getting there. And as for seduction – don’t go for the obvious. ‘Accidentally’ brushing against him is usually all it takes to get his motor running!


Aries Woman

Smart, savvy and dynamic Aries gal can be so caught up in her plans to either save or conquer the world (she often runs her own business) that anyone wanting to get her attention will usually have to work quite hard. Like Aries man, Aries woman is easily bored so make sure you make the dates imaginative and fun. Sure, wine her and dine her but you might want to take her to a fun fair, ride in a convertible or on a motorcycle, or for an outdoor activity first. In her teens and 20’s Aries woman likes the bad boys (or girls). When she gets into her 30’s and 40’s she will be turned on by power and success on some level. When you have her attention you will be rewarded with her undivided passion and Aries woman has no problem taking the initiative. Aries woman goes by instinct and everything depends on how she feels about you. She likes hot, spicy food and throbbing music which just intensifies her volatile libido. Once she unleashes it – get ready for a new definition of hot!


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