Your Free Weekly Astrology Overview May 20


20th – Sun enters Gemini

20th – Four planet stellium in Gemini – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter
22nd – Mercury/Venus conjunct in Gemini (exact) sextile Uranus in Aries square Neptune in Pisces
25th –Full Super Moon in Sagittarius – 04.08
25th – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Visible throughout most of North America, South America, Western Europe & Western Africa

 Communication and how we move around is in focus
 Extend your reach
 Focus on similarities, not differences

The focus this week is in the sign of quick-thinking, fast-moving Gemini and its opposite sign of adventurous Sagittarius. With the Sun entering Gemini on the 20th, this makes for an incredible four planet line-up in there – including the ruler of Gemini (Mercury) and the ruler of Sagittarius (Jupiter). Not only that, Mercury meets Venus in there on the 22nd, sparking off unexpected events as this aspects Uranus in go-getter Aries and squaring Neptune in spiritual Pisces. Ideas and events could occur which together pull focus on areas where we need to embrace change with universal love. How we connect, how we travel and also how we communicate (Mercury rules communication, Jupiter rules mass media), are themes we could all be dealing with this week and on a soul level we’re being asked to look at our inter-connectedness and being encouraged to reach out.

Extending our reach and what we think is possible for us is the soul call on an individual level. The full Super Moon in Sagittarius is also eclipsed making this moon one of the most powerful of the year. As it occurs in the sign of the explorer and philosopher, what we all need to be looking at is our similarities, not our differences. Events may occur out in the wider world that could polarise certain groups or people but we are being asked to look past that. It’s all about doing this first on an individual level as this is where real change begins. You can’t change the world but you can change yourself. We all may feel stirred up emotionally or the inner explorer or alchemist/magician archetype may be stirred to action. Embrace a bigger worldview than the one that you’re currently hanging on to and be the change you want to see in the world. That’s the message of this week’s planetary line-up.

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