Understanding the Uranus (re)Evolution!

Uranus – planet of revolution, chaos, change, challenges, thrills, surprises (good and bad), innovation, individuality and astrology. Often he’s misunderstood in our charts as we tend to view him as an Agent of Upheaval as opposed to an Agent of Evolution for us. Uranus is the rollercoaster ride of planets but there’s a purpose to his ups, down and switchbacks. No matter what is going on (or how we interpret what is going on) it is all designed for our ultimate benefit. When we are no longer following the right path for us, Uranus is the planet who throws up the unexpected challenge which knocks us right back on it.

I like to think of Uranus as the Dweller on the Threshold, a gatekeeper to an evolutionary door that opens both ways. On one side of the door is what we know. The things we have tried in the past – stability, traditions and ideas that often we cling to out of a sense of security irrespective of whether they still work or serve us. On the other side of the door sits innovation, the untried and untested and radical thoughts and ideas – which we can view an anarchy as often they threaten what we have come to see as the things we need and can count on. But we tend to forget in our desire to resist change, that without it things can never improve – for us as individuals and for our collective evolution as a whole!

The saying ‘Change is the only constant’ sums up Uranian energy. Because no matter how hard we may try to cling to the status-quo, sooner or later that door swings in the other direction and through it will come something we didn’t count on or didn’t anticipate. Now, sometimes we’re lucky and right off the bat we are able to see this is an unexpected benefit. It’s uplifting and inspiring and we LOVE it. But sometimes what comes through the door is scary and even looks disastrous. But don’t forget, we often learn more on a psychical, intellectual and soul level through challenges that we do from successes. That sense of achievement comes from not giving up when a setback occurs – and this is what Uranus wants us to appreciate.

We all know certain people (or perhaps we are one of them!) who are not just content to lurk by the threshold waiting to see what Uranus is going to unleash in their lives but instead are willing to cross it and meet whatever comes head-on. They take on seemingly intractable or unsolvable problems in society, science, technology, medicine and engineering and become Agents of Evolution in doing so. When we engage in this kind of threshold crossing, even if it’s just on a personal level, we tap into a new dimension of thinking and problem solving abilities we’ve not accessed before. This is also what lies on the other side of that door – original thinking and creativity.

Uranus sits in go-getting Aries at present and Aries is all about taking action. So, it’s not just about hanging around on that threshold, it’s about having the courage to step through it. And whatever you meet on the other side – be it your own innovative thinking, it’s about then not just thinking about it, but taking action on those thoughts. In our own individual way as while Uranus rules individuality, Aries traditionally is the 1st house and the 1st house represents US. In taking action and understanding this, we harness that Uranus innovation and unpredictability in a positive way and create new outcomes that evolve us individually on a soul level and as a whole. And it’s always worth remembering that while a Uranus transit may feel like a rollercoaster at times, you will eventually step off it and understand that the twists and turns were in fact the ride of your life! So take that step and becomes the Agent of Evolution in your own life thanks to Uranus.