Karmic Astrology – How Birthcharts can reveal our past-life connections

Many people think astrology is just about sun-sign forecasts and telling you what might be coming up for you in the future. But astrology can tell us about the past as well – and by that I don’t just mean what happened to you when you were six but before that – astrology can reveal our past life connections to people and help us understand our relationship with them in this one.

Karmic astrology looks at key points in your birthchart – the ascendant, 12th house, midheaven, the Imum Coeli or IC, the descendant and also the nodes; and compares the other person’s chart against these. If there are significant aspects between them then we can say that these are good indicators that you have encountered each other before! There are of course other considerations to be taken into account but these are the main aspects a good karmic astrologer will be looking for.

For example, if we look at the 12th house in a chart – this house rules what is unseen but nonetheless exists. So if we meet someone whose own natal planets fall into this area of our charts – or any of ours fall into theirs, this is a major ‘clue’ and usually in a chart we will find others to back this up. The planets involved can also provide us with information as to what exactly your relationship was!

Similarly, countries also have their own ‘birthcharts’ as do places. So when you travel somewhere new but it feels familiar, again this may be a clue that you have lived there before in a past life that comparing the country’s chart with your own or an astrologer performing something called an Astrocartography can reveal.

So when it comes to dealing with our relationships in this life time, how can karmic astrology help us?

Understanding these soul connections we have with the people in this lifetime can help us see the reason behind them even when they may not be working out the way we would like them to. I believe that all our relationships happen to further our soul growth even if the purpose behind them may not be obvious at the time. When a love affair ends badly it’s difficult to see the opportunity behind the hurt and disappointment. Or to believe that the person with whom we felt such a deep soul connection, could behave in a way that would hurt us. But it is often the souls to which we have these connections that come into our lives to teach us the toughest lessons of all. When we reveal these connections through astrology, it allows us to accept the lesson and appreciate how these incredible ‘soul contracts’ further our growth.

Of course, this raises questions such as destiny and free-will. If an astrological analysis reveals a past-life connection to someone does this mean the relationship was ‘destined’ to happen? I believe that while certain souls have contracts with us through many life-times, they can change that contract with us at any time. Just as we can choose how we react to them. After all, we have the choice whether to get involved with them or not and the choice of how we react to any situation – this is where free will comes in.

A gifted karmic astrologer can re-frame your experiences with a soul connection in this lifetime, allowing you to see the purpose behind your relationship and helping you move towards a better understanding of your relationships soul purpose. What’s more, you don’t necessarily need the times of birth for either party – although if you do this can help reveal hidden depths in your connection.

Who we were and who we were with in a past life is a big part of unearthing the potential of who we can be in this lifetime. It’s just one facet of the unique and wonderful jewel that is YOU.

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