Astro Karma – Libra


Astro Karma – LIBRA

Your birthchart is a karmic blueprint of the moment your soul incarnated into this lifetime. The Sun’s position illustrates your strengths and talents but it has a shadow side that describes the karmic challenges you face for the evolution of your soul…

Your karmic lesson: emotional honesty

You have incarnated into this existence with a talent for cementing relationships and making connections. But when people don’t get on with each other you feel compelled manipulate the situation to obtain a peaceful outcome. You willingly use your charm and guile to smooth any troubled waters, not always communicating with people as honestly or directly as you should. You compromise you individuality because being a person in your own right, with your own ideas and opinions, can be frightening. But when you express your needs, others will appreciate your honesty and the kinship you seek will become much stronger.

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