Is Your Romance Written in the Stars?

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One of the main reasons people consult an astrologer is exactly the same as choosing to have any kind of intuitive reading – they want to know if and when love may be heading their way. But where astrology differs from a traditional psychic reading is that it can show in what areas you are compatible with your partner and where there are likely to be issues via something called a synastry chart. Also, a karmic astrologer can tell you by looking at both charts whether there are past life connections between you and your loved one! All this begs the question: Is love written in the stars?

The answer isn’t as simple as a straight yes or no. There are certain planets which when they transit particular houses in your chart and make aspects to your natal planets (where the planets were on the day you were born), that indicate the arrival of a romantic opportunity. According to the planet and the house and other aspects going on at the time, a good astrologer can often tell you whether the relationship has the potential to go the distance for you. When we look at both birth charts and the synastry chart we can often see indications for past-life connections and even what lessons you have come together to learn! This is the beauty of astrology in that it can give us so much information – about ourselves and about our self in relation to another person. Knowledge isn’t just power – it’s empowerment!


When you have an important transit going on that indicates the arrival of someone special in your life and that person manifests, we can say on one level that their arrival was most definitely written in the stars. However, because we have free will and because we may never be certain of the soul contract we have agreed to, we cannot say for sure what the outcome will be. An astrologer may see the potential in the charts for the two of you to create a wonderful partnership together. However, despite this and despite the fact that the synastry shows how compatible the two of you can be, the other person may not yet be ready on a soul level to live up to the relationship potential. At this point, the relationship may end. So, while us meeting that special person can be written in the stars, the outcome isn’t. This is the paradox that is being on this spiritual quest we call life!


If you’re wanting to know when love may arrive or want that extra insight into your relationship potential astrology can inspire you and one of our wonderful astrologers can help you explore your love potential. And don’t forget – astro-compatibility isn’t about Sun sign astrology that may tell you that if you’re a Pisces you won’t get along with a Leo. There are many many indicators of compatibility which is why the charts of both people are so important. We all have soul contracts with many other souls some of which will offer us the opportunity to explore what it is to give and receive love. Whether we accept that invitation or not is up to us.

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